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Updated on March 4, 2010


In sisterhood I share this letter with you based on your experiences and mine as well.

In honor of the month which just passed

Let’s get a trash can and get rid of the past

Half a man, unreliable, and without a future or plan

Or destination thus far

Let’s just jump in our car

Leaving behind the past as fast as we can

Let’s make some new plans

New Life

New Love

New Friendships

New Acquaintances

What am I saying?

What do I mean?

Let’s put the green light on tonight

Give a suspended license to those who racked up traffic tickets time after time

Loving us

Pursuing us

Keeping in touch

A license suspension to those who

Call when they want


Fake the funk

Inconsistent with regard to affections

Men who act like adolescents

Keeping us close but yet so far

Shopping for other options near and far

Keeping us around for their own measure

Let’s stop them and claim ourselves as national treasures

Let the universe know that you’ve moved on

Bring the next candidate: good, kind, and strong

In your path because you’re ready

Be a loving strong black woman already!

Demand the positive action you give and deserve

Demand it without words or fear

Make time for only those who value you

Give everyone else the boot and blues

For with these actions we become stronger

And no longer wonder

Why we are spinning our wheels going nowhere?

Wash these fools right out of our hair!

If they don’t love you - why should you care?

Today is the day!

No more excuses!

Whip out that phone and start reducing

The clowns –absent and negligent in your life

Say a quick prayer and move on tonight

You deserve everything great, good, and more

Be with those who show you the love

No more disappearing men

No more men who don’t help

No more men who think only of themselves

If you give and don’t get back

If his excuses are lame and wack

Look in the mirror – smile- and adore

You are worth so much more

So let go as much as you can of your unhealthy past

Focus on your present

Invite the future with a blast!

Love yourself my sista and have hope

Let’s not waste our time with meaningless devotion

To people who aren’t worthy of our time, attention, and love potion

Good bye

Good Riddance

Forget your part time existence

I’ll be fine

Don’t waste anymore of my time

Today is the dawn of a new life

A new existence

A bright light

That went off in my head

To love myself even more than hot buttered bread

Happy March my dear sisters – go ahead

Let them go

Don’t hold on or you will not grow

Or make room for the good stuff you deserve

You are all that!

Spread the word!

You’re taking applications

Only those worthy will have the blessing awaiting

For an interview to have a place in your life

Only good people who are like J.J. …….DYNOMITE

Need apply to fill available positions

If you don’t get it then you are hard of listening

The good things I do for you

Has to come back as much as I do

It’s required

No liars, thieves, or time for crying

For he’s had many an opportunity and failed in duty

So when he hears from you no longer

He can sit around and wonder

Own your blessings from above

Await good friends and good love

Goodbye to my old bottles of whiskey – one thing for sure- you will miss me



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    • realtalk247 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thank you swilliams

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I love the picture (Voted Beautiful) Most of all I love your poetic voice projected through words and humor. You are a very good author. I look forward reading more of you articles.


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