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Easy Ways For a Woman to Know That Her Fiancee is a Keeper

Updated on March 9, 2016

One sign that your fiancee is a keeper

People of all races love your guy.
People of all races love your guy. | Source

Guess what time it is

Now it's time for me offer those single and engaged (to be wed) ladies a bit of my worldy experience when it comes to the man and woman relationship. Oh, I admit that this is like a "verbal minefield," but I am willing to take a chance just to see one woman get the help that she needs when it comes to staying or leaving the guy she has dated (on and off) for six months and even goes as far as to swear that, "Huneee, he is THE one. I just know it."

Before any feelings are hurt or any confusion is stirred up, this hub is in no way implying that women do not know which man to keep and what man to walk away from. If you have followed my hubs over the past few years, you will know that I have said many times that women are far more intelligent than guys. Plus they have more common sense to boot.

" . . . Girls, you best be certain. For marriage is not in the same

league as buying a used car . . ."

If he cleans, he is a keeper.
If he cleans, he is a keeper. | Source

In appreciation of intelligent women

I have said these things in sincerity and my manhood has stayed intact. I am not threatened by my wife or any female followers I am blessed with because they are smarter than me. I figure it this way: I feel at ease with someone who knows what I am talking about and when they, the women, explain their subjects to me, I always learn something new.

It's not that hard to see why I named this hub

Easy Ways for a Woman to Know That Her Fiancee is a Keeper

Other signs that he is a keeper

Always cares for his children.
Always cares for his children. | Source
Always wants to clean the house or apartment.
Always wants to clean the house or apartment. | Source
Talks to his baby that you are carrying.
Talks to his baby that you are carrying. | Source
Loves manual labor. Especially raising flowers for your enjoyment.
Loves manual labor. Especially raising flowers for your enjoyment. | Source
Knows how to please you as a woman.
Knows how to please you as a woman. | Source
  • He sincerely loves your family. Especially your mom. Fact is, "you" get annoyed for him calling her and inviting her visit you and him so much.
  • He exercises honesty in a sensitive way which does not hurt your feelings. Most guys would say, "Oh, wow! That dress makes you look soooo big. So please do everyone with eyesight a favor and change it NOW!"
  • He calls you at work to just say, "How's your day going, hun?"
  • He sometimes surprises you by dropping by your job site with a lovely floral bouquet for you just because you are in his life.
  • He never laughs at other people's misfortune like stumbling and falling on the sidewalk or dropping their plate in a restaurant. And when you watch a movie on television with him, he never laughs at the comic who makes his living with old-fashioned slap-stick comedy. The reason why: He was born to love others and care for them.
  • He amazes you with his whimsical behavior by urging you to go on a "girls' night out," when your close girlfriends from work while he stays home and cleans.
  • He amazes you with his cooking skills which he is glad to show you with having dinner ready right on time when you get home from work. He even pouts if he is not allowed to cook all of the time.
  • He is such a good guy, your arm is blue from pinching yourself thinking you are dreaming.
  • He brings tears to your eyes with the poetry he writes about you.
  • He also brings tears to your eyes with the heart-touching songs that he has written just for you and about you.
  • He turns off the television when sports are being televised. He hates every form of sports from NFL to college football and even America's pastime, Major League Baseball.
  • He makes your heart race when you are walking with him down the sidewalk and two gorgeous girls approach you and he turns his head toward you in order to not look at them.
  • He never points out your mistakes when you put too much red pepper in the chili. He just eats it and "powers through it" for he does not want to hurt your feelings.
  • He says, "If you want me to be," as his response when you ask him, "Are you sure that you are not gay?"

Serious Note:

I could have been all of these things to any of the girls that I dated back in the day, but I was never given the chance. Oh, it was all my fault for causing these girls to want to break up before I picked them up for our first date. I say this in all sincerity just in case "these" girls are on HubPages and reading this as I speak.

If any of these girls ARE on HubPages and care to call my bluff, bring it.

The closest to a real-life keeper I can show is "Chris Tragger," aka/ Rob Lowe in this sitcom

Serious advice

If your husband-to-be is not afraid to show his emotions--crying, sobbing, and so forth, then he is a special man. Most men who were raised five generations ago were taught by parents that men do not cry. The parents who drilled (forgive that verb) that teaching into their male children did not know at the time what harm they were doing.


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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, Myrtle,

      How are you?

      Thanks so sincerely for your sweet comment. It made my night. Just reading one of my hubs makes me feel great.

      May God bless you, my New Friend.


    • profile image

      myrtle Mckinley 

      2 years ago

      Hi Kenneth,

      So enjoy all your hubs. I only wrote two a few years ago and then started on another writing project that has consumed me. Wish I had a whole day of freedom so that I could sit, uninterrupted and read every one you have ever written. What a treat that would be. Hugs, myrtle


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