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Updated on July 7, 2011

Friend Finder Networks

Friend Finder Networks have become one of the easiest and simplest ways to find a friend on the internet, especially for those who for one reason or the other, are not fortunate enough to find a friend they desire in real life; either as a soul mate or a romance partner. Today, we have several friend finder networks, but the most popular amongst them is the popular friendfinder networks, an internet holding company for numerous internet companies including the flagship site with over 30 million active female and male members worldwide. This network owns a number of other sites, such as Adult FriendFinder and the popular

We all must have used these networks at one point or the other in our lives, either as a means to locate a business partner, or to find a romance partner…though some people have been lucky to get a life partner using these friend finder services.

Despite the numerous advantages of using a friend finder network to reconnect with a lost friend or to find a new one, we cannot dispute the fact that not everybody makes use of friend finder networks, reason…they charge a fee to signup or to upgrade to a certain level of membership that will grant the user the access to the numerous packages they have to offer. Therefore, most friend finder platforms today, are not accessible to those who cannot afford the signup or membership fee, thanks to

Closing The Signup Fee Gap

In my effort to close this significant gap that exists, I have put together this hub to assist as many online users as possible, sourcing for a way to find a friend without passing through the hurdles of paying a fee to sign up. Did I hear you scream yes I finally found what I have been looking for? Definitely, you should rejoice, because I know how hard it is to part with $1 this time that most global economies are dancing gigolo.


Apart from the popular facebook and some other free membership social networking sites, the easiest way to find a new friend, either as a romance partner or just friend, is through online chat. Despite its advantages, there are some demerits that you must avoid: disclosing your vital information on chat rooms. If you can be able to stay safe while you chat online, I promise you, you will find a true friend…I am a witness.


Unlike chat rooms, paid friend finder networks like;, helps you to protect your information, and you can as well select some of your information that you wouldn’t like to disclose to a third party until you get to know them better.


I like the features in some chat networks, for example, some of them offer you the option of chatting on safe mode or not, has this vital feature. This feature helps you to block offensive, vulgar or provocative words from a chat partner. I would suggest that you turn this feature on when using smiggle chat network or any other chat network that has this feature.


In order to connect with the right person you desire using a friend finder or online chat network, you must learn to introduce yourself in a chat room. Your introduction or shout out, as in, determines who responds to you. If for example, you introduce yourself this way: “Randy Cutie here…who cares?” you will end up attracting similar randy chat mates. There are some cute ways of introducing yourself in a chat room if you really want to connect with genuine people, you don’t need me to tell you how, use your number six.


Some other vital things you must be careful with are: your screen name or chat name and profile picture. These two things alone tell more about you than any other thing. Make sure you choose them wisely, to enable you achieve your goal. And please, don’t rush to give out your cell number, if you do, your chat partner may end up misinterpreting your person.

When Meeting People For The First Time

Finally, if you find someone that interests you, and you wish to know them in real life, discuss with them to find out if they are also interested in meeting you in real life, and if they are, arrange to meet. When meeting people you first met through the internet chat rooms or friend finder networks, please make sure you are meeting them in a public place, and not in their private homes, offices, etc. a popular fast food restaurant is okay…if possible, avoid meeting them in a hotel. If you guys agreed to meet by say 12 pm, try to be at the venue at least 10 minutes earlier; this is to enable you compose yourself before meeting, especially for the ladies. It is also advisable to position in a place that you will be able to view people entering the venue, so as to spot the person before time- also to avoid being overwhelmed or nervous. And make sure you have enough money to take you back, and please inform a close friend or family member of your journey.

When meeting people you have never met in real life, dress simple, don’t dress to impress, and don’t dress shabby, try and look real. For ladies, a simple jean trouser with nice top or a simple gown will do. Put on a simple makeup, and make sure you look smart. Avoid putting on limpy cloths or being under or over dressed. For guys, dress very simple and make sure you do some shaving and put on a nice perfume with less choking scent…ladies love good scent, they are very sensitive to smell, so avoid anything that may produce bad smell from you.

Now that you have found the right man you desire as a lady, you need to find out if he truly loves you or not, to discover this, read this.

And if unfortunately, making use of a friend finder or online chat network didn’t work for you, don’t lose hope, you can still find one by casting a love spell. To cast a personal love spell that works, go here.

Lists of mobile friend finder or chat networks

If you are looking for some free to join mobile friend finder networks, check below:


Mig33: (you can earn money too with their merchant program)

Wanawap: (not recommended for those seeking for a serious relationship, but it is cool for making friends online)

Friend finder sites

Friendfinder: (good but it requires a signup fee)


Datemefree: (it is free to join, but you must be careful here, there are scammers in there)

Good luck!


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      jones 2 years ago

      i want friend

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      accofranco 5 years ago from L Island

      @mpaballeng, thanks for stopping by, but if I may ask, what exactly do you want: a romance partner or just friends? Reply and do indicate your gender and country of location.

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      mpaballeng 5 years ago

      hello guys my name is mpaballeng and i love people so that they can love

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      accofranco 5 years ago from L Island

      @samuel, thanks....hope readers visit your link.....thanks for stopping by.

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      samuel 5 years ago

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      accofranco 6 years ago from L Island

      @dragon, please do come back and make your comment more comprehensible...better still, write in English, and thanks for stopping by. Happy new year!

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      dragon 6 years ago

      cc tt le monde

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      accofranco 7 years ago from L Island

      @john, thanks for reading and making out time to stop by, please if i may ask, are your parents still alive and do you have living relations? finally, which country are you from?

      Take care, if you keep your ambition and hope alive, i promise you won't dropout...a lot of great people you know or hear about today, where once in your shoes. be patient, ambitious and optimistic, you will surely make it. Take care for now, john.

    • profile image

      John  7 years ago

      I want 2 go 2 university but nobody 2 help me. I don't want 2 be a dropout. Pls dear, help me pls.use ur insight and look up 2 my condition. Or try just to give an advice. If u were in my shoes. Tel me sometine