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Elisabeth is Josef's Daughter who bore him 7 Children

Updated on January 14, 2014

Austrian sex scandal

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map of AustriaElisabeth was 18 when her father-abductor-rapist Josef hide her below the house in a cellar as sex slave for 24 years.Elisabeth, 15, school photoElisabeth, 42findings of Austrian cellar investigation
map of Austria
map of Austria
Elisabeth was 18 when her father-abductor-rapist Josef hide her below the house in a cellar as sex slave for 24 years.
Elisabeth was 18 when her father-abductor-rapist Josef hide her below the house in a cellar as sex slave for 24 years.
Elisabeth, 15, school photo
Elisabeth, 15, school photo
Elisabeth, 42
Elisabeth, 42
findings of Austrian cellar investigation
findings of Austrian cellar investigation


The 24-year Austrian sex-scandal mystery

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Map of Austria indicating Amstetten where the Fritsl's scandal happenedJosef Fritzl, then 16 years oldElisabweth as a teenager with one of her daughters- Monika, 14Facade of Fritzl's 3-storey house in the Austrian town of Amstetten with a population of about 22,000, 130 kms. west of ViennaOne of improved prison-rooms where Josef kept Elisabeth captive for 24 years
Map of Austria indicating Amstetten where the Fritsl's scandal happened
Map of Austria indicating Amstetten where the Fritsl's scandal happened
Josef Fritzl, then 16 years old
Josef Fritzl, then 16 years old
Elisabweth as a teenager with one of her daughters- Monika, 14
Elisabweth as a teenager with one of her daughters- Monika, 14
Facade of Fritzl's 3-storey house in the Austrian town of Amstetten with a population of about 22,000, 130 kms. west of Vienna
Facade of Fritzl's 3-storey house in the Austrian town of Amstetten with a population of about 22,000, 130 kms. west of Vienna
One of improved prison-rooms where Josef kept Elisabeth captive for 24 years
One of improved prison-rooms where Josef kept Elisabeth captive for 24 years

Kept in the dungeon as sex slave

WITH evil thoughts, Josef drugged and imprisoned Elisabeth, 18, his daughter, in a secret dungeon under their house in Amstetten, Austria on the 28th day of August, 1984. One of the rooms in the dungeon measured 18 square meters where Elisabeth was forced to enter into. The room had been secretly carved out and hidden behind 8 closed doors. It was done by no less than Josef- Elisabeth's biological father and abductor. Elizabeth's movement inside was limited for she was bound by chains attached to posts dug into the floor.

According to the 27-page prosecutor indictment report- Josef raped Elisabeth "several times a day" after drugging and imprisoning her. In a police questionings conducted later- it was established that she was abused by her father since she was 11 years of age. Elisabeth was "treated like a piece of property that could be used at will"

Porno films

Josef would bring pornographic films for Elizabeth and him to watch and re-enact the scenes then and there. Josef carnal desires were almost always carried out because she would be kicked and beaten if she offered any resistance. If she rebelled and refused to act out his perverted sex fantacies or did anything to annoy him- Josef would turn off the lights to leave her in the dark or starve for food. The prosecutors revealed that Elisabeth gave up fighting her father off because her "situation was hopeless".

Miscarriage, birth of succeeding children

In November of 1986 Elisabeth had a miscarriage in the 10th week of her pregnancy. Most of the time alone in the dark dungeon- she felt so depressed that she came to think of no other recourse but to kill herself. Her plan to commit suicide, however, didn't prosper

Within 7 years from 1988 to 1994- she bore him 4 children with their ages reckoned as of 2008: Kerstin, 19, Stefan, 18, Lisa, 16 and Monika. 14. In 1996 she gave birth to a twin boys, one of which was named Michael who died 3 days after birth. Elisabeth pleaded to seek medical help for the babies- but Josef flatly refused to do so for fear the scandal would be exposed. This prompted the prosecutors to claim that Michael probably a blue baby could have lived had he been given medical care and attention. Josef burned the baby's dead body out the cellar in the incinerator.

Dungeon improved, birth of 7th child

In 1994 Josef increased the cellar's measurement to 40 square meters and added facilities, such as bath, toilet, faucet, etc. This means that for the first time in the dungeon- daughter Kerstin and son Stefan- can now take their shower and cook their own food.

In 2002 Elisabeth's 7th child, Felix, 6 was born- which was raised together with her other 2 children- Monika, 14 and Lisa, 16 in the main house with Josef and his wife, Rosemarie, 69. The other 3 living children- Kerstin, 19, Stefan, 18 and Alexander, 12 were held captive with their mother in a series of windowless rooms in the cellar beneath their house. They've never saw sunlight until they were freed Saturday- April 26, 2008.

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How the 7 children were born

To add insult to injury- Elisabeth was left alone to herself every time she gave birth to her 7 children. Josef's assistance was limited to a pair of scissors to cut the baby's umbilical cord with, a blanket and a packet of nappies. For basic medication, he'd provided over-the-counter medicines, such as cough syrup, nose drops and aspirin. Elisabeth had to learn to sew her own garments out of sheets with a needle and thread which he gave her. Josef refused to provide her new clothes.

Josef's ploy

Josef is reported to have convinced his wife that Elisabeth had run away or had joined a religious cult and she would come secretly to abandon the children in their doorstep. Josef's wife- Rosemarie- had psychological problems and had been in the hospital with a fictitious name. Elisabeth's 3 children who lived upstairs were attending school under false names. It is said that Rosemarie's relationship with her family had become estranged. She had told her sister, known only as Christine R, 56, that she had no knowledge of what her husband was doing in the cellar; that she regretted not informing the authorities when he spends most of his time there.

Josef's secret unveiled

Kerstin- the eldest of Elisabeth's 6 living children, who was with her in the windowless and soundproofed cellars- got seriously ill on the 19th of April 2008. Josef was forced and could think of no other move but to bring the sick girl to the nearest hospital for treatment. Kerstin's admission in the hospital blew the lid off Josef's secrets. She confessed everything she knew about the secret dungeon and the incestuous relationship that had been going on for years between Josef and Elisabeth to the hospital personnel.

Josef in police custody

On April 26, 2008 Josef was arrested by police authorities on suspicion of incest and abduction. He was with Elisabeth near the Amstetten hospital where Kerstin was being treated. He offered no resistance. He admitted all the charges filed against his person. He blamed the Nazis for his misbehavior. His latest plea is that he "actually saved his children and grand children from the wicked world's contamination by locking them in a dark dungeon for decades". Officials have voiced Josef faces up to 15 years in prison if charged, tried and convicted on rape charge, the most grave of his alleged offenses under Austrian law. During police interrogation, Elisabeth, now 42, relived her harrowing 24-year experience as a sex slave inside the secret chambers beneath their house.

Elizabeth reunited with family

That April 27, 2008- a Sunday- Elisabeth was reunited with her mother, Rosemarie. All her children meet for the first time, except Kerstin who was still sick. The children were place in care and Elisabeth herself was given medical and psychological treatment. Josef gave police the secret code to unlock a hidden door in the cellar.

Elisabeth's brothers and sisters told police during questioning that they noticed "absolutely" nothing about their father- Josef's double life.

Josef's real identity is JOSEF FRITZL, 72 (Mail Online)

Trial and conviction

On March 20, 2009 the Austrian horror dad- JOSEF FRITZL, 73, after a series of preliminary interrogation and questionings, before a jury of 5 women and 3 men, pleaded guilty to all charges: murder, involvement in slave trade, rape, incest, withdrawal of liberty and assault, The sentencing was carried in the provincial courthouse in St. Poelten, Austria. The Austrian jury convicted Fritzl to life imprisonment in a secure psychiatric ward for mentally deranged criminals and to remain under suicide watch at St. Poelten Prison. Lawyer Rudolf Mayer was Fritzl's counsel while Atty. Eva Plaz represented Fritzl's victims.

Elisabeth and her children are now housed in a secret place under assumed names. The 350,000 euros grey house which Elisabeth and her children were imprisoned is expected to be bought by the local authority. The plan is to bulldoze the property.

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      4 years ago

      That's what I found so strange about this whole thing, Alissa. They acted like it was all about cenrisshop - not about their strange product placement goof. That's why I really think that "stupid" fits.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      It's much easier to uneadstrnd when you put it that way!

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      4 years ago

      Not to mention that they "censor" (I think of it as shtemoing the government does) every day in their decisions of what to carry and what not to carry.My grandmother, bless her heart, was a part-time librarian in her small town and she exercised her power as a censor in the decisions of what to buy and what not to buy. She didn't order a copy of some Howard Fast book because she thought there was too much stuff about immigrants. Sheesh. At her funeral, the priest talked about how she was such a sweet, giving woman who always thought of others and I laughed, along with my cousins. We loved our grandmother and she was a neat lady but she was the card-playing, beer-drinking, cigarette-smoking, National-Enquirer-reading grandma, not the sweet, giving one!


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