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8 Easy Ways You Can Turn Jealousy into Success

Updated on March 12, 2018
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Poetry, writing,and music are at the heart of Charmaine's loves. Not to forget swimming in the ocean,walking and wildlife.


3 Things We Need to Feel Whole and Complete

We are the same in that we need these three things to be happy and they are: -

1. To feel we belong

2. To feel we can confide in someone

3. To feel we can either physically, emotionally or attitudinally be supported

Life is a mixture of highs and lows together with a intermix of chaos and flow.

We are also different from one another.

To name just a few differences: - we are genetically different, we are different due to our social-cultural variants together with the influence of the country we inhabit.

Some of us are born into wealth and some receive opportunities from others. Others are bereft of luck, and approval from others, which closes many doors for them.

Jealousy and envy are very old humankind emotions. You can find the mention of jealousy and envy in the times and myths of Ancient Egypt.

Jealousy and envy can be dissipated in your life, if you really want that. Do you?

To turn that inner feeling of jealousy into something constructive depends on whether that inner rage is about being treated unfairly in life. Or, whether you feel jealous because your situation has been disadvantaged due to the decisions and actions you made.

Let’s first take a look at how feeling jealousy can affect one’s physical health.

3 Ways Jealousy Literally Eats Away at You.

1. You may think that feeling jealous is about making the other feel bad about themselves or even making them suffer in some way, as if you are throwing a psychic evil eye hex their way.

I need to tell you feeling jealous is doing You harm, not the other. When you feel jealous your body releases a chemical that is similar to arsenic. So, literally when you feel jealous you are poisoning yourself.

2. Feeling jealous creates the same depth of emotional pain as that pain that registers within you physically when you hurt yourself (Neuroscientist Hidehiko Takahashi of Kyoto University).

3. Long term jealousy stresses the cardio vascular system whereby jealousy fires up the rapidity of your heart beat together with spiking up your blood pressure. If this continues over a long period, heart disease takes shape within your body. (Jonathan Dvash Neuroscientist University of Haifa)

Therefore, if you value living longer and healthier, then it serves you to turn jealousy into something successful.

How can Jealousy be made valuable in motivating You to improve yourself? Or, is jealousy’s natural home, malevolence?

This depends on the depth and width of the personality of the human being. If you choose to feel good inside and feel healthier, harbouring feelings of jealousy will make you feel so bad and ugly that you will be motivated to transform the jealousy as quick as possible. I mean you can feel the jealousy eating you up, can’t you?

What Happens if We Let Our Jealousy Grow as Malevolence?

What if we let our malevolence towards another grow and flourish? Where we are constantly wishing to destroy that person’s completeness, their goodness and make them suffer unbearably so that person breaks?

The jealous person’s ego will inflate and experience a false spike in their self-esteem. They may even become suddenly loud or brag about themselves so people stop to notice them.

Transforming Jealousy Successfully

Prepare Your Mind

Adopt a curious pose. A student pose. Pretend you are an Explorer or Scientist. Then ask yourself this hypothetical question: - If jealousy could have a purpose in life, what is it trying to teach me?

I would think that, jealousy is teaching us, in general, that when we feel jealous, it is because, on one level, we recognize that we have lost our emotional connection with a certain part of our lives.

When we feel incomplete, our happiness is depleted. So, we need to find ways to emotionally reconnect with that part of our lives again or learn how to say goodbye to it and move forwards.

What Other Life Lessons Can We Learn from Being Jealous in Order to Be Free of Jealousy?

When the inner heart of Medusa rages with jealousy, STOP. It’s a red flag.

There is a part of you, letting you know, you need to begin successfully to transform that motivating rocket fuel of jealousy into visible constructive changes.

Are you asking how?

Here are 8 workable ideas to successfully transform your Jealousy: -

1 To gain a Carl Jung holistic view of your personality, the Myer Briggs Personality Test can prove to give you new insight and make you feel more whole and rounded. You will get to see who you are best suited to either career wise and relationship wise.

2. While I have mixed feelings about the occult and Astrology because I have seen it misused to cause serious harm to people, and bottom line we are still emotional and fatalistic people. So, be mindful if you go to have an astrological chart done.

Astrology is complex and multilayered. You need to find an in-depth Astrologer. Remember, while Astrology can be fatalistic, life is messy and chaotic so be sceptical with the results of your chart. You are a living and breathing changing organism, okay?

3. Try practice the art of stillness. Sometimes we can achieve more by being still and letting things take their natural course. It will be scary but keep asking your higher self, what is the next step, to incrementally improve your life and then wait for the answer to come within.

4. Doing a simple logical Pros and Cons list of the problem that faces you can be really helpful. From there, create an action plan and make a commitment to carry out one action at least per day or every day of the week. Then review the plan and renew what you need to do.

5. This could prove to be personally challenging but it is a must.

Where you can give credit where credit is due. Pretend to wear your little Buddha hat for a day and move beyond provocations that you will give kudos where kudos needs to be given. Get your jealous heart out of the way. This will allow the better version of yourself to begin to take shape and form. Remember, don’t hold back and also don’t push yourself to do. But when you can get into the circle of love, spread it around a little, okay? While you do this action, you will simultaneously release feel good endorphins within your own body, giving you an emotional lift. A thank -you to you, do you know what I mean?

6. Begin your own dream. It is NEVER too late.

Turn your head away from what everyone else is doing and get going on your own dream project. It doesn’t have to be big as long as it makes you feel whole or complete. Find the tools to uncover hidden talents, join a new group etc…

7. If you haven’t been practising self-care. Its a given. Do things that make you feel earthed and emotionally secure.

Unfortunately, there will ALWAYS be someone who is better looking than you, more reflective and thinking than you, or someone more wealthier, than you.

BUT, you were born at this period for a reason and therefore, you are an integral part of life and her purpose for you. Remember that. It’s just your job to uncover that purpose.

And, stay away from cynical and destructive people. Don’t go out and get yourself wasted on alcohol or drugs, either. It does you no favours.

8. Everyone has a cross to bear. They just either don’t go around talking about it or if they do, it makes you want to avoid them.

So, don’t be so quick to jump onto the bandwagon and cast great dispersions. Just approach the other with the benefit of doubt. It is still your freedom if you decide to get involved in their burden or not. It is up to you. But if you do? Don’t complain afterwards. You made that choice.

In Summary

I know it hurts when you see your crush’s eyes hooking onto the look that is coming his/her way from your friend in your class. Your heart ends up beating harder with nervousness.

Then again, it may be a new person arrives on your Sales Team. He/she is a slacker and talks a lot to everyone including the Manager. He/she rarely reaches his/her’s sales targets and his/her job is made secure. While you arrive early on the job, with your head down and reaching your targets, you are still threatened every second day with job loss.

Jealousy abounds. No fun. Is it?

So, turn it around.

Try the above suggestions the next time something fires up your jealousy and see how well you will be able to dissipate those jealous feelings and ill wishes upon others well.

I know this has been over stated but I am going to suggest it to. Start up a nightly Gratitude journal. Write up at least 3 things you are grateful for experiencing earlier that day. This will also get you in the habit of giving credit where credit is due but also serve to help you sleep more contentedly.

Remember when you are feeling weak and not on top of things. It is okay. It is about grieving for something you are not emotionally connected to anymore and you have decided to say goodbye to it. It is because on one level you are ready to move forward. It will be okay.

Peace to You.

Jealousy is

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© 2018 Threekeys


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    • Li-Jen Hew profile image

      Li-Jen Hew 2 weeks ago

      Thanks! :)

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 2 weeks ago from Australia

      Hi Li-Jen yes you need to believe in yourself. Not always easy though.

      Look forward to reading more of your poetry.

    • Li-Jen Hew profile image

      Li-Jen Hew 2 weeks ago

      Hey Charmaine. Read your article. I have thought about how to believe in yourself but jealousy didn't cross my mind even though it can be the cause of problems. Thanks for reminding us again. :)