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Education on Abusive Relationships Falls Short of Stopping Abuse

Updated on January 13, 2016

Where Mainstream Education on Abusive Relationships & Domestic Violence Went Wrong.

As more cases of domestic violence occur in today’s world, there has been an outcry to put a stop to abuse. It has been in belief that educating those who abuse on what is considered to be abusive behaviors is the way to stop domestic violence and abusive relationships. However studies have shown that educating abusers on what is considered abusive behaviors only educates them to be better at abusing. Instead of educating the abusers to be more effective with their abuse, the education needs to go to the survivors of abuse and those who are new to being in intimate relationships in order to prevent them from entering into an abusive relationship.

Educating Potential Victims/Survivors on Abuse

Thus smart phone games and educational materials have been created to meet that need. To the right I have some links to information on abuse that you can enlighten yourself with, or you can check out smart phone games such as The Gaurdian which discuses different types of abuse while you try to help and encourage the game characters to get support and get out of a possibly abusive relationship.

These games and other informational materials are a great start in regards to educating people about abuse as a possible solution to prevent abuse and domestic violence. However I believe that there is a missing key that would open the door to ensuring a healthy relationship as well as prevent abuse. Actually I believe it to be a solution to many of the world’s problems, and that is the lack of teaching respect. Respect of oneself, and giving respect to others.

Self Respect can be hard to come by but following these quidelines in this inforgraphic on self respect. will make it easier to obtain self respect.
Self Respect can be hard to come by but following these quidelines in this inforgraphic on self respect. will make it easier to obtain self respect. | Source

This goes back to the golden rule that Jesus Christ (Yeshua Mesiah) was trying to teach people all over— Do unto other as you would have them do to you—love one another. You don’t have to believe in God to see the golden rule as a viable solution to many of the world’s problems such as; abuse, domestic violence, murder, theft, adultery, greed, war, etc. Thus teaching one to have self respect and to respect others according to how they want to be respected is necessary if we want to put a stop to abuse.

Believe in Yourself & You Can Stop Abuse

You don’t have to believe in anything other than yourself and that you deserve respect, which could be achieved through self help materials and counseling, although a belief in God could give you the strength you need to overcome self esteem issues which lead to lack of self respect. If you can expect a certain level of respect for yourself, you can set guidelines in any new relationship to ensure that both people in the relationship receive an equal respect and it will ensure a healthy relationship.

It is important to know about the different types of abusive relationships and signs of an abusive person as the available information on abuse and awareness games provide but having self respect and respecting others will be the key to putting a stop to abusive relationships and having a peaceful healthy relationship. I honestly believe that in order for there to be peace in any aspect of life, equal respect for all is mandatory, and it first must start with oneself.


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