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Enjoy 20 Great Examples and Phrases of Talking Dirty.

Updated on December 21, 2008

Want to know what to say when you talk dirty?

Does the idea of finding out how to talk dirty intimidate you? Do you wanna know what you would say, how you wanna say it, and even if you need to? What's more, do you want to know how your spouse will respond?

The coming tricks will aid you figure out how to enjoy the spicy fun of dirty talk.

Here are the first 10 examples of talking dirty for you to get started

  • 1. I love the way you kiss me…especially when you kiss me there!

    2. I want to get naked with you right now.

    3. Say my name when you do that!

    4. I love you so much. Can you feel it?

    5. Do you like the way that feels?

    6. I love feeling your strong arms when you're on top of me. I love your muscles!

    7. Use your mouth on me.

    8. I love the things you do with your tongue.

    9. You're so damn gorgeous.

    10. What's that thing you do with your hand? I adore that!

Need more talking dirty tips and hints?

Check out these top 10 tips before your dirty talks.

Talk Dirty Tip #1: Know your partner's desires. Has your partner referred dirty talk to you? Have you brought up it to him? the waters by flat-out asking him what he means. If you're too shy to bring it up, test pointing out dirty talk pictures in a movie, and ask him what he thinks. His response will assure you all you want to feel.

Talk Dirty Tip #2: Make the stage. Have your partner need to go further. Light candles, indulge in satin sheets, and get food into the bedroom. Make it a comfy yet hot love nest where anything becomes.

Talk Dirty Tip #3: Tease him! Drop little dirty talk hints throughout the day. If he's at the office,buzz him just to let him figure out you're thinking about what you hope to do to him that night. Leave a note in his briefcase, oron the window of him car,letting him feel how much you love the way he kisses.

Talk Dirty Tip #4: Go slow. Ease into the words you are applying. Don't go into private field from the get-go! Begin by telling him how much you enjoy something about him, or something he makes. needing him "Do you like that?" is a good mode to have dialogue. let him know what you love is good as well: "I love it when you touch me there," requests him to response back...and to keep doing what he's doing!

Talk Dirty Tip #5: Check in now and then. If you say something that you worry might be pushing it, ask him how heis feeling. A teasing, playful, "Do you love it when I talk dirty?" opens the door wide open for his feeling. If he loves it, keep doing. If he seems hesitant, dial it back a bit.

Talk Dirty Tip #6: Be yourself. Don't say anything that makes you awkward. Dirty talk can be great, but if you're not being yourself, why are you doing it? Never try to be someone you're not!

Talk Dirty Tip #7: Exercise Your Voice. Dirty talk doesn't involve just words. You can utilize your voices to Have your point. Sighs, moans, groans, and the casual "Yes!" are all ways to bring your opinions without a tirade of naughty words. Don't be afraid to use the sounds!

Talk Dirty Tip #8: Test Your Words. When you do use languages, don't just say them...purr them. Moan them. Have the words themselves a hot object. Saying you love the style he does something is nice. Purring how much you enjoy it while you are panting and urging him on is even hotter!

Talk Dirty Tip #9: Get specific. If your partner seems good to dirty talk, go further with it. Say whatever comes to mind, so long as it's something that just might Have you blush. Certain phrases are sensual triggers for lovers - try out a few and see what makes your partner's engine rev to redline.

Talk Dirty Tip #10: Finally, Have it fun. The main point of dirty talk is toenjoy it. It should bring your closer to your partner and give you both something to blush about later. Keep the spirit of fun alive while you test out your new dirty talk skills, and the outcome is bound to be... well, fantastically spicy!

Now these are final 10 examples of talking dirty to check out

need more examples of talking dirty?

11. Want to see what I really want? Come closer…

12. Strip for me, honey. Slow. I want to savor every inch of you.

13. Do you like the way that looks?

14. I’m going to control you tonight.

15. Use me as your toy.

16. Tell me what you want.

17. I’ll do anything for a sexy lover like you…anything at all.

18. You’re the best lover I have ever had.

19. This is going to be the dirtiest night of your life.

20. Show me what you can do. I know you’re man enough!


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