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Falling for a younger guy

Updated on August 10, 2015

Some people feel that age can be a problem in relationships. Age does not have to be a dealbreaker in relationships as many people might think. With the right factors and love two people who care about each other can make it work.

Age can be a problem in relationship if two people are at different levels. If someone is 27 and they are dating someone 21 they may be at different points in their life. The 27 year old whas had their share of flings and fun and is getting ready to settle down and have a family. While the 21 year old will run at the sound of commitment and all the 21 year old wants to do is party and have fun.

It is not impossible for a relationship with a wide age gap to work. There are some 21 year olds out there who are actually looking for love. Their are also some 27 year olds out there who are also not ready to settle down yet. Not everyone is ready to get married at the same time as everyone else in the world in life. Some people get married sooner in life and other people meet the one later on. It is all about meeting the one whom you connect with and get a long with.

Compromise is very important in a relationship. Just because your 27 does not mean that that is it.Sure you may be tired and you may have had enough of that scene but it will not hurt you for once in awhile to go out there and have some fun. If your guy wants to go out to a club go with him one night. On the same token if your tired and want to watch a movie ask him if he is up to it. You could also do other things than party and stay in all the time. Go bowling or minature golfing. There are a million date activities to do and not every single date activity cost money either. Find one in your price range that you both enjoy.

Come to a happy medium. Just because you are not willing to start off as friends with benefits if he suggest that does not mean that it has to end. Love and relationships are not all about sex. If he loves you he will wait until you are ready. Sometimes one person may want the relationship first and the other person may want fun before the relationship. Talk it out and try to find a soultion. It may be hard at first but relationships require work and sacrifice. They also require comprimise and comming to a solution together so that two people could be happy.

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Accept the person for who he/she is. If he or she has hobbies that you feel are immature do not put that person down and say "You are immature." You have your likes that that person may not understand but they are with you because they want to be with you. When you love someone you love all of their quirky ways even if you do not understand them at times. Accept them as they are or find someone else. Show the other person how much you love them and try to build them up instead of putting them down.

Be open and honest with each other. Tell each other what goes on in your life. Share your dreams and goals and take an intrest in the other person's life as well. Try to communicate often. Check in with each other to see how each other is doing. When something is bothering you tell the other person instead of keeping it bottled in. When you keep something bottled in it only makes things worse. When you are open and honest with each other it shows that you trust each other and trust is a very important part of a relationship. Without trust you cannot have a relationship.

Relationships are not easy and dating someone a lot younger is harder as well. Two people who really love each other can get through anything though. All it takes is patience, hard work, love, respect, compromise, trust, and honesty. With all of those factors you could have the perfect relationship.


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