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English Royal Weddings: Prince William and Kate's Wedding

Updated on August 11, 2016
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Princess Kate and Prince William at Westminister Abby on their Wedding Day.
Princess Kate and Prince William at Westminister Abby on their Wedding Day. | Source
Prince William took his new bride for a royal spin in a blue, classic Aston Martin.
Prince William took his new bride for a royal spin in a blue, classic Aston Martin. | Source

The colossal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton took place on April 29, 2011 in England at Westminister Abby. The couple met while studying art in Saint Andrew's College in 2002, and enjoyed a courtship of eight years before tying the knot. Kate Middleton was a modest woman of common descent. She became the stunning Princess Catherine dressed in a dazzling Sara Burton original with a diamond tiara of Queen Elizabeth, and a meek lace-edged veil over her long silky hair pulled back with oak-leaf shaped diamond earrings, on her celebrated royal wedding day.

Prince William wore his scarlet tunic of an Irish Guards officer to highlight his image as a keen soldierly man who serves as an Air Force search and rescue helicopter pilot, and his brother Prince Harry; the best man wore a formal military suit. Queen Elizabeth wore a yellow ensemble with an exclusive matching hat, and white gloves courted by her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Over Two Billion People Watched the Regal, Dreamy Wedding

Every TV station tuned into the British Royal Wedding Nuptials, broadcasting over the entire world. Over two billion, people watched the televised show of this dreamy regal wedding, the most-viewed event ever recorded. Over a million Britons combed the parade route from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace to get a glimpse of the tender majestic couple, cheering with a snivel of joy.

Princess Catherine’s straightforward white and ivory satin gown had a dramatic neckline with sheer lace sleeves, and an eight-foot train devoid of elaborate designs of pearls and crystals. Her wedding dress had a similar flair to the elegant wedding gown of the late Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco in the 1950’s.

Kate's Sister Pippa Received Ogles Too!

The maid of honor, Pippa, Kate’s sister elegantly carried her sister’s train wearing a simple white, column dress with delicate flowers in her unbound hair. She received as many ogles as her divine sister as Pippa gracefully walked down the aisle holding the hands of two darling children.

First, Pippa Middleton helped Princess Catherine with her train as she stepped out of an elegant Rolls Royce. Kate gracefully waved her right hand to the public spectators in an effort to connect with her royal fans.

Pippa Middleton
Pippa Middleton | Source

Replica of Sister Pippa's Wedding Gown

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Kate Stepped Out of a Classy Rolls-Royce with Her Dad

Kate Middleton seemed relaxed and not jumpy when she stepped out of a Rolls-Royce with her Dad. She greeted the public warmly and readily assumed her novel role of Princess Catherine, wife of Prince William, as they recited their vows spotlessly before the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams without a hindrance.

They then enjoyed a ceremonial drive around London in an open-topped house-drawn carriage, and by tradition appeared with Queen Elizabeth with their wedding party on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

When fashion trends are set, they first come from people in the limelight. Princess Catherine is creating mystifying fashion strives. She's the glaring beauty of intriguing fashion aspirations. She has turned chic style into the new wave of the future for upscale ladies of every age.

Optimism Roared and President Obama Wasn't Invited

Optimism roared as the majestic couple swapped a customary kiss on the queen balcony with the crowd chanting “One more kiss!” They lightly kissed once more, and warmly waved to a frenzied multitude of delightful hearts, smiling.

Following their grand reception at Buckingham Palace graced by 1900 guests, Prince William took his new princess for a spin in a dark-blue Aston Martin Volante, embellished with ribbons and balloons, and a license plate that read “JUST WED.”

Unfortunately, President Obama and First Lady Michelle were not present at this festive royal wedding gala, because they were purposely not invited for personal reasons.

The Church Bells Rang for Princess Catherine on April 29, 2011

By God's Holy Law, the Royal Couple Married

Royal Wedding Pole

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The Royal Wedding Highlights with Queen Elizabeth

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