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Every Bride Needs A Helping Hand

Updated on August 24, 2015

Every Bride Needs A Helping Hand

Do not make the mistake that many brides make:  trying to do it all!  Although plenty of brides can do a great job planning their wedding, the process can only be made better when you have help to do it.  Every bride needs someone to help her to make decisions and to help her when everything begins to fall apart.  The mistake that many make is just struggling to put things together because there is so much to do.  Even if you are ultra organized in planning your wedding, it can not hurt to get some help.


Who Can Help You?

The biggest question that you have to answer is who is there to help you?  Your soon to be spouse may not actually be willing or able to help out.  After all, you do not want your groom to see you at the fitting for your dress!  Scratch them off the list.  Next, consider your mother.  While she is probably a great asset to have, her opinions may be too strong and she may be insulted if you do not go her way. 

That could cause you to be a bit overwhelmed too.  Or, perhaps you have a sister that can help.  A good choice as long as you both get a long well and have similar opinions on for the wedding.  So, who does that leave you?  Perhaps you are wondering if anyone should help you!

You can get help from any source that you like including friends and other family members, if you would like to.  The goal is to find people that know you and respect your decisions.  You do not want anyone that is going to feel offended if you do not do what they suggest or someone that believes that your budget is endless.  When you take the time to consider all of these things, it may leave you wondering if there is any possibility of finding others to help you.

Perhaps you would like to have people help you with things that they are particular good at.  For example, perhaps your grandmother is a wonderful seamstress and can help you to find a great dress and then help with the alterations.  Perhaps your aunt can help with some of the bakery for the reception because she is a professional or has a passion for it.  You may have someone that is good with words in your family that can help you with the wedding invitations.  Look for qualities in those that you know and see if they can help you at all with the wedding preparation.

There are many reasons to consider working with someone including the fact that they will take a lot of the stress from your shoulders.  For example, if your mother wants to help and so does your soon to be spouse's, put them in charge of the guest list.  They can keep track of who is calling to confirm coming to the wedding and contact those that do not. 

This way, you are giving them something important to do which keeps them happy with you.  Most importantly, including other people in helping with your wedding preparation will allow them to feel good about the event.  They feel important to you, something that is very important during such a life change as this.

Plus, including other people in your wedding preparation is a great way for you to actually enjoy the process.  The key is to find people that you like to be around and that like to be around you.  Surrounding yourself with this type of situation can help the process to be fun but still get the work done.  When you include other people in your wedding planning, you help to make memories that you will take with you on your new life.  They appreciate it and you will later, too.  You may even want to take a camera with you to capture every moment that you can.

Getting The Professional Edge

All brides should consider hiring a professional to help them to plan their wedding.  Having a professional by your side can do many things for you including helping you to plan an exciting wedding for less money than you could do on your own.  If you are ready to hire a professional, there are several things to keep in mind about wedding planners.  Here are some tips to help you!

• Hire someone that you like.

You want to get along with them and you want them to understand you. They should be familiar with your family's traditions and the way that you like to celebrate. Communicating with your wedding planner allows you to get your ideas and needs across to them effectively so that they can act on them to make your dreams happen. Interviewing several wedding planners is a great way to learn about them and to find out if you are compatible with them. Have your soon to be spouse help you as well.

• Look for someone that is skilled and knowledgeable about the wedding traditions and style that you are looking for.

You want to find a professional that knows how to deal with vendors and how to manage a wedding budget. You want a wedding planner that is going to provide you with the details that you need, too. They need to tell you what needs to be done, how to get it done and then to make sure it gets done. If they do not do this, chances are good that things will fall through the cracks that should not.

• Determine with the wedding planner what you expect of them at the time that you hire them.

You should have a contract with them that tells you everything that they will do for the wedding planning including timeframes for completion. Of course, the contract should outline their duties as well as the costs for spending time with them. Everyone should have details down and understood so that there are no surprises later. While most professional wedding plans will have pre made contracts for you to sign, do read them and consider altering anything that you do not agree with.

No matter if you hire a professional to help you with planning the wedding or if you just get your family and friends to help you with the wedding, the key is to get help! Resources are available to help you too. The key is to take from any resource the best advice for the style of wedding that you are planning. Make it your own. Whatever you do, do not do all of the wedding planning yourself. Create memories and get the job done better with help.

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