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Father Of The Groom Speeches

Updated on June 20, 2011

Father Of The Groom Wedding Speeches

It is becoming a lot more common for the father of the groom to make a speech at his sons wedding. Before now it was a rare to do so and this is because the best man speaks about the groom so why should the father. I personally disagree with this and think that it is important for the father to make a speech about his son since no body knows his son better than him right! So I am going show you what makes great Father Of The Groom Speeches

If you are a father that is about to watch your son get married then what I have here is some of the most useful information you will need to write a great father of the groom speech. I know the hardest part of writing a wedding speech is actually starting it, But you also need to be careful with what you say to your son and his new wives guests. So I am going to give you a few tips on how to get started with the speech and I am also going to go over some do's and do not's which should help you create a speech that everyone at the wedding will engage in and thank you for afterwards.

Getting Started On Your Speech

Ok to help you get started I have a few tips which will hopefully get the ball rolling a little. The first of which is start your speech with a well known quote from one of the worlds most known people. This instantly gets everyone's attention in the room and engages them in what you are just about to say. It can be a meaningful quote or a funny quote, I find that the funny quotes work best and get everyone in the room on your side as you jump into your speech.

Another tip for getting started on your father of the groom speech is by setting yourself a theme or a blueprint. Think about all the things you are going to want to say and brainstorm it. Once you know everything you need to say in your speech then start to put it all together a bit at a time. Start writing down your ideas on a piece of paper and within time you will find one that you like and will be able to start writing from it. Once you have thought of everything you would like to say then this becomes a lot easier.

Tips For Writing A Great Father Of The Groom Wedding Speech

When you start writing your speech make sure you keep in mind that it needs to be funny but meaningful at the same time, The best father of the groom speeches are those that engage and make people laugh but have a loving story or point about them. If you do this by speaking of a experience that you and your son have experienced and why you both found it so funny. Even if you bring another's into it that have experienced the same things with you it can be even better. Pull out jokes but not rude or sexual jokes about your son or any of his guests this is not a good idea. The main thing to do is not embarrass your son or have a laugh at anyone else's expense. So you can aim the jokes at yourself if needed.

Another thing to add to your speech is how thankful you are for everyone that has come to the wedding and how they have made it an excellent occasion and also it is nice to say a few comments about your sons new wife and how she has helped me and made him happy. This creates a good bond with her family by showing that you appreciate her. You can also welcome her and the rest of her family to yours and say how happy you are to have such a great addition to your family.

Here Are The Wedding Speech Do Not's:

  • Have a good day and watch the amount of alcohol you consume, Having a drink or two will help you say your speech but too many may result in you saying stuff that you never planned to and maybe the chance of offending someone.
  • Do not however tempting it may be embarrass your son with talk of sex and ex wives and girlfriends.
  • Only give marriage advice if you feel comfortable enough to do so.
  • Be Careful with what jokes your choose to say remember to not aim them at your family or son. This moment will be with you forever so if you make a mistake it will never go away.
  • Do not just stand there with a bit of paper saying your speech like a robot. Practise it so you know it but not too much otherwise you will sound like a robot and then engage your audience when you are delivering your speech.

That's about it for now but I hope you can take something useful from this father of the groom speech guide it should at least get you on the right path to making a great speech. I wish you luck with your speech and try not to worry about it.

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