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Erotica Day 63 The Phone

Updated on October 28, 2009

Scarlett Day 63

Scarlett went to the door several minutes after it rang. She reached for an envelope left half way under the door. She turned and walked toward her desk. She opened the plain white envelope and pulled out a stack of bills. She counted out 5 one hundred dollars. She opened her laptop and looked at the clock checking the time. She entered something rotely and closed the lap top. She headed for her bedroom.

At the stroke of 10:00 AM she exited her room wearing a long blonde wig and a deep red robe. She settled into a club chair in her living room. She laid her head back and took several long deep breathes. She placed her leg on the coffee table resting her glossy red stiletto boot on top. She reached for the phone.

A shaky “Hello” could be heard on the other end. It was a unique voice deep, but not harsh with an unusual cadence. Scarlett with little to no facial expression, “Are you ready?” A bit fearfully the voice said “yes”.

Scarlett listened for the first several minutes. With each passing minute the breath on the other end got stronger and stronger. Every once and a while a discrete and well controlled moan could be heard. She just listened with a slight grin on her face. “What are you doing?” she asked. “I don’t want to tell you” said the voice. “Hmmmmm” Scarlett said deeply. She waited a moment the timing was crucial. “Stop, now”, she commanded. Silence with a whimper could be heard. “Do not touch yourself. I am going to tell you what I am doing”? “Yes” said the voice. “Yes please” said Scarlett firmly. Humbled the voice said “Yes please.”

“Lay there. I am walking above you. My boots are along either side of you. One step then another. You can hear my heals as they get closer to your head. You see the red coming toward you and the shadow of my long yellow hair. I am stopped. You can feel the squeeze of my boots pressing against either side of your head. Open your eyes and look up at me. Now, touch yourself. Tell what you feel”? The voice was soft but even deeper. “What do you feel”, Scarlet commanded. “I’m wet” with a cry the voice said. Scarlett paused. “I am lowering myself. Look at me. Look at me. I am just above your face”. A louder deeper moan came then another. “Quiet”, she said. “Now open your mouth and rise to me”. “Oh God” explained the voice on the other end.

Scarlett paused to let the imagination of her caller take over. She listened to the deep breathes and groans which continued to escalate. Deeper, faster and louder she could visualize the client on the other end moving her finger. Scarlett couldn’t help grin from the thought and satisfaction. She could tell the time was near. She waited but could not miss the just the right moment, she said. “Now push your fingers in and don’t take them out until you are done”. The loudest of moans began and continued ebbing and flowing. Scarlett listened intensely. She knew exactly what was happening. The moans lasted for several minutes. Scarlett had seen a lot and was not fazed by much. This client had a particularly long range of excitement. Scarlett was almost impressed by her client’s ability to reach such heights and lengths of ecstasy.

When what seemed to be the last of the breaths of exhaustion ended and Scarlett waited a moment or two and said, “Nicely done. Good night, Darlin” and she placed the phone down gently. Scarlett closed her eyes.


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 

      9 years ago

      I'm a softy for a happy ending.If work was only so easy.Nice story.


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