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Fake People

Updated on August 31, 2009





Hey if you have to finance that bigger house, buy that jaguar, or dress in the most expensive clothing – fake it till you make it.  Go ahead and put the Mercedes body parts on the Honda accord you own and chrome it out – it looks close enough to a Benz-right? That’s you! Looks great! It’s okay if you have no furniture in the big house you keep because after all no one has to come inside.  It’s okay if the pantry is full of roman noodles, beans, rice, and water.  You look like a million dollars with empty pockets…….all to impress people.


But wait!


How long can you pose with a glass of water in your hand at the function or give the excuse that you just ate rather than ordering sushi with the rest of the crowd? How long can you string a man or woman along with your image when your image does not match your pockets?  What happens when your pockets are shallow and you’re invited to the next big party “v.i.p.” style but you have no money for the drinks or food available? 


You have a plan and objective though.


These actions should secure the promise of increasing your wealth or presence by being around affluent people whom you aspire to be by emulating their behavior and lifestyle.  Only thing is, you haven’t achieved their success yet nor have you investigated the struggles or decisions made for them to obtain their success.  Remember success is where preparation and opportunity meet.  Being around these people is a great way to increase your knowledge, learn their ways, and utilize their business skills and alliances to do better for yourself.  Only problem is you didn’t pay your light bill just to spend a night stomping with the big dogs, blowing money you can’t afford to blow, trying to fit in. 


The sad thing is most fakers don’t do it for the business connections and potential benefits but they do is strictly for social aspects.  Why does it mean so much to appear to be someone you aren’t?  Anything you “gain” from the experience will most likely be lost in the near future anyway.  The truth always has a way of showing up.


You can’t keep friendships long because people think you’re flakey and insincere because one minute you are buying drinks at some of the posh spots in town and the next three weeks no one hears from you.  Hard to keep up with the Jones’s on a regular working person’s salary, isn’t it?   Or should you buy another fake Louis Vuitton briefcase, rent another Bentley, and sip on your one drink all night long so you can “fit in” with the “in crowd”.  It’s all worth it, isn’t it?  Those are the celebrity pictures you need to post all over your MySpace and face book pages so you can give the appearance that you party with all the famous stars.  For women you may meet that next baller and for men you might meet that next video vixen.


Who are you? Have you lost yourself in your web of deception, lies, and appearances?  Have you started believing the lie?  Have you become your alter ego?  What do you tell yourself when you go home to reality, the bills, and the results of your decisions? 


I admire actors. I think they’re great.  Anytime you start conversation with what you own and have, I’m concerned about the truth of it. Does your money, vehicle, clothing surmise your total essence?  If you lost those things, would you loose yourself? Wait, I got caught up in your lie too……………… don’t have the money, vehicle, or clothing.  See, you never had the money. The vehicle is about to get repo’d. The clothing and accessories are fake.  I guess you can’t loose what you never had – right?


Fake it till you make is as ridiculous as it sounds. It speaks volumes about someone’s character when they wear fake Gucci, fake Prada, cubic zirconia blinged out earrings, and fake name brand clothing. To me it tells me straight up you’re a fake person.  If you perpetrate with that then I will assume it’s in your nature to perpetrate with other things as well.  People tell you who they are and what they’re about by their actions.

When you deal with “fake it till you make” people, I take it as an insult that they think I’m stupid enough to buy their mirage.

Do you think I don’t see your worn down shoes, the “drink specials” you drink which include bottom of the barrow liquor, or the fact that for a millionaire your vernacular is interesting to say the least? 

Do you think I can’t tell you have no real conversation? 

Do you think I can’t tell you have not gone very far with your education nor have you picked up a book in years but you’re a CEO? RRRIIIIGGGGHHHHHTTTTTTT


I believe the Jaime Foxx and Rick Ross Joint stated:

“Swag in check
Levi denim
Very inexpensive it's about whose in them”





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