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Essential Tips For A Bride To Be.

Updated on March 12, 2016

Marriage Should Be Taken Seriously Before Diving In.

There are so many things you have to look out for in your relationship before saying "I DO". Marriage is a lifetime commitment to your partner and in that case should be taken more seriously. Considering the type of this your partner likes and making them compatible is a good way of getting prepared for the journey. Get to know the kind of friends your partner keeps as this might help you in knowing what interests him most, getting to know his friends is even more important than getting to meet his family, because his friends is those he has chosen to spend most of his time with.

You have to try and find out your partner's stands on some of the Major topics like, Sports, Politics and some of the sensitive topics like how they feel about gay marriage and abortion. Knowing your partners worst quality and accepting it, goes a long way in helping your marriage life. Your Partners Believe. This is an important factor which you must look in to, your religions believe matter enough in a relationship which is heading to marriage. Communication. Communication helps you understand your partner well. with a good balance of communication, your relationship will remain stable. You have to know the chemistry level between you and your partner when it comes to love-making and don't also be shy or scared to discuss it with your partner, it helps you gain more knowledge about what your partner wants from you to enable him/her get to their maximum satisfaction.

I Don't usually advice couples to be in a long duration of courtship, for people who are serious and knows exactly what marriage is all about, if courtship takes so long, anything can happen. If any man says he wants to marry you, you have the right as a lady to ask him how soon he wants the relationship to lead into marriage. You as a lady should be able to know how long he would want to be in a courtship with you as that will enable you know whether he is actually serious for marriage. As a lady i don't think that any man who is ready to court you for ten years is serious for marriage with you. I always give these tips to sisters who would not have their heart broken into pieces for a relationship that does not have a stable root. Most men will tell you they want to marry you because their wives could not give them a child. My dear, that is never a good reason to jump into that kind of relationship. How about you also fail to give him children, will he not also abandon you for someone else?

Don't just accept to marry any man when you know that the condition surrounding such marriage could be disastrous.


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