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Effective ways to overcome boredom in married life

Updated on October 11, 2013

Drive away boredom with love

‘If you get bored with the person you married for love, there’s something wrong with you- not with that person.’ – Shahrukh Khan

How will you feel if you are made to wear the same dress daily? How will you feel if you watch the same movie an umpteenth time? How will you also feel if you had the same menu for your breakfast daily? You will be plain bored, won’t you? Do you also feel bored in your married life? Do you keep wondering as to what happened to your marriage that it has become so routine and listless?

When you were newly married, the initial stages of your life were heavenly and euphoric. Why? It was because everything about your spouse was new and intriguing to you and you could not have enough of her\him. But after a few months of marriage everything slides into the routine and the mundane. You see the face of your spouse daily, talk about the same thing, do the same thing and you lose interest in him\her.

When there is no interest, there is no liveliness. When there is no liveliness there is no excitement and it is more so in marriage. You can afford to be bored in anything but not with your spouse. When you get bored with your married life there is no excitement or energy in your day to day existence. You do not long to go home after work as you are not thrilled about seeing your spouse.

Can boredom be driven out of your marriage? Can you regain the old magic back? You can get back the sheen of your marriage when there is cohesive contribution from both of you.

1. Always notice your spouse.

When in love you always observed your spouse and appreciated her\him didn’t you? You should never change this attitude even after your marriage. When your spouse looks good, you should spring a loving surprise on her\him by appreciating him\her. You should never tire of saying ‘I love you’ in any phase of your married life. Appreciation can enliven your marriage like nothing else.

2. be together always.

You should not spend lonely time when at home. Of course, you need your own ‘me time’, but the rest of the time at home should be spent together. You should eat together, watch TV together, go for long walks together, and laugh together. More than anything else, laughing together gives newness to your marriage. Can you laugh heartily with everyone? Of course you cannot. You will be able to laugh only with someone you are close to and let that someone be your spouse.

3. Share a hobby together

When you have a mutual hobby, you interact with your spouse in enthusiasm and you never get bored about it. Your hobby can be anything. It can be sports, trekking, photography, gardening and the list goes on. When you converse about it, you are made to talk with your spouse about something which holds the interest of both. When both share the same interest, it makes you spend many exciting hours together discussing and analyzing it. .

4. Go for outing

It can be really boring if you spend your entire time at home after a hectic day at work. When you go out you see lots of people and it really feels good. Go for a small shopping which would not drain your purse in a big way. Long walks together can also make you feel revived.

5. Plan a dating

You can act lovers if you plan a dating together. Make all arrangements at least a week before. You can leave your children with your in laws or your parents. This can prove very thrilling as you look forward to the dating with eagerness and the waiting itself ignites a sense of romance in you. This dating can beat the boredom in your life in a very effective way.

Boredom always enters your married life when you do nothing exciting and go about your work in a routine and decided way. You must be energetic, agile, raring and always loving to enjoy your married life. How can you be bored in a life with someone you love? So do not let the fire of love to burn out in your married life.

© 2013 mathira


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    • profile image

      geetha 2 years ago

      I have nothing in common with him. All he thinks of is mama ..mama I am fed up even for sex he will ask mama's permission

    • Mellyunplugged profile image

      Melvin Augustine 4 years ago from India

      Useful hub. :)

    • drmiddlebrook profile image

      Sallie B Middlebrook PhD 4 years ago from Texas, USA

      Good advice. I enjoyed reading this article. I hope people who need it will read it too. I'm not married and not even dating, but if I ever do tie the knot, I hope it's with a man with whom I share some common interests. I think having some things in common, but also having different interests, keeps things interesting/exciting.