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Even The Stars Take Tumbles.

Updated on March 15, 2011
Even The Stars Take Tumbles.
Loneliness is a scab. 
that we pick at incessantly,
because it is easier to bleed,
than to simply inhabit a 
dried up, loveless husk.
Scars are road maps
etched in our flesh, 
that should guide us back 
to truer paths of love
without detours
and dead ends.

Needy flesh is a coat,
our souls are forced to wear,
for quite a interminable time,
far too often as strait jackets,
that binds us to solitude,
sealing the wings that 
would let our spirits soar,
across waves of possibilities 
left immobile.
Love is a band-aid,
dressed with soothing balms,
softening the scabs,
hiding the scars,
and letting us shrug off
our coats of needy flesh,
to bathe in the rapture
of two souls set free
in one timeless flight
to heavenly bliss.



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