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Ever Wonder Why This Is A Man's World?

Updated on November 14, 2009

This is a man's world, but it wouldn't be nothin without a woman.

Do you ever wonder why?
Look at the world, everything is given to men. We get paid more, better jobs all because we're men. People assume we take care of the household just because we're men. Everything is given to men, which is why this is a man's world. The only thing that isn't given to a man just because he's a man is a woman. That's why this world wouldn't be anything without you.

Men have conquered damn near everything, but one mystery still exists, women. We don't know what you want, don't know how you think, don't know what to do with you or without you. All we know is that we want you. A woman isn't going to be yours just because you're a man. You have to have something going for yourself. You don't necessarily need to be a baller or a doctor, just have something that sets you aside from other men. This is where the world gets complicated.

It's not that men don't appreciate women it's just that we don't understand you and having everything at our fingertips is a luxury, so when that luxury is taken from us, it frustrates us. Have you ever been trying to figure out a difficult math problem and you get so frustrated that you take your book and fling it across the room? That's kind of how men deal with women. When things are difficult and we don't understand, we fling you across the room. However, when we calm down and realize that if we had taken time to actually read the chapter before we jumped to the questions (a little metaphor there), that the answer would've been clear all along.

Us men, we try to hide what we're feeling because we're so used to being on top of the world that we can't take it when we're not so we bury our feelings. We'll move on to another subject that we know we're good at. We'll try to do our history, but you don't think that in the back of our minds we're still not thinking about how much of a loser we feel like for not being able to figure out that math work? Well we do.

I still don't know how to figure out that math problem, but you know what? I haven't given up.


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