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EnigmAtic LoVe..

Updated on April 23, 2013

a broken heart

the incomplete completion...!!!!

Everybody dreams of a prince charming riding on a horse coming over to her and asking for her hand, getting married in due course and living happily ever after. My dreams too were a bit similar to the general norm the only difference being a simple human being willing to be my strength is what i demanded. Numerous people came and walked away from my life. But some left their imprints on the spreadsheet of my heart. Gradually reaching adolescence due to the hyper secretion of oestrogen the desire to love and be loved increased tumultously. Now the self wasn't happy with the friendly and motherly love it wanted love of a different aura.
Due to the fast growing networking sites i didnot have to wait much before i actually had an encounter with my so-called prince charming turned god on earth. I was going through something called platonic love!! After falling for the most strongest and the most heavenly emotion of all, i thought of growing in it.
Like innumerable people i too fell and also did encounter a broken heart in love. Tears, lonliness, being gloomy all day was also endured by the self. But instead of weathering away i started to grow. Grow in love!! So here i am writing for all you readers out there going through similar situations. DO NOT sit and cry all day long. It does good to nobody, not even to yourself. If you cry and stay gloomy the person wont be coming back. Attempting suicides isn't a option as well. Do not think that you are losing your everything on the contrary think that in due time you will be getting a lot of things. Go out meet people, dress up, look good and feel good about yourself and automatically things will gradually start to fall in place. Always remember you cannot hold on to something that wants to go and letting go doesn't mean you are weak. Keeping in touch, talking does not certify that you people are together and are whole heartedly IN LOVE rather on the contrary try and see the strength of the emotion, test the compatibility and understanding level. Love does not know any rules and never abides by regulations. You fell in love simply because you wanted to know you can't really drag and blame someone or even worse curse someone for it. Moreover love is a very positive feeling and any form of negativity shouldn't even touch it. You do not always need to forget the person and get someone new but you can get and feel the presence of your desired one in new ways. Lastly, one should remember at times you should give the space and the scope for the relation to grow. let the partner fly if he wants to, If he comes back after his flight then you are lucky or destined to be together but if he flees then it is as good. Since, a caged bird in hand is worth two in a bush, and if comes back to the cage after fleeing then worth a million in life!!


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