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Feathered Wedding Decorations

Updated on March 31, 2016
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Jaynie has extensive experience with party and event planning, having planned events for groups between 20 and 600 people.

Elegance in Plume

Feathers are becoming increasingly trendy. The delicate, wispy plumes are available in countless colors and when used as fashion accessories may be as understated or ostentatious as you prefer. Due to their versatility and beauty, feathers are also the perfect accent to any wedding. Whether you are going for a bold statement or merely seeking to add a modern twist to a centuries old tradition, incorporating feathers into your wedding is sure to add to the beauty and elegance of your event. Best of all, there are countless opportunities to include feathers into your theme without appearing to "try too hard." These include feathers on the bride's dress, in the bouquets and boutonnieres, centerpieces on the tables, pew decorations at the church, a feathered pen for the guest book and much, much more. Check out the great ideas and photos below to spark your imagination on pulling off the best feathered theme wedding ever!

The Wedding Gown

Feathers, in many cases, have replaced the ruffles that were more popular in the eighties. Whether you choose a dress that is layered with feathers, or one that uses them as mere accents is up you. Inquire with your stylist or wedding consultant about which look is right for you. If you have a larger or more rounded physique, you may want to use feathers as an accent or may choose a dress in which the feathers are part of the hem or train. Tall, slender brides may incorporate more feathers for a bolder, more ethereal look. You may even include a few lightly tinted feathers that draw in your color scheme. Many brides now wear white dresses with colored sashes. Consider a feathered brooch at your waistline for a touch of class. It need not be colored. White ostrich feathers are elegant and will soften a bride’s features.

The Veil

If you aren’t committed to having feathers on your dress, you can still achieve an elegant, classic look by choosing a veil or hair accessory that includes feathered accents. Traditional veils are relics of the past. The birdcage look is still in and brides even routinely go without any veil at all. But no bride’s look is completed without a stylish hairdo. That look may easily include a few feathers tucked into a neat up do, or attached to an understated veil or clip. This is another opportunity to include a hint of color in your ensemble. Something blue, perhaps?

The Bouquets

Feathered bouquets are all the rage. While flowered bouquets are a classic that will never die, feathers have become increasingly popular. Some brides are opting for bouquets made exclusively of feathers, while others choose to use them as accents to an already stunning floral arrangement. This is a great opportunity to really showcase your personality because feathers come in so many styles and colors. The outdoorsy, natural bride may tuck feathers from pheasant or turkeys into a bouquet that also includes milkweed pods, jack-o-lanterns, sunflowers and other earthy plants. If elegance is more your style try using white ostrich feathers to accent calla lilies, white roses and pearls. Your bridesmaids may carry colorful bouquets that incorporate feathers dyed to the wedding’s color scheme, and the groomsmen’s boutonnieres might be designed to match. Be sure that using feathers in the boutonnieres is done discreetly.

The Pew Sash

Decorating the church adds to the elegance of the ceremony and allows the couple to showcase their good taste and personalities during the ceremony. Brides have been decorating the church pews with sashes and bows for ages, but this is a great opportunity to incorporate the feathered look you love. Whether tucking the feathers into a pew sash, or going all out and designing something really spectacular and unique, feathers are the perfect accessory. If you decide upon larger, bolder accents, keep in mind that guests will need to enter and exit pews easily and you will want to ensure that the decor does nothing to obstruct the view at the altar.

The Reception Chairs

Chair sashes have been popular at elegant wedding receptions for some time. Like the church pews, chair sashes can be adapted from plain to spectacular. Feathers can be used to add a touch a color, whimsy, or elegance to any venue. Because adding a decorated sash to every chair can be time consuming and costly, and the result may be overwhelming, feathered chair sashes may be best used at smaller receptions. If you choose to use them at larger gatherings, consider decorating every other chair or every other table as opposed to each one. That will allow the feathered sashes to serve as accent pieces as opposed to overwhelming your event.

The Centerpieces

No feather-loving bride would feel complete if her centerpieces did not include at least a hint of feathers. You can really have fun with this idea, making your centerpieces as understated or over-the-top as you like. Tall centerpieces are a great idea. They not only free up table space for your guests, but they also increase visibility across the table and the room. They are the perfect combination of glamor and glitz. If you believe smaller is better, there are still plenty of options for incorporating the feathered look on your table. Consider surrounding a hurricane lamp with feathers or accenting small floral arrangements with a hint of plume.

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