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Facebook Romance

Updated on November 25, 2016


It is when you Sign in! and then BOOM!!! someone added you on Facebook!

Do I know this person???

You get a little bit curious sooooo:

1. You check his profile

2. Browse common friends

3. Ask some friends about him.

4. Accept!

Or You dislike his Picture and decided to DENY the Request right away.

These are the common things we do in Social Media.

We accept them if we know the person, if we like their profile, if we have common friends.

We trash them if we do not know them, if we hate them, if they are not important and if they are unattractive.

It's pretty hard to accept/deny an acquaintance. You talked and laughed with them in few minutes to keep your company. You may have met them at a bus, in a party, in Church, at work or wherever.There are reasons why we all end up weighing things first before hitting on either button. Your decision rests on you alone.

And then the next thing you do is ask, WHY did I reveal my FACEBOOK name? You found out you were caught up in the moment and you really didn't want to but you didn't have a choice.

It is really up to YOU!

One thing that I like about facebook is...You can socialize anytime... You can search friends, you can even sneak in to some people's pages if they set their profiles to OPEN TO PUBLIC.

But there are Setbacks. If you can do it, they can also SEE you like YOU see them.

Unlike FRIENDSTER long time ago, you can actually track who's watching your profile.

Romance Exists

I opened my Facebook account and I was notified that someone added me up! I had free time so I started to do just like what I have written at the first part of my hub.

Then days later, I clicked ACCEPT!

I was waiting that he is going to start a conversation with me.

Days passed, he keeps liking my pictures and videos. Left few comments and so on.

One day, he left a message. And we started our conversation that did not end until now.

Later we found out we have lots of common friends.

I love the connection and I hate being disconnected.

I know he loves me. I just know it.

There was never a time that he forgot to call or chat with me. I feel really happy when I talk to him.

Months later, we decided to meet. He flew, he proposed and I said YES!

Some of my friends were genuinely happy about it and some were doubtful.

Yes, Facebook Romance is risky but it depends on who you are romancing with.

My husband and I
My husband and I | Source


1. RESEARCH first before hitting ACCEPT. It is very important to check the background of the person that you want to make friends with.

2. CHECK. The more common friends you have, the more likely you get to know the person.

3. Be OPEN. Talk to your common friends and ask about him.

It is better safe than NEVER.

Our Engagement Session
Our Engagement Session | Source


FACEBOOK ROMANCE is getting more popular these days.

It is REAL and I have a lot of friends to support that claim.

I for ONE have found LOVE in this so called SOCIAL MEDIA.

However, not all of us will end up to have a happily ever after love story.

Following the TIPS that I have provided will most probably increase your chance of finding LOVE.

I have one last TIP:

PRAY before anything else so you can NEVER be wrong with your decisions in LIFE.

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