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Falling For A Personal Trainer

Updated on November 25, 2013

So you won a free training. The guy is hot and nice. You love how he motivates you. He wants to have you as a client. You tell him no and he keeps coming back.

Falling for a personal trainer could be very tricky. You don't know weather they like you or weather or not they want you as a client. One way to tell if their feelings for you are legit is to see how they are around other girls. Do they give other girls compliments or flirt a lot? If they do then they are a flirt and maybe just looking for business.

If a trainer keeps coming up to you after you made it clear that you will not do business with him there could be a possibility that he does like you. It is possible for a personal trainer to be interested in someone he sees at the gym. So don't think negative either and assume it is just for business.

You never know what happens in life so what you could do is play it out. See what happens. Get to know him and see where it leads. He just may be the one for you.

Have you ever fell for a personal trainer before?

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