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Father's That Don't Get to See Their Kids

Updated on June 5, 2014

Fathers That Don't Get To See Their Kids

Fathers That Don't Get To See Their Kids
Fathers That Don't Get To See Their Kids | Source

Fathers That Don't Get To See Their Kids

That one day when a child is born the first is one day that most of us will not forget, even as a man I think it is the reason God has us on this planet is to pro-create and have beautiful children. When a father has been in trouble with the law or has had problems with his wife, he can be court appointed to not be around his child unless there is some sort of supervision. The sad thing about some of the laws we have is that sometimes the father is the victim in these cases and not the real reason why he cannot be around the family or children. The laws usually reside for the mother of the children in the State of Texas and unless she is demonic or a crack head pipe smoker, the male in the children’s life can become a terrible withdrawn subject to this crime.

I have read the horror stories of men whose wives had gone to court to get protective orders just so the father would not come to their house and blame something like abuse and though no abuse was done, the court resides with the women. In Texas this is the case as several women who are not fir to be mothers have used this calamity Jane type scenario to keep the father out of the child’s life, whether through the divorce she was bitter or that she had re-married and wants the other man to raise the child or children. It’s a sick world out there at times when these cases do happen and they happen daily, with the courts full of spousal charges ranking the judge too busy to listen to all that has to take place.

The Man or father of a child in this situation can develop a deep depression, because of his love for the children, and to be monitored on visits until they reach eighteen can be a struggle to men. There are of course the men that deserve this type of punishment and I am not referring to them, I am only speaking of the innocent proven guilty by reason of not enough money for a better attorney or whatever the case may be.

One moment the man is and his wife and two or three years down the road, situations can take place and the women falls out of love with this man, and to spite him draw up orders to keep him away. I have read about these cases and familiar with them from close friends, they are devastating to the men who really love their children. The times they do see the child is with support from a local agent and they are in the same room with the father and child for about 2 hours, in some States of custody courts. The men I have known come out with tears rolling down their faces, and rightfully so.

I would not know how this feels yet there should be some type of crime for women that falsely accuse a man of doing any harm to a child and keeping him away from that child or children. There are organizations in California that have put together a men’s group of advocacy for wrongfully accused child abusers, yet to have an extreme effect it has not.

The role of mother and child is always big in court rooms, so without proper representation, the women basically has her words against the man, and basically does not have to prove much of anything. It’s a cry for help is how the Texas courts look at it, and with there being so many child abuse cases affecting men, and some are guilty, but not all.

I feel for these men because I am one, and yet I have not gone through the system like some, I know it very well happens, and I read about it in articles. I find that there needs to be a proof of injustice, more than words, the words can destroy a man in this position and God forbid if he has a drinking issue after waiting for court to decide on his faith for 3 years or so, nothing is quick in these cases except the courts make sure the man is found guilty before the trial and kept at a distance from the alleged crime involving kids and father’s. Our world is shaped in a manner for justice; in the last few years there has been injustice to almost everything that use to be laws. I feel for the man who wants to be with his children and can’t because of the systematic approach of the judicial program. It happens.


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    • profile image

      sandor 5 years ago

      My child cryed to stay with me longer when the super wised visitation was over, ofcourse i cryed to. Nice dad,very nice! Nice dad figure i said to my self. Thanx to the system and the. .....

    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 6 years ago from Midland, Texas

      I knew there were more cases I hope they get a chance to read this, Your not alone.Nice Comment God Bless

    • Artin2010 profile image

      Artin2010 6 years ago from Northwestern Florida, Gulfcoast

      Thank you Tomy101, this is my story told to a tee. Had 3 beautiful wonderful children whom are now grown and slightly dysfunctional now thanks to the coldest lying, confounded women I married who turned out to be a lazy, drug addict, alcoholic loser. God help us and the children who end up kidnapped and emotionally abused/scarred for life.