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Edible Wedding Favors That Are Unique and Memorable

Updated on April 1, 2011

Wedding favors are a small gift given by the bride and the groom to the guests at weddings.  In modern weddings, the wedding favors represent the bride and groom’s personalities or theme of the wedding.  Blending the old with the new can give you unique wedding favors.

Edible wedding favors can be a unique wedding favors to have at your wedding.  They can be personalized in many ways to truly represent the bride and groom.  Sweet Treats are also cheap wedding favors while remaining elegant wedding favors for the do it yourself bride and groom. 

Edible wedding favor ideas include: cookies, cupcakes, chocolate, brownies, fruit, mints, beverages, muffins, salty snacks, marshmallows, popcorn, candy, or anything else you can think of.


Cookies are the ultimate do it yourself wedding favor.  There are literally thousands of cookies that can be made in advance. Even professional bakers will make cookies several days to several weeks in advance.  The bride and groom can simply choose a favorite cookie and wrap in a small bag or box and leave for their wedding guests.  Alternatively, a special cookie mix could be prepared for guests to bake later; don’t forget the directions!


Some specific cookie ideas would be Swedish Rosettes, Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Dipped Biscotti, Chocolate Dipped Oreos, or Fortune Cookies with a personalized message.  Sugar Cookies, especially, make a great personalized favor.  They can be cut into shapes and then decorated—wedding dresses to match the bride, tiered cakes to match the wedding cake, the letter of the couple’s last name, hearts, top cats, bride and groom, etc.


Cupcakes can be something complementary to the wedding cake or something totally different since they will be taken home and enjoyed later.  If you are making cupcakes yourself, they should be baked in a cup and then placed in a cupcake sleeve for added pizzazz.


You can make the chocolate yourself or purchase chocolate from a store and simply present it in a creative way.  Chocolate wedding favors are easy to make using Wilton Candy Melts and Wilton molds.  You can also print out personalized wedding favor candy wrappers for chocolate bars or put Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses (and Hugs) in a personalized favor tin or cloth wrapper. 


Brownies are a versatile treat.  They can be made into pops and then dipped into white and dark chocolate and decorated as a bride and groom.  Alternatively, brownies can be cut into shapes, much the same way as sugar cookies, and then frosted.  Brownies can also be left in the traditional squares.  You can make milk chocolate brownies or have very gourmet brownies.


While you might not want to give out something too perishable, fruit is a viable option for as favors for weddings.  You can give chocolate covered apples, cameral covered applies, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered strawberries, or small flowers made out of fruit.  You can also use dried fruit in a pretty package.


A simple, fast idea for wedding favors you make yourself is to use candy.  For candy, it isn’t so much about making it (although you can), but about how you package it.  Buy bulk candy and then wrap it up.  You can use Chinese takeout boxes, small tins, decorated bags, plain bags tied up with a personalized ribbon, or a small box of some sort.  Chocolate covered almonds, a traditional wedding favor, plastic pillow boxes, or can even be placed in a chocolate box that you make yourself.  Some candy choices are personalized M&Ms, jelly beans in the colors of your wedding, chocolate coins, gum coins, white conversation hearts, lifesavers, or anything else you can think of.


Not all edible wedding favors need to be eaten.  Drink mixes also make a great wedding favor.  You can give out personalized packages of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.  You can also order powdered cocktail mixes to match your weddings signature drink.  To make beverages a DIY wedding favor, all you need to do is purchase small jars and place the mix inside them.  Tie the directions to the jar with a pretty ribbon.


There are many other items that make for wonderful edible wedding favors.  Try chocolate covered Rice Krispie Treats cut into a shape.  These are exceptional wedding favors on a budget when you do them yourself.  Chocolate covered pretzels, mints of all sorts (packaged the same way as candy), chocolate covered marshmallows, muffin mixes, and personalized jars of honey or jam are edible wedding favor ideas that you might want to consider.  Popcorn in a pretty tin even makes for a unique and memorable wedding favor.  You can print drink labels out from your computer to place on individual bottles of wine or soda to make an edible wedding favor.

No matter what edible wedding favor idea you choose, you can’t go wrong.  Most wedding guests appreciate something that they can enjoy and won’t be just another trinket.  You may order many edible wedding favors off the Internet, hire your caterer or wedding cake baker to make your wedding favors, or make them yourself for a more inexpensive wedding favor.


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