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Exploring the pitfalls of the Silent Treatment

Updated on May 29, 2012
Are you a victim of silent treatment?  Or are you the one initiating it?
Are you a victim of silent treatment? Or are you the one initiating it?

Silent Treatment is a Common Response to Misunderstandings

Have you ever felt like as if your partner is trying to ignore you or your existence?

Have you ever tried talking and being kept in silence instead?

Most often than not, silent treatment is the indirect form of torture that individuals use against others who they may have some disagreements with. Others, when asked as to why they do such an approach to conflicts simply respond that they better not talk than yelling out and hurting other's feelings further.

True, some use the silent treatment to calm themselves and put their thoughts together to be able to carry out better conversations later. However, there are those who simply utilize the said approach of "cold communication" as an escape from the pitfalls of extensive argumentation.

Just when is enough really enough?

Psychologists often mention how human behavioral response is dependent on how others tend to handle their own courses of behavioral issues. When it comes to handling effective communication, it is most often than not that men tend to keep themselves down compared to that of the women. Instead of simply saying what they feel, men seem to have a sense of controlling themselves especially when it comes to actually divulging what they really feel. Having issues on what they think might actually impose on who they are, men tend to reserve much more compared to women.

Women on the other hand often tend to speak more boldly about how they feel as it allows them to know where they are when dealing with a particular situation.

Somehow, this difference on the assumption on the importance of communication between couples specifically result to arguments and at some point makes it harder for two different people trying to live alongside each other to come up with a relative sense of connecting with each other.

Sometimes, there are instances when the silent treatment seem to be the only way to keep down the anger between the individuals involved. However, when the cold shoulder treatment becomes more than just what is enough, it becomes a source of frustration on the one that is being set aside hence is failing to serve the purpose that it is supposed to provide the individuals involved.

Be wrathful, and yet do not sin; let the sun not set with YOU in a provoked state -Ephesians 4:26

A sound Biblical advise strongly defines that when a married couple undergoes some disagreements (which is a part of marriage), they must not let the sun set without talking through the matters hence retaining peace among themselves and in the family as well. For this to happen, communication should be considered as an evident source of confidence of establishing a more refined foundation for married couples.

Relatively, this is the reason why it is very important that couples find time to adjust towards each other. And doing so could actually come from the establishment of good communication between the two parties first hand during the process of adjustment. This is the reason why it is most often than not indicated that marriage should be like a dance, a matter that should be considered with full practice, while practice does come in a hard approach, perfecting the dance is the primary goal. in the process of practicing the dance, mistakes would be met and getting through all those mistakes through creating good agreements between each other shall make the dance more than just excellent.


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      reinasli 5 years ago

      Very helpful information. It will help in future.