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Eyes Here! Moms-to-be

Updated on July 26, 2017

Pregnancy is peculiar to every woman. You may not experience morning sickness, but your sister or friend has it. Some may be sensitive to the scent of garlic, fish and scents while your olfactory system is not as sharp as theirs. There are also women whose bodies aren’t changing except for the bulging tummy. All pregnant women need to abide the advice given by their respective ob-gynecologist. All women need to make necessary preparations before their term reaches.


What you can eat and can’t eat?

During pregnancy, the baby inside the womb has to receive the proper nutrients for the brain and body development. Aside from eating fruits, green and leafy vegetables, and meat, taking your supplements is also essential. Eating green and leafy vegetable is good for a pregnant woman, but it must not be eaten raw. At this time, the vegetables and the meat should be cooked properly to avoid the risk of foodborne illnesses.

Methylmercury is a metal that can be found in some fish. If you're pregnant or trying to become pregnant, don't eat swordfish, tilefish, king mackerel, and shark. (Source: Eating raw seafood is a big no-no as it can pose harm to the baby.

Unpasteurized milk and cheese made with unpasteurized milk must be avoided as it might contain E. coli. Substitute your usual milk with milk that is especially made for pregnant women like Anmum Materna, Enfamama, Promama, Similac Mom.

Ask for your doctor about the appropriate vitamins. Mine, I got a prescription to take folic acid until 12 weeks. Folic Iron and Calcium were taken stating 5 months of pregnancy until I gave birth.


Can a pregnant woman exercise?

Staying fit during pregnancy is okay and can be done at least 30 minutes. The more active and fit you are during pregnancy, the easier it will be for you to adapt to your changing shape and weight gain. It will also help you to cope with labor and get back into shape after the birth. Walking and swimming are good exercises for pregnant women, but it is best to consult first with your ob-gynaecologist.

Skin Care during Pregnancy

I am quite lucky to have that “pregnancy glow” when I got pregnant. Based on my physical appearance, many guessed that I bore a baby girl. My face was unchanged, my skin looks fine and glowing, my neck and armpits weren’t dark. The darkening of the skin such as the armpits, neck and even the bikini area because of hormonal changes may trigger stress to a pregnant woman.

A skin regimen of a pregnant woman can be continued so long as your doctor says so. There are available skin care products in the market and just be sure to check if the product is mild, fragrance-free and paraben free. For healthy looking skin, drink plenty of water, moisturize, especially the belly and the breast part.


What are the best types of clothing to buy?

Our body changes a lot when we are pregnant. Having a bump is not an excuse of feeling less fabulous. Luckily, some brands knew what a fashionable pregnant mama wants. Buy clothes that can still be used after giving birth or better yet, borrow from your family or friends. There are fashionable nursing dresses and nursing blouses that are helpful and convenient if you’re planning to breastfeed your baby.


What are the other necessary preparations before your big day comes?

  1. Prepare a pack of newborn diaper, clothes for your little one/s like mittens, bonnet, pants and shirt, receiving blanket, washcloth, and towel.
  2. Bath soap like Cethaphil and isopopyl alcohol are must-haves. The baby’s immune system is still weak in the first few months of life. Washing of hands and disinfecting it with alcohol before handling the baby is a must. Baby’s need not to be bathe every day, but make sure that the baby is clean by washing the whole body with a hypoallergenic soap.
  3. Do not forget to bring your important documents like your pregnancy journal and lab results.
  4. Save. It is important to set-aside an amount of your big day as giving birth is unpredictable.
  5. Put some healthy snacks in your bag. Lactation cookies may help boost your milk supply.
  6. Do not forget to bring a camera to take a snap of your baby.

Pregnancy is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes it could get scary, but the thing is, just be positive. For moms-to-be, good luck on your big day!


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