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Embarrassing Moments: How Do We Combat It?

Updated on July 11, 2011

There are varying degrees of embarrassing moments that are still hidden in our closets. We want to forget it but it keeps on coming back in our minds and oftentimes, we feel awkward about it. lots of discomfort follow and we often laughed about it.

If only we can correct it if given a chance. But those who've seen what you did will never forget you. With just the ark of their eyebrows, the smirk on their lips and faces will indicate that they didn't forget those embarrassing episodes in your life.

An Embarrassed Cousin (Photo by Travel Man)
An Embarrassed Cousin (Photo by Travel Man)

As a toddler - ages of one to three

The formative years are also the imitating period of the children. We copy what we saw from our parents, old relatives, elder brothers or sisters.

Coping up with the activities of the adults is hard. Making mistakes during this period is forgivable.

Grandparents will say: "Don't spank little Johnny. He's just a kid." This in spite of the facts that Johnny uttered cuss words he overheard from his elder brother, elder sister or even his quarreling parents.

Spanking him can give you trouble. Take a deep breath, he's still forgivable. You can tell him through illustration books about good deeds. Stories promoting good acts are beneficial to the positive development of a child.

Start telling him fables (talking animal stories) before he sleeps. He'll have an continuing dream about it.

Kids/Children -ages from four to nine

The continuation of formative years. Brain development is apparent.

  • Age 4 to 5 - They can be associated with other children at play school. They can enter the first stage in formal education. Preparatory schools are now open for their curiosity about other children and the social environment in the community.

Some kids will be embarrassed once they experienced bullying at this point. Parents' guidance or nanny's supervision is necessary if the mother or the father are busy with their jobs.

Name-calling is embarrassing. Children at this age often answer back the aggressor. Although, if physical pain is afflicted, some will recoil but others fight back.

Kids will tell their stories about incidents like these. Sometimes, we ignore it but a better understanding regarding the situation will help them be motivated of what they should do. Either befriend school bully, fight back or report to the teachers.

  • Ages 6 to 9 - Children can learn a lot from their teachers. More often than not, they have more stories in school than at home. For instance, Johnny was embarrassed to teacher 1 because he threw the pencil at her when she asked on the proper way to give it back to the owner.

For sure, Johnny can't still get away with what he ordinarily saw at home. Charity begins at home, as the saying goes. He will always look up to his father or mother and imitate their acts in school. Courtesy and proper way of handling things at home should be administer. Kids will be kids. They'll surely imitate it in the classroom.

Tweens - ages from ten to twelve

The age of puberty

The awkward years are here. I used to be embarrassed with my skinny figure during these years. The squeaking of voices among boys began to appear as the girls' physical appearance also change.

A lot of name calling occurs. Puppy love and crushes dominate classroom activities, aside from being punished by teachers when questions cannot be answered during class discussion.

Most of the girls become conscious of their physical appearance. They're afraid to tell that they have already symptoms of monthly period. The boys are thinking or planning to be circumcised in the summer.

Physical activities increase, as in being involved in extra-curricular activities, as in sports and academic contests.

Afraid of being caught by teachers when cheating during examination becomes a pastime just to get it done. Some kids are even prompted to the guidance counselor because of the wrongful act.

Parents are called at the office. Arguments followed at home, Grudges are often saved in one corner of their young minds. Hatred to someone else gradually develop.

A heart-to-heart talk will solve those problems between parents and children. The former should never loose their temper while the later should listen to them.

Parents are not only providers for their children's basic needs (food, clothing, shelter). They should also be children (act like them) from time to time or if the situation calls for it.

Getting the homework done, doing household chores, texting friends, playing games online will be a busy day for these tweeners.

Teenagers -from ages thirteen to twenty four

Teenagers tend to be independent. They are ready to spread their wings to fly, although parents' advises are still needed. There are challenges that they must face bravely to thrive these days.

  • Peer pressure - Being in a particular group, cliche, gang or organization will make you popular in school. Although, the most popular will be the members of cheer-leading team and the soccer football team. Other groups may look like inferior with them. Don't be sad about this.

Don't be sad about that impression. Better concentrate on getting high grades. That will be your passport to have an scholarship in college. Excelling academically can give you an edge over them, although there are also scholarships offered to sport and cheer leading. You can also excel on the two if you join them. Don't be inferior about the popular ones in school. If you exude courage and show intelligence by being the president or officer of the class, then you have a weapon to be proud of. That will be your passport to a very good future.

Finishing both high school and college depend on your willingness to learn new ideas and acquire knowledge without depending on others. In high school you can rely on your friends but in college you have to be on your own.

Never be embarrassed of your physical outlook. It can be your advantage in the future. You know yourself better than they do. You can really found true friends once they stick with you through thick and thin.

Factor like having steady girlfriend or boyfriend may become an inspiration to you. You can mix it with your studies as long as you can make your parents proud. Finish college and get a good job afterwards.

It will be embarrassing that you'll still depend on your parents' income even if you're married already.

Adult life - from ages 25 onwards

A sort of reckoning will be visible at this period in your life, whether you succeed or still struggling with your career.

Married or not, the realization and fulfillment on your chosen field will dawn on you if you attend class reunions, weddings, parties hosted by your former classmates.

Comparison will silently fill the minds of everyone.. whether or not they succeed in life.

An embarrassment to the group, that's what you'll think of yourself.

Don't go home yet. You'll learn a thing or two on how to be at the top of your craft.

As long as you live, with a 100 per cent healthy disposition and physical attributes, you'll succeed if you try.

Embarrassment will be over.


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @Denise Handlon: LOL! My hub title deceived me, too. I intended to share my experience but on the one hand my left brain opposed my motives.

      There I lifted it up to another level and I felt it is a wholesome approach about the subject.

      Thanks for such a nice visit, Ms. D!

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @Arian Rey: Embarrassment can be a life-turning experience to be a better person. It keeps us humbled in doing things right.

      Thanks, Arian.

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Oh Travel Man-I thought you would share some of your embarrassing moments with us, LOL I have had more than my share, that's for sure...usually I can laugh it off-either at the time, or at least later on.

      I like how you broke this hub down into the developmental stages. Some of my fondest memories is embarrassing my teenagers just by walking through the mall with them! LOL Nice work here.

    • Arian Rey profile image

      Arian Rey 6 years ago from Pearl of the Orient Seas (PHILIPPINES)

      I'll keep those embarrassing moments in mind. Thanks for sharing!