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Ex-Wife's Ego...

Updated on June 4, 2008

nasty conversation!!!

Here is one nasty conversation I had with an ex-wife. After deciding not to make communications with her again. She's in Florida and I'm in Beijing. Surprisingly, she buzzed me first... here goes:

Mylene: Have u thought about your kids today?

Joey: I know.. I called them twice this week.. and Gwyneth's having a party. I'll send money for her party.

Mylene: So u gona stick ur ass dyan sa china (So, you gonna stick your ass there in China?)

Joey: I'm going back in July and go somewhere else, it depends on fate and destiny.

Mylene: I dont care where u gonna go. I need u to sign our divorce paper. Be a man. I don't love u anymore. I need u to sign it

Joey: you don't need a divorce, you need an annulment and I'm willing to sign it. I don't want you anymore too. There's someone special waiting for me too. Let's face it just be fair. We had found partners who are better than each other's...

Joey: We don't deserve each other.

Mylene: I'm here. I knew the rules. Annulment takes time. Divorce paper ang madali. Why hold it? (Divorce paper is easier)

Joey: Walang divorce sa pilipinas if you know the Philippine rule...kelan pa na legal ang divorce sa pinas?? kung dyan tayo na kasal... pede yun.. think about it. (There's no divorce in the Philippines, if you know the Philippine rule, and when did divorced legalized in the Philippines?? If we were married there, possible, think about it.)

Mylene: yeah. Its a destiny na d tayo. But u dont fucking care with the kids expenses. (It's a destiny that we're not for each other.)

Joey: you want it? File for annulment sa Pinas. I'm saving money to go somewhere else. to Start with someone much worth sharing my love and life with...

Joey: That's the price you have to pay... for your freedom. Pasagot mo sa husband mo kayo ngayon ang partners, bat di kayo magtulungan to raise up the kids? (Your partner should shoulder the expenses since you are now partners, why don't you help each other out to raise up the kids?)

Mylene: I just want u to sign for the divorce paper.

Joey: padala mo sa pinas? what for, kala ko ba kasal na kayo?? (Send it to the Philippines? what for, I thought you were married?)

Joey: or it's just one of your ILLUSSIONS???

Mylene: Tanga. I want my freedom. I dont want a comitment. (Stupid.)

Joey: bobo ka pala eh... nangangarap ka ng freedom???? kelan ka pa napigilan sa lahat ng gusto mong gawin?? (you moron, you're dreaming of freedom??? and since when did someone stopped you on doing what you want to do?)

Joey: di ba lahat ng gusto mong gawin ginagawa mo??? (isn't it that you do all things you wanna do?)

Joey: kelan ka pa huminge ng permiso sa akin o sa family mo pag me gagawin ka??

(Since when did you asked permission from me or from any members of your family for what you wanna do?)

Joey: it's always you...yourself and only you... there was no ...Me and You..

Joey: and now you're asking me??? you don't need me anymore...Nagamit mo na ko, what else do you want from me?? Pera??? mas malaki ang kinikita mo sa akin. (You've used me, what else do you want from me? Money??? you are earning much more compared with mine.)

Mylene: Ok. Sory for the disrespect. Remember what i told u. Its gona be over for both of us. The moment i step even a fingertoe here.

Mylene: Well. Wala kang pera kaya d m kayang magpadala. Nakakatawa ka thats fucking bulshit. (You don't have money that's why you can't send, it's ridiculous.)

Joey: yan nga eh, everything changed...I know mas di hamak namang mas mahal mo ang America kaysa sa akin... sino ba naman ako? sabi mo nga wala akong nagawa sa yo but to give you pains and sufferings. HIndi na rin ako umaasa na tayo pa rin. Nag karon ako ng pag-asa ng kinontact ako ng anak ko sa Canada, he's getting me for good. And his Mom is Waiting. (I know that you love America better than me, who am I? you said it yourself, I gave nothing to you but pains and sufferings. And I don't also hope that it would still be us. I had hope when my son tried to contact me from Canada.)

Mylene: Goodbye. Gotta go. no sense with u. I'm just wasting my time.

Joey: this is FUCKING WASTE OF TIME!!!

Joey: goodbye your face!!!

Mylene: Sory honeybabe. Im not martir anymore. Have a gud day

Joey: I am whose martyr here!!!

Joey: You're one hell of a person!!! you're a monster!

Joey: scrape your mask off and see what lies behind!!!

Joey: bye DAVID COPPERFIELD!!!! hahahahahaha!!!

Joey: more ILLUSIONS to COME......

Mylene: Yeah. How about riding a benz? A yatch? And a porsche? Ha ha ha

Joey: those don't impress me much. ang basura, balutin mo man ng ginto... basura pa rin...(trash is still trash, even wrapped in gold...)

Joey: ngayon ka lang nakasakay ng benz? ng porsche and yatch??? pity...(Your first time to ride a benz?)

Joey: a private ship and plane??? another illusion??? go for it!!!

Joey: go for it!!! you CRAVE for those stuff....

Joey: kawawa ka naman... silaw na silaw ka sa LUXURIES....labas na labas ang kulay mo!!! takam na takam pagpapalit mo lahat... ( Pity you...blinded with those luxuries, your true color shows... you hunger much... and exchange everything for these...)

Mylene: Pero i stil eat "tuyo"I love tuyo (dried fish)

Joey: dyan tayo magkaiba... papunta ka pa lang.. pabalik na ako...kaya ako, not affected kung ano mang mga NAKASISILAW sa yo ngayon. (that's our're just heading there.. while I'm on my way back... the reason why I'm not affected with those what blinds you now.)

Mylene: Although its stinks.. Damn i love it. Beter than u

Joey: I don't care what you like, you don't seemed to bother me anymore. And the best of it. You will be out of my system any moment from now!!!!

Mylene: Sweetheart. I realy have to go. Bawal ma late ng pasok d2. Kaya d ka ubra d2. (no lates here.. you can never be here.)

Joey: I have no intentions of going there, honey...

Joey: dapat lang!!! iyan ang buhay mo ngayon... pagnawala pa yan... san ka na pupulutin ngayon??? (It should be!!! that's you're only life now... if you loose it, you've nowhere to go now???)

Mylene: Smile joey.. U wil look younger. No need for fake blond hair and fake blue eyes. Bwa ha ha ha

Joey: you're the one that's pretending... pretending that's it's all right....

Joey: bye yourface....

Joey: hahahahhahaha

Joey: sige na make the best out there... and find true happiness!!!

Joey: good luck for your MAGICAL ILLUSSIONS and PRETENSIONS..

Joey: MA. ELENA MORADA HIMALAYA-MEDINA- still remember your name though.. at least the name...

Joey: ayyyy, take cake of that Php8,000 nose of yours...

Joey: paretoke ka kaya ulet.... at least hindi ka na pagpepretend... pero lalabas pa rin ang ugali mo, eh...sige na.. bye.. you're taking so much of my time. (you need a re-touch. at least you won't pretend... but your true color is still coming out.)

Now I need you to make a comment on what you just read. Give me some opinions or anything you can say or react with this conversation..... thanks!!!


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      hey... lance demetri... i like your profile... can i hook up with you?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I know you ligaya and Elizabeth. You are both Kire!!!! I know for a fact that you also been fooling your husbands for quite sometime now... And wala kayong narinig from me. Hindi ko kayo binuking sa mga asawa nyo, kayang kaya kong gawin yun... Wag na kaying magmalinis kasi pare pareho kayong mga PUTA!!! I fairness, I was an actor.. and yung friend nyo ang kontrabida....hahahahaha. Kawawa naman kayong nagpupumilit maging American citizen...hahahahaha gagawin nyo lahat kahit lumuwang at lumaylay ang lahat lahat!!!!! hahahahahha. Mas kawawa kayo...

    • lancedimetri profile imageAUTHOR

      Jose Presidente Medina 

      10 years ago from Philippines

      zylla3, I really don't know what happened to her on staying in the US. Maybe she's just overwhelmed by the place and people. Like it or not, life should go on... afterall everyone deserves to be happy..., right?

    • zylla3philippines profile image


      10 years ago from Anaheim, CA

      Wow, such a way to get some revenge...why not? Time could change though--may not be friends, but may not be as 'nasty' with the passage of each day.

    • lancedimetri profile imageAUTHOR

      Jose Presidente Medina 

      10 years ago from Philippines

      In fairness to her, everybody has the right to dream and set goals and ambitions. It is a matter of prioritizing which is which. In this life everything is for decision, for good or bad, you have to face it! It so happen that I am not her or I might not one of her priorities.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      go for it joey.... tell your fucking ex-wife that she is a bitch and go to hell.... she needs to see a doctor for her non-stopable illusions..... whatever she did to you and to your kids will make her suffer for the rest of her LIFE.... she's a stupid women, coz she doesnt know the rules in the PHilippines tell her to get some advice with her lawyer and study the Philippines rule.... damn it she's so stupid to talk to you that way...... she must GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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