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Feeling empowered as a woman.

Updated on August 23, 2015

We Are All Liberty Angels

The intention behind my novel Liberty Angel, was to reach out to women, particularly single parents and women who have been either stuck in a bad relationship, or are they not happy being alone. Often we feel that having a magical relationship with a person is their only way forward to achieving happiness in our lives. We may believe that through doing this our troubles will be sorted because we can share them and to be alone is the worst thing imaginable! Liberty Angel aims to break through some of these misconceptions in addition to awakening the reader to positive aspects of spirituality.

I was a single parent myself for many years and although Gemma, the main character in Liberty Angel is entirely fictional, I certainly drew on some of my experiences as a single parent and mother when writing the book. I was inspired to write a story that inspired women to stand in their own power. In my view, there is no other role in life, which is as important, than parenting! Yet somehow, this is often denied by the media who portray career women in glamorous roles. Stay at home Mums and women in part time jobs are so often undervalued and forgotten. Therefore, it’s no easy task to be a young single mother, or a divorcee within our Society when we are crippled by feelings of low self esteem and abandonment. Given these circumstances, it is hardly surprising that we often view our circumstances as failure. With low self esteem comes vulnerability and from this place it is easy to attract relationships that reinforce those feelings through rejection.

Liberty Angel is Gemma's exploration into parenting, spiritual growth and empowerment. She soon discovers that when she connects to nature, particularly walking amongst trees, in her local wood, or

she practices meditation she starts to feel more balanced. She is then equipped to cope with life's ups and downs. Gemma is a divorcee who was married to Tony, a professional man. Unfortunately, over the years, she finds that she can no longer relate to him and their marriage starts to fall apart. She felt constantly criticized by Tony and she was unable to be herself. She very soon discovers that she enjoys being in charge of her own life. Becoming more responsible for her children, raises her self esteem, despite the challenges of both work and money.

I feel that so many of us can relate to Gemma’s story and parts of this book are very real. Gemma also learns horse riding and starts to gain confidence in her abilities. In addition, she starts to read the tarot and angel cards. Some might say that this book is a Mind Body Spirit book, as we watch both Gemma's life unfold, along with her spirituality and indeed much needed learning. For me, it's about showing the reader both the advantages and pitfalls of exploring a deeper sense of spirituality, that all that glitters is certainly not gold particularly with regard to relationships. That being rooted or grounded in reality is a necessary part of our natural evolvement and path to success.

There are three very interesting men in this book, one Gemma's ex husband Tony, John her friend and Alessandro a potential lover, who are sent to Gemma to help her evolve and grow. The story explores the feelings and emotions of each of the men and how they relate to Gemma. It aims to give a balanced perspective about relationships but at the same time it also showing us how great freedom can be. That when you have found your light within, you can let go of the need to be

attached to someone and start to enjoy your life. Gemma's journey is interesting and I am sure that all of us can relate to the good parts and even some of the horrors that she encounters on her journey through her vulnerability. There are certainly some surprises!

I love Gemma because part of her lies within me. I am sure that her unique journey through the pages of Liberty Angel will empower to find your own voice and make the right choices for you!


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    • Jennifer Lynch profile image

      Jennifer Lynch 2 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk.

      Yes it is on Amazon and I think it can really help women. I am single too and it has enabled me to live my life in new and beautiful ways. Thank you for saying that about the Angels - much appreciated. I Hear You Angels! much love for your feedback.

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 2 years ago from sunny Florida

      This is interesting and spot on. I was married for nine years and while I felt happy within myself I was never good enough for Mr. Not man bashing here for me at all....and explaining the why's and wherefore's of the demise of our marriage almost 40 years ago lead to a new me.

      I found a new person who helped me to recognize so many wondrous things about me that I had never really owned. He and I remain close friends today....I never got into another relationship of long standing by choice. But I became empowered and remain so. Is your book on Amazon? Angels are on the way to you this evening. ps