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Female Ejaculation and the G Spot a Myth?

Updated on October 29, 2009

The G Spot

Supposed location of the female G-spot called the pariurethral gland
Supposed location of the female G-spot called the pariurethral gland

The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation a Myth?

Okay, I've heard this argument for so long and I just had to weigh in on it. If you are hoping for some sort of erotic story you might as well look somewhere else, this is just what I have researched and I wrote this for the sake of argument and not because I'm some sort of female orgasm expert or a doctor. Now with that out of the way lets take a look at this debate.

So we've heard about them, maybe even you've given her stimulation enough to have one, maybe she has had one masturbating or even during stimulation and sex, or perhaps she has never even had an orgasm... what ever the case may be we have all heard about the G-Spot orgasm.

The Medical Argument: Against

It seems there are two camps out there in argument about the mythological and somewhat mysterious female G-Spot orgasm and female ejaculation; one states from a medical point of view that there has never been a gland or a place in the area of the female reproductive system that holds fluid or has the nerve endings like those found in the clitoris that can be the systematic cause of a female G-Spot orgasm and ejaculation and that if she does expel fluid it is urine and possibly male sperm from her partner and nothing more. The expulsion of urine during sexual stimulation is very normal considering the contractions of muscles in the area of her vagina. When a woman has an orgasm even one caused by clitoral stimulation some urine does escape but not in large amounts so this could explain some female ejaculation reports. But pathologists and medical scientists have never found anything to explain what the public reports as a milky white substance that is expelled during G-Spot stimulation.

The Practical Argument: Pro

Some gynecologists have come out to say that they have found that when the area surrounding the pariurethral gland or the female equivalent to the male prostate is stimulated it will begin to engorge and produce a fluid much like the fluid found in male sperm. They claim that it can explain the reason that it is not found in cadavers since the gland must be stimulated in order to cause the engorging process and that when it is not stimulated it is not noticeable. People say that when an upward turned finger or vibrator is used to stimulate the area it will produce a feeling of pressure that feels as if the woman has to urinate (another reason doctors believe this is nothing more than female lack of urinary control) but then when continued pressure is applied over the course of a few minutes with clitoral stimulation that the woman will reach an intense orgasm with the possibility of a female ejaculation once the intensity of the orgasm has reached its apex or peak.

G-Spot Location:

The supposed G-Spot is located on the frontal part of the female vaginal wall and when stimulated produces a row of ridges about the width of a grape, stimulating this area with pressure (don't try to lift her off the bed guys) will cause the ridges to engorge. It is said that if you have her draw her legs up and have her sit face down it is easier to reach this location in the vagina. So I guess you can try it and see if this actually works for her.

My Thoughts:

Well in truth I doubt it really matters, I guess it is a personal thing and in general the female orgasm is a much more personal and emotional reaction then it is to just physical stimulation. I believe that women of all types have all types of different feelings when having an orgasm to a much more intense and quick orgasm from clitoral stimulation or an emotionally charged orgasm from the thought of being with a partner for the first time all the way to having a much more mild and not so exciting orgasm from just manual stimulation. Some women have intense orgasms all the time while others report never having one their entire life. So in reality what does it matter either way? I think we men like to project our own feelings about how sex is on our women hence we think if she has an intense orgasm with ejaculation we feel like we did something GREAT! Well she is not a man and she will never be a man no matter how much you might want her to know what it is like for you. Stop projecting your feelings about sex on her and just enjoy your love making. Be with her emotionally, a great way to make love is to have eye contact and to be fully there in mind, spirit, and body. There is nothing like showing love to your partner through the act of making love. Those are my thoughts and that's me weighing in on the subject. See my hub on Penis Size and the myths around if size matters.


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