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Fairy tale Vs Sex? No Thank You!

Updated on June 6, 2016

I want the Fairytale

Modern Day Fairy-Tales don't exist

Sex plays a big part in relationships and for some of us we use sex as a determining factor of how stable our relationships are. Don't get me wrong great sex is wonderful, but great sex with a loving partner is Magnificent. Are we missing that magnificent factor in our sex lives?

Waking up one morning from a life of dating one guy after the next, sex when I felt like it, sex when I wanted it, sex when I needed it wasn't good enough anymore. There was something missing. A small hole was forming in my heart and it was expanding each day that I awoke. I needed this void to be filed. I was on the brink of losing my mind. I was becoming a bitter and jaded woman.

You see I had dated younger, older, white, and black, race didn’t matter, age didn’t matter but the pain I was beginning to feel did. Who was I? And better yet who was I becoming? I had to change my life around. I was no longer happy with settling for the “happily never ever after.” Every girl deserves her fairy-tale. So like those that give up smoking cold turkey that’s what I did with sex. I turned my back on it. I stopped putting myself in situations where I would lose sight on what was best for me and give in to my lustful desires.

Every fairy tale has its ups and downs. That’s life. No one said that after the princess and prince gets together that they don’t fall in line like every other couple and have the occasional arguments and heated discussions. Even so I want it all; never again do I want to wake up next to a man that is not my husband or long term partner. Being honest with myself I had never been in love before so the men that have come and gone didn’t matter much in my life. They were just passer byes like the changing of seasons.

They taught me lessons; lessons learned after turning 30 years of age this year and 8 months before that. I gave up sex and men altogether. I no longer had the desire of wanting to be with a man that only meant a roll in the hay, a quick play date in the sand box, see you tomorrow, yeah maybe. So now it’s sex? No thank you! Been there and done that. I am waiting in line for tickets to see my own fairy-tale.


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