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Updated on July 5, 2009


If is the Bentley Coup of online dating has to be the Kia Sportage of the online dating world..

Much less luxrious, but it still gets you from Point A to Point B.

How Eharmony Works

Eharmony is built on the premise that one can "scientifically" predict compatibility based on a complex range of questioning. The questions range from "Please use the scale below to rate how often during the past month you have felt the following ways" to "Which of the following religions do you affiliate yourself with?" In and of itself this isn't to daunting a task except there are over 400 questions in their personality testing phase! When signing up initially it is important to know you only have one chance to answer questions, so choose wisely. I will go a bit more in depth in the following paragraphs.

Once your personality profile is completed, it is analyzed then placed with the ladies in which they (Computer Algorithm) deem appriopriate. After potential mates have been screened you a placed in a series of structured "get to know you" multiple choice questions. If all goes well you are finally inserted into one on one conversation.

You have to be curious..

The Eharmony Woman

It's been my experience that eharmony is a second tier date site. Eharmony is the destination for many a lady who was unsuccessful with the match website. This is a very important point that I cannot stress enough. Eharmony attempts to take the "creep factor" from online dating. Many males (your not included because you reading this) get it wrong by becoming entirely to aggressive.

The key to online dating is communicating with as many women as possible which limits possible attachment until you have found the right individual. It is especially important to make a great initial impression on this site as women here tend to be a bit more relationship oriented. Lastly, I don't think eharmony is the site for you if your seeking a 10. The women here range from 4 -7.

Pros & Cons

- On occasion has free "communication weekends"
- Compatiblity seems to be better than that of other dating websites
- Pre-arranged questioning allows for faster communications

- One of the more expensive dating sites on the web
- Gathering potential matches can sometimes be a slow process
- Unable to see pictures of potential dates until late in the communication process

How to be successful

Success all starts with the correct answers to the personality testing. By correct answers I mean strictly middle of the road. Think of yourself as having type O blood. By maintaining this discipline you avail yourself to 85 % of the potential female candidates.

The main objective in the eharmony world is to get to the open communication stage. Once achieved you are now free from structural interaction. As always I'm a huge proponent of getting the phone number and establishing personal contact as soon as possible. Please wait for the second installment in the eharmony series as I will give suggestions on crafting a profile and when to show your picture.


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