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Economical Ways of Celebrating Valentines Day

Updated on February 11, 2011

5 Pocket sensible Suggestions to Celebrating Valentine's Day

For centuries people/couples have used February 14, to shower those closest to their heart with love, affection and gifts.  As this day, which is officially known as Saint Valentine's Day, but commonly referred to as Valentines Day is less than 1 week away and many people including myself are looking for pocket sensible ways of showering their significant other with love; here are some of my thoughts on some thrifty ways of celebrating the occasion. 

Dine in - As many people look for ways to cut their spending, or some just may not have the extra cash to take their loved one to a nice restaurant for a romantic Valentine's dinner, try dining in.   It is very simple to create a nice romantic setting (cart the kids to Grandma's house if you have to), light some candles, have a little floral arrangement, softly play some romantic music and prepare a nice home cooked meal that you and your partner can enjoy. 

Make it yourself -  Try making your own treats.  Instead of buying sweets for your loved one, try making your own by dipping some fresh fruit in some warm chocolate sauce, bake your own special Valentine's cookies or even your loved one's favorite desert. 

Local Getaway - Instead of jetting off to a different city or town for the special weekend, try spending it at a local hotel or B&B.  this way, you will save some travel money and also support a local business.

You do the Pampering - a nice way to really bond, and to really get in the feel of Valentines, is to give your loved one a good pampering session.  One suggestion is to set the mood by lighting some candles, play some soft music and using some warm olive oil if you don't have any massage oil.  This is one option that should be enjoyable for both of you with minimal work.

Self Penned Poetry - Most partners would appreciate the effort you put into writing your own romantic poetry.  This gives you the opportunity to really express your true feelings and show how much you care.

There is no hard and fast rule on what is right or what is wrong when trying to express your love, just remember to have fun when doing it :)...Happy Valentine's Day!!!


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