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Fake Wedding Cakes - The Perfect Solution for a Bride on a Budget

Updated on June 20, 2011

Fake Wedding Cakes for Budget Conscious Brides

Fake wedding cakes are the answer to a budget conscious brides dreams.

Many brides have in their minds a picture of the wedding cake of their dreams, however those dreams can often be shattered when they discover the price of a 4 tier bespoke wedding cake.

The answer lies in faking it ~ or at least some of it.

When you think about it, it's the next logical step in trying to keep the cost of a wedding down.

Brides and grooms have been hiring dresses and morning suits for years, you can hire artificial bouquets and flower arrangements, and you hire the services of many other aspects of a wedding such as the wedding car, entertainment, master of ceremonies ~ so why not the cake?

Fake Wedding Cake by Fantasy Icing
Fake Wedding Cake by Fantasy Icing

Fake Cakes

From a purely aesthetic point of view fake cakes are indistinguishable from the real thing ~ in fact there are only 2 real ways you can tell them apart:

1. By their weight, and as fake cakes are generally made from Styrofoam cake dummies they are a fraction of the weight of the real thing.

2. By cutting them ~ which isn't advised as not only will you give the game away, you'll end up with little balls of Styrofoam all over the floor.

Fake Wedding Cakes - Rent Buy or Make?

There are 3 options for fake cakes for weddings. You can buy your fake cake, rent it or make it yourself.

Each option comes with pros and cons, which all need to be taken into account before you decide which is best for you.

Buy Fake Wedding Cakes

It's not difficult to find fake wedding cakes for sale these days, in fact a lot of cake makers and decorators will offer the option of having some fake layers within their normal service.

When buy a fake wedding cake you have 2 options. You can have either buy it ready made, effectively 'off the shelf', or have it made for you by a cake decorator.

The advantage of buying your fake wedding cake is you have flexibility over the design as you would with a 'real cake'. When buying you'll also find that fake wedding cake prices are also considerably cheaper than real cakes ~ however bear in mind that as the majority of the cost of a cake is in the decoration - which still has to be done on a fake cake - the cost saving may not be as much as you anticipate.

Fake Wedding Cakes for Rent

 It's becoming easier and easier to rent a fake wedding cake nowadays.

Artificial wedding cake companies usually offer 2 options ~ to rent a pre-designed cake, or to rent a custom designed cake.

Renting a wedding cake can be a very cost effective option, though it's worth doing your sums as once you've rented the cake, paid the shipping costs and potentially bought sheet cakes to have cut up so your guests get a piece of cake, the difference in expenditure may not be that great.

Make a Fake Wedding Cake Yourself

Fake wedding cakes are made by using Styrofoam cake dummies and covering them in real icing.

Cake dummies are widely available and as there is no need to use dowels to support the cake (unless your using pillars between layers in which case dowels are recommended to hold the pillars in place), making a fake wedding cake is something that can be attempted at home ~ with the following caveats:

  1. If you've never iced an ordinary cake, let alone a wedding cake, your best friends cake is not the place to try it out for the first time. You need lots of practice just to get icing smooth, let alone do any decorations.
  2. Cake decorating needs imagination and flair ~ without these you'll just end up with a pile of different sized icing covered cake dummies.
  3. Decorating a wedding cake is not something you do in an afternoon. Little and often is much better. Fondant icing should be allowed to set for 24 hrs before you handle it to add decorations ~ otherwise you cake will be covered in fingerprints ~ and there are only so many strategically placed sugar flowers you can get away with.

However, so long as you practice and leave yourself enough time doing it yourself can be a great way of turning your imaginative fake wedding cake ideas into the reality of your dream cake.


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