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Everybody Needs to Take a Moment and Think About It

Updated on August 7, 2015

We are losing respect for each other

In the news in the last few months, the headlines has focused on confrontations between police and citizens. Regardless of the subject matter or what else is happening in the world the news announcing is always peppered with police and citizen confrontations.

Each of these confrontations occurred in different cities and they also occured with different circumstances surrounding the outcome. In serveral news reports of the citizen and police confrontations, they specifically depict the individual wearing the uniform as out of control. However, everybody involved in all of these heated occurances need to take a moment and think. Both citizens and police should demonstrate self-control and respect.

Secondly, each individual in these citizen/police confrontations should, in a split moment of time, remind themselves of the objective. The objective for the policeman is to go home at the end of the shift. And the objective for the citizen is to move beyond this minor interuption and go about their business.

However, when pride, intemperance, or lack respect is injected into the situation, the goal or the object will always be aborted. Unfortunuately, in many of the latest headlines we hear the news reporting portion of the situation that will ignite high emotions and boost program ratings. Then, sadly, after all the facts are thoroughly investigated in each of these unfortunated situations, dissappointment is expressed.

Why? Because, somebody in the situation did not take the time to think. Someone in the heat of the moment had to present themselves right. Today, It seems as if nobody wants to listen to each other. In fact, it appears that everyone wants be the one to win in the situation at all cost. Many times this "I'll show you who is boss" attitude has a deadly cost.

Therefore, here are a few things I think we, as a nation, should re-consider before the next person fatally loose their life;

  • The police is a bonafide authority in the arena of keeping the peace. The only way of curtailing a peace officers pre-dispostion is to become a peace officer.
  • The citizen is a taxpaying entity which makes it all possible for the paycheck that many peace officers recieve monthly. The taxpayer is the employer or a customer.
  • America is a country of law and order therefore neither party should walk over the thin line that is between the citizen and police.
  • Respect, Respect, and more Respect. What is wrong with complying with a lawmaker. Lawmakers have a job to do. However, they are govern and regulated by an overseeing entity. Citizens will not lose a righteous protest.
  • Each situation presents a new and different set of facts, circumstances, and emotions. Every confrontation cannot be fought from the racial bias viewpoint. Likewise, every traffic stop encompasses a new and different personality. For example; all African-Americans are not angry.

This is the first time in history when the workplace has experienced Gen X, Millenials, and Baby-boomers sharing the mantle of authority. In the pass it almost felt like the Baby-boomers in total control.Back-in-the-day, everyone that was in an authority role appeard to be older. Well, the chain of command is changing. Authority figures come in all ages nowdays. And the level of patience is also changing--rapidly. Therefore, for those citizens and peace officers that did not get the memo;The times are different and the tolerance levels are different.

It is one thing to sit in a classroom with an instruction demanding you to read articles on diversity. However, to encounter a human being in a traffic stop that may have a different way of engaging in verbal communication, cultural mannerisms, and regional jesturing, is very different ball of wax.

Here is another fact, in the classroom, the materials does not demonstrate the real time emotions that will occur in a given situation. Secondly, many times the classroom will not present an accurate representation of the community that the peace officer will be place in after being awarded his or her commission.

Finally, let's be honest, the lack of respect in our schools, halls of Congress, and in the home is spilling over into the highways and bi-ways. We are living in a time where we just do not want anyone telling us what they think. The daily chanting of "you don't know me!" "who you think you talkin too?" and "it my life!" has taken a turn toward bad thinking. Many times it appears that the only time we really care is when someone is dead.

Please citizens and peace officers take the time to think. Please take the time to reflect on the objective; which is to go home and live.


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