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Falling for You

Updated on May 20, 2012


When you walk through the door

My heart misses a beat

to jump out my throat

into the light that comes

with you into my life

Then you set my world on fire

and the essence of our dream comes true

that takes away our breath to ly

helpless in each others eyes

to make love stand still

and the feeling shine on for ever

even when we are apart

Falling in Love


I fell so deep when first we met

your voice so sweet and clear

talking times were so feew

as songbirds delight in morning sun

tinkling bells of a heart to beat faster

to see your face, my only wish

with a promise of our meeting

your passionate sigh, so heard and liked

to raise my soul and catch our breath

to reach out and touch our lips

our bodies with our fingertips

to ly entwined in each others eyes

sharing minds, a fantasy in time

to come with desires and needs, so ready

a promise in your voice, your song

to fall asleep together and dream of a love so fine

two heart by destiny to meet


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