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Falling in Love All Over Again

Updated on November 22, 2015

Falling in Love All Over Again

Falling in Love All Over Again

I think that one of the most mystic ideals in life is that of "Love". What is love anyway? A choice. A choice to adore someone more than you do yourself. A choice to put another persons wants and needs ahead of yours (don't get too crazy there, folks!). An intellectual and spiritual commitment to another human being. That is love.

So what happens when a new flame passes by, or even attempts to woo your unmarried self? What happens when your partner doesn't want to participate in a major decision that you do (wedding, marriage, kids, career, move, etc...)? What happens when the love of your life gets out of shape and you don't even recognize them anymore? THIS is when you can really use the term Love, because this is when the rubber meets the road. This is when the integrity behind love steps in. But who can say this can be done? And how can it be done?

Well for starters, we get naked. Not just naked, hot, ramped, bolstering activities, sometimes it's just being naked with your loved one. The uncovered zest of each others energy and pure selves. Then we get dressed to the nines. Take each other out and maybe even take an equally attractive couple. Go wherever you want (though we usually do Turningstone Casino Night Club, Lava, Funny Bones Comedy Club or some fancy restaurant) eat whatever you want (Ladies, do nothing fried and only salad form-share a dessert) and enjoy life together. Maybe get a hair cut at your favorite salon. Do it together and have fun!

Next comes the gifts. When we totally love something, we gift it. We celebrate everything and everyone via physical gifts. Although we should be just as generous daily with spiritual gifts, every now and then we like to hand over the material to prove such. In our latest anniversary, Louie got me Dolce and Gabbana The One perfume and I got him the males version. Spicy. Sexy. Sulturous. Perfect for falling in love all over again.

Sometimes when you have sat down at the same dinner table for 1000-10000 days, it can become so monotone and unexciting that anything can come and steal your juice. That's not fair and just because two people are loving each other so systematically, and consistently doesn't mean either of them should falter.

When all else fails, of you won't be unhappy!

So, now you've gotten a clip video of me discussing everything in this hubby, along with some of my secrets to keep the love life in bloom and what specifically we get and do. Another important aspect in loving another is loving myself. I couldn't love my man the way I do if I didn't pray and meditate in the morning, exercise and eat right. I hate everyone when I eat sugar. He knows better at this point then to send me chocolates. I'd rather have flowers that die in two weeks than a diet and hot body that do. Sugar is addictive! Don't believe me? Feel like arguing? Bring it on at Facebook search Jessie Naioti or Twitter, HappinessObserv!

Happy loving and don't forget to breath and stretch! And for God's sakes don't get drunk! I wasted so much of my life on alcohol and what a waste of time that was. If you have kids adore their faces and love the smokes out of them. If you have parents talk to them. Take time with your friends and if you don't have any, go and make some because your excellence as a partner is predominantly congruent to your excellence as a friend.

Hang in there! Just keep loving! NO MATTER WHAT

One last thing.....just because I am who I am and maybe you don't relate-means nothing about the validity of what I am saying. You can be whoever you are and there is still love out there for you that is perfect. Maybe you won't get it through writing it down, praying and kicking butt at life the way I did. Maybe you'll get it an entirely different way. I know only what I know and that is the experience, strength and hope that I have shared here and in all of my hubbys. Don't give up. There once was a faith the size of an itty bitty mustard seed that was great enough to plant mulberry bushes in giant crushing oceans. Faith. Mentality, Make up your mind, write what you want down and you will get it. I promise.


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