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Easy ways to make your girlfriend feel appreciated

Updated on February 5, 2012

Relationships are an amazing, yet complicated part of life. They can bring great joy to your life, and also great frustration. As with any coupling, being in a relationship means you run the risk of getting hurt, feeling vulnerable or being let down.

It can be very difficult to create balance in a relationship and often times one partner is left feeling under-appreciated or craving attention. To help ensure this does not happen in your relationship it is important that you show your partner love, respect and appreciation on a regular basis. Below are some simple ways to spread the love and show your woman you care.

Easy Ways To Show Your Appreciation

  • Remember your manners - Saying 'Thank-you' is one of the simplest ways to show a woman that you appreciate the things she does for you. Even if it is something as small as thanking her for making dinner, or washing the floors. Using the words openly helps to make her feel good, and encourages her to do more for you as well. When women know they are appreciated they will do more to please their partners.
  • Task Take-over - A great way to make your mate feel loved is to take-over a task that is normally theirs, it usually helps if it is one they don't enjoy doing such as, dishes, laundry or taking out the trash. By taking over this task you give your partner a break and make them thankful for you as well. You don't have to get on your hands and knees and scrub the floors, something as simple as picking up the dirty clothes or changing the bedding can be just as thoughtful.
  • Show Affection - It is a natural fact of many relationships that affection eventually drifts into 'bedroom only' territory after time. Show your appreciation of your partner by sharing some affectionate moments outside the bedroom walls. A little trail of kisses or a warm embrace work wonders to boost a woman's ego, so go ahead and be a sap once in a while.
  • Revive the Romance - Somewhere along the line of dating candlelight dinners and fresh cut roses faded away and got lost among technology. If you really want to show your sweetie you care revert back to the basics. Wine and dine your mate once in a while, not only is it the simplest form of affection, it is the most effective. Woman read romance novels, watch romantic movies and daydream romantic things for a reason, every girl deep down wants to be swept off her feet.
  • Love Notes - Leaving little love notes where your woman will find them unexpectedly is a great way to make her feel loved and appreciated. Get yourself a pack of post-it and stick little letters all over the house. For example write 'I love the way you smile" and stick it inside the bathroom cabinet, "Thank you for always doing the laundry" could be put inside a sock drawer or dirty hamper, etc.. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits are as well.
  • Plan a Special Day Just For Her - To truly show your utter appreciation plan an entire day of events that are just for your partner. Do everything that you know she loves, or get tickets to see her favorite band. Doing something that is just for her will make her feel special and show her that you care about her likes and needs.

Showing your appreciation does not need to be difficult, often time all it takes is some time, though and a little effort on your part, and the benefits of showing your love and appreciation are endless. Take it from a woman, a little goes a long way, and we are more eager to please when we know are efforts are not going unnoticed. So the next time you realize your wife washed the floors, changed the bedding, cooked dinner, or freshened up herself be sure you thank her for being the truly amazing woman she is.


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