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Amazing Engagement Party And Gift Ideas

Updated on August 16, 2011

Perhaps its all speculation, or then again perhaps not. Whatever the situation is, engagment ideas are a fantastic way of materially demonstrating that you cared enough to be creative and thoughtful, and not just "have access to a wallet". But you didn't need me to tell you that did you?

The aim of this article is to explore gift and party ideas related to engagements that are both creative, suitable and cost-efficient. I'm not going to assume we're all millionaires, because frankly, I'm not. Niether am I going to assume you want to spend endless hours hand-tailoring every-little detail (although a little blood sweat and cheers is always nice).

Warning! This article is a little wordy, for those looking for gifts rather than a monologue, feel free to scroll down!

Did you know?

The birth of engagement gift ideas and parties can be dated as far back as 1215, when Pope Innocent III announced that couples should announce, in churches, that they intent to be married so that anyone who held a grudge against the idea could voice his/her protest.

Engagement Party Ideas

First-things-first, our surroundings -- the occasion . Unless you are hellbent on traditional engagement, and there are so many different kinds that it is impossible for me to research and detail them all, a highly customized, yet informal environment is considered standard.

Standard certainly, but we don't want boring .

Most engagement parties nowadays are publicised as such, but not all are. In fact, I've been to a few surprising "house" party where the announcement had everyone looking, including the alleged bride-to-be, a little wide around the eyes.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Unless you have no other choice, avoid a self-styled house party. Why? Because a house, especially the couple's house itself, will contain a great of other memories, relocating will cement an entirely new set of memories rather than mix with others. At your house, the announcement will be the highlight, elsewhere you have the announcement and the added bonus of having a great night out in a new environment.
  • Avoid a self-styled house party #2 - I see a lot of my friends turning engagement parties into a regular college-style, all out booze fest. I suggest raising the walls of civility in order to accommodate family members as well as "travel companions". Having said that, my family would roast me alive were I to omit some alcohol. So there's that .

  • Provide a drastic change in scenery. For city dwellers, for maximum contrast, organize a trip into the wild. For those who wish to throw a party there to, explore areas of interest just outside the city limits!
  • Don't be afraid of breaking tradition. There's no right way to do it. 

Engagement Gift Ideas

Rings are always the first thing that comes to mind, as does the internal debate about how expensive it should be. Traditionally, an engagement ring should be equivalent to three months wages, but the again, I know plenty of cases where women shun what they say is an overly consumeristic trend and are actually appalled by such a high profile investment.

Since I have no way of knowing where you stand, here are a few selections I found particularly attractive.

Cheapest Engagement Ring For Men

My favorite ring I came across! Dirt cheap yet comfortable, and durable (scratch resistant). Granted, this isn't diamond, but Tungsten (according to the Moh scale) is a dignified second in terms of hardiness.

There are many variants of this ring, including one with nifty blue carbon fiber engravings. I don't like the lighter shades of this model however, I find that they make the ring look a great deal cheaper overall).

Cheap Engagement Rings For Women

Tungsten is not a great idea with women, generally speaking. My choice was this Diamond Solitaire ring, and although you may not be able to tell, this beauty to the right of this text is the cheapest of the line at a mere $366.00.

Bear in mind however that this particular model scales upwards to top off at 2 carats with a far steeper price tag. Available models range anywhere from 0.25 carats (right) to 2, and are customizable (gold or white rings, as well as a different eye styles).

Other Ideas

Ultimately, behind the norms which may consider an integral part of engagement -- and yes, whether it is a consumeristic tradition or not, I still personally find that even a small enduring gift (in my case a ring) is a constant precious reminder -- you have a dinstinct advantage over me when it comes to recommendations.

You know your partner ;)

I find that engagement time is less about gift giving, but more about settling insecurities once and for all. To that effort I would drive all my effort into providing a gift, tangible or not, which you partner will know equates commitment or sacrifice.

Rings and Engagment?

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