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Evaluating What You Want in a Relationship

Updated on November 25, 2013

Some people think that being single at 26 is a bad thing. It could be lonely but it also gives oneself a chance to revaluate what they want in a mate.

Marrying the person you were with since college is not a good thing. People who marry young are most likely to get divorced later on in life. At 26 you are not the same person you were when you were 20.

Some girls when they are young tend to go after the bad boys. Then when they get older they want the guy who will treat them right. Looks don't matter as much as they did when they were in college.

If all of your friends are getting married and you are not don't sweat it. At the right time you will meet the right person. Maybe you are just not ready now. Don't let people's questions as to why you are still single bother you. Just because they got married young doesn't mean that you have to.

People are now focused on their career and being single means you are not settling. Look at your past relationships and see what worked out and what didn't. See the areas that you need to change and gain confidence. Then at the right time you will get to experience your happily ever after.


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