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Father's day.

Updated on May 8, 2009

Happy Father's DAY

Father's Day

One of the earliest memories I have is that when I was 6 years old. I remember asking father, where am I?, seeing a picture taken before my birth, of my father, mother and 2 elder sisters. My father instinctively pointed to his chest in the picture and said, 'You were in my heart'. For a while I was under the impression boys came from father’s heart. Following day in school I told every one that I came from my father heart. I also remember crying when told it was not like that.

Twenty two years later when my father had a heart attack and had multiple by-pass surgery, I again cried like a 6 year old at the thought of losing him and this memory from when I was 6 year old came back as if it was few years before. Only then I realized fathers like my father bear their children at their heart for as long as those childern become independent and thus their heart gives away when it could longer bear.

When I became a father and I vowed that as long as I live will for Every moment, live for my son but take good care of my heart also.

Children of Fathers, who for almost every decision or action they are about to take,  stop for a moment and think what way that decision or action would improve the life of children, 


Children of Fathers, who part their limited means among their family and see it would be beneficial to their children.




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