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What is love? Is love for everyone?

Updated on November 23, 2014

Is there an age for love?

Adults look down on teenagers when they say they are heartbroken and tell them that they are young and don't know what love is. Is that true?

Some teenagers find love in high school and remain with that person until the very end and some adults go through 5 divorces because it is only a temporary "the one".

Nobody can dictate how and when someone will fall in love. Teenagers are very much capable of love and often in their most vulnerable times, they can love the most.

A person will know the feeling of love when they feel it. It can be at 16 or 60. When a person says they are in love, let them choose their path and they just might be right!

What is love?

You can look online or in the dictionary and they will give you a definition for love. They will give you the simplest thing that you could find. But could it really be that simple?

Love is not a simple thing. It has its ups and downs. It is part of life and it has its roller coasters. Love is how you deal with it, with the person that will do it with you. (The opposite is also true).

Love can be;

- Being comfortable enough to fart or poo around the person

- Being able to confess how you are really feeling

- Not being afraid that losing your job will mean a break up

- Battling everything together

- Understanding each other's flaws but loving every one of them because that makes them who they are.

Love will never be straight forward and for thousands of years, people have tried understanding the concept of love but yet they still can't understand what it entails.

A piece of advice: follow the heart, it might just lead you to great places!

Does marriage mean love?


Some people choose to never get married because maybe they can't afford it or maybe they are happy just living together and having kids together. Marriage for some people is just a piece of paper that can cost thousands of dollars before and after.

Half of people that get married, get divorced. Sometimes it's those people that were actually supposed to be lifelong partners. Some people get divorced after a month of marriage (How many celebrities have had quick divorces?) and some divorce after 50 years of mariage.

It is not marriage that will make the person stay with you and marriage doesn't mean love! Marriage is a big celebration of the union between two people, be it between two men, two women or between man and woman.

Marriage equality

Who are we to say that 2 people, no matter the sex nor gender, can or can't get married?

We were all taught to respect those around us and to treat each other the way that we would want to be treated. That isn't only religion, it is common sense.

Think about this! What if Gay marriage was allowed but straight marriage wasn't? What would the fight be like? Gay marriage is a MUST for our society because right now being treated equally is all based on a book written a long time ago where being pregnant before marriage meant being stoned to death.

Our society has changed over the years and we must show the change that has come with it.

Marriage equality

Do you support marriage equality (marriage for all)?

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    • Breanne Ginsburg profile image

      Breanne Ginsburg 3 years ago

      I completely agree with you that marriage should be between any two people that are in love. For one thing, I cannot understand how someone who is religious can say that two people of the same sex should not get married when the number one thing that God and Jesus taught us about is love. I honestly don't think that God cares if a man loves a woman, a woman loves another woman, or a man loves another man. Also, it makes sense that whoever one loves is the one they should spend the rest of their life with as long as the person is gentle and kind.