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Everlasting love - Truth or Fiction ?

Updated on April 2, 2015


I’m attempting to write this hub sitting near a coffee shop of my college hostel. When I’m typing the hub out, one girl named Jessica (name changed due to obvious reason) is walking together with a boy named Harry (once again as you can guess I changed his name as well). Let me start this hub , with their story.

A few days back, I saw Jessica walking with a boy named Evin and saw Harry playing table tennis with a girl named Sophie. In fact, people in our hostel campus used to think the combo of Harry-Sophie and Jessica-Evin were simply un separable. With time their perception changed. Those two relations broke and now Jessica and Harry had moved on. Those of you who belong to this generation have seen so many instances like this.

So, here the question that comes in mind is – does real love exist at all? We’ll try to find an answer in the coming few paragraphs.


What is Love?

Over the years many a communication products like books, movies, songs have been created related to love. A lot of these attempted to define the very concept of Love. But, the perception of love is so varying that people repeatedly failed in their attempts.

Still after analysing all the aspects of Love the conclusion we can draw is love is special kind of feeling which one can feel towards a person or an object or towards country. That is why, statements like “I love my country”, “I love my dad” and of course “I love my girlfriend” can be heard. So, what this feeling is all about? This feeling is not something which is same as affection. This feeling is neither something which has some connection with happiness or unhappiness of human being.

What is truth and fiction?

Well this particular question may sound a bit redundant to a reader. But let me tell you, before analysing whether a sensitive concept like love is truth or fiction, we require to define these terms properly so that we can classify love aptly. Well, a truth is something which has some kind of proof supporting it and a fiction which is imaginary – which does not exist in reality. A truth further can be defined as something which can be seen and felt whether a fiction is not like that.

So, what about everlasting love? Is it a truth or fiction?

Now, if we simply refer to the definitions of truth, we very easily understand that love is true – in fact everlasting love is also true. To support that let us get back to the example which I used at the beginning of this article. We can say people in love all the time around us. So, love can be seen and felt continuously and therefore everlasting love is a reality but here the hunch is that the recipients of this love keep on changing time to time which happens perhaps for the quest of ultimate love.

So, everlasting love is surely a truth and not a fiction.       


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    • LensMan999 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi Triple f,

      Thanks for your wonderful comment.

    • profile image

      Triple F 

      7 years ago

      I like to think of myself as a cynical romantic; I believe 'true love', as in the everlasting kind, can be found, and I know of three couples who seem to have this kind; my aunt and uncle have been together since they were teenagers, my godparents were each others' first partner, at 11 and 14, and the third couple, two friends, is probably the couple that I think have not only found it, but kept that wonderful, effervescent love that all relationships begin with, and that usually fades.

      What makes this couple all the more a stellar example of ths is that there were several years in which they were expected to divorce, seemingly no longer even really knowing who the other was. However, they overcame that and are now the closest couple I have ever seen, and even being near them makes one feel like there is hope for the existence of 'true love'.

      Despite this, I think that it is very difficult to find this sort of love - if there is that one person out there, out of six billion people on this planet, what are the chances of you ever meeting? Slim to none, but it can happen.

      I really like your definition of everlasting love; that it is ever-present but the recipients of it change. It is a lovely way of putting it :)


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