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Female Power, The Forbidden Truth

Updated on September 11, 2016

Analysis Of The Power Dynamics Between Men And Women

Female Power, Feminism And Misandry: What It Teaches Men

Part 1 Of A 16 Part Series Examining Feminist "Equality"

A Message To Women From A Men's Rights Activist: Paul Elam

Examining Female Power

Sometimes my writing involves a brutally frank examination of the relations between men and women and their behaviour. No matter how unattractive the truth might be, you cannot deny it and expect society to move forward. The truth might be ugly sometimes, but that does not mean reality is fixed and cannot be improved upon. So we should embrace the truth so we can improve and not try to hide it or ignore it. With that said, let me begin. Acknowledging female power and male vulnerability, is a key step in society moving beyond gynocentrism to a more modern culture of real gender equality.

Feminists would have us believe that men have all the power in society. That is a core axiom underlying feminist patriarchy theory. It is socially taboo to discuss the power women have in society and what they do with it. The reason for that is because society has an aversion to holding women accountable for their actions and making them responsible. Only men can be blamed for anything wrong in the world, so of course all of the power must reside with men. Recognising female power also interferes with the feminist doctrine of female victimhood and the power grab they can make on behalf of women in society.

The biggest inhibitor though to recognising female power, is the fact that both the male and female social identity is based on ignoring its existence. Men like to consider themselves as white knights coming to the rescue and women like to consider themselves as damsels in distress and lap up all the attention and social support they can garner. Recognising female power, threatens the social identity of men and women. Notice that I said social identity. Identity can be derived from within, or it can it be given to you by your peers. You can define yourself or you can be a sheep. In this dysfunctional culture, a great deal of men and women are sheep. “White knightis” and “Damseling”, are behaviours that are pretty common in both sexes and it is exactly this backward and idiotic thinking, that is going to run Western society into the ground. So with those harsh words said, let’s examine where female power resides. Here are a few points to consider:

Women are the primary caregivers of most children, are the majority of teachers (particularly at junior levels) and raise and shape the minds of future generations. Think about that the next time you consider violence, sexism, bigotry, crime and other dysfunctional behaviour and the reality that much of it can be traced back to a poor childhood upbringing, child abuse and poor teaching and schooling.

Women are the voting majority in most developed countries. Consider the implications of that for public policy (i.e VAWA, domestic violence legislation etc), election promises, political candidature, government growth and expenditure, the resulting growth in the already enormous debts of many Western governments to finance the welfare and social support programs targeted at primarily female voters and the marginalisation of men by the state and the sidelining of men's issues by politicians.

Women spend the majority of household income and are responsible for most of the consumer spending in developed countries. Reflect on the economic consequences of businesses catering to mostly female needs and its connection to the societal and institutional apathy shown toward men and boys issues. Consider how such a lopsided economic influence, has led to man bashing advertising becoming commonplace and the impact that has on boys concept of themselves while they watch TV.

Women have multiple lobby groups and feminist organisations acting to further their own interests in the government, the corporate media, the education system and the legal system. How many men’s rights lobby groups and well funded and politically connected men’s rights organisations can you think of? Men right’s is at the grass roots level compared to the millions of dollars going through the women’s movement. Have a look at the misandry in the mainstream media and consider the conditioned impact that has on men and women’s perception of masculinity, particularly children’s perception.

Women have entire government departments, agencies, charities, private organisations, policies, programs and so forth securing their own interests. When are we going to have a Department Of Men’s Affairs, or a White House Council On Men And Boys? How bad do things need to get for men and boys, before men’s rights are seriously recognised?

Women can and do hold the balance of power in marriage, family and reproduction, through the bias in family court, the established pattern of lopsided divorce settlements, the lack of male reproductive rights and the use of a weaponised legal system geared in women's favour, that they can take full advantage of at any point. Does the saying, “cheaper her to keep her” ring a bell? How many men are financial slaves to their ex-wives, in jail for failing to cough up enough money to their ex-wife because their job does not pay enough money, are alienated from their own children or are left financially destitute from the divorce process or are all of the above? How many men are forced into fatherhood against their wishes or are raising children that are not even theirs because the mother lied to them on who the real father is (which we call paternity fraud)?

The previous points are just a starter sample for people to reflect on. Women don’t have to make up the majority of politicians and CEOs to wield power in society and even in those spheres female representation whilst small, is significant. The neck can direct the head in a desired direction. Votes direct politicians and consumer spending directs CEOs. Women have greater voting and consumer spending power than men. Readers can follow the rest of the chain of reasoning from there. This is female proxy power. To believe men have all the power in society, requires an enormous level of ignorance and stupidity. Feminism would have us believe that comparing the top 1% of men to all women and ignoring the remaining 99% of men, is reflective of male power relative to female power in society in general. Of course women are well aware of the fact that they have power and yet most of them seem to be remaining silent while movements and organisations acting on their behalf, continue to marginalise men and boys. I wonder how many women have considered walking a mile in men’s boots and starting a march campaign for men's issues…Have a think about that, then consult this excellent video for further reflection. If you want to be truly progressive, then that is real social progression. It is not a rehash of chivalry, like the feminist 2.0 HeForShe campaign.

Here are some men's issues to consider: The boy crisis in education with boys behind girls at every level of education from kindergarten to postgraduate level and yet most of the special programs, quotas and gender specific scholarships are still dedicated to furthering women's education (women are now 60% of university students at many universities), the majority of the homeless being male, male suicide which is several times the rate of women's, the bias against men in divorce and family court, the lack of male reproductive rights, paternity fraud against men, the considerably lower funding for men's health compared to women's health despite men having a substantially shorter life expectancy than women and men having a greater incidence of disease for a number of conditions, male domestic violence, rape and child abuse victims of female perpetrators being ignored and sometimes even ridiculed, military selective service for men only, male genital mutilation....I could go on further. That is just a sample of the issues facing men and boys that society chooses to ignore, because men are supposedly all powerful and are always privileged relative to women.


A Video Narration Of The Book "The Manipulated Man"

Female Manipulation In Action Between Women

Female Manipulation In Action Between Women And Men

When Female Manipulation Backfires

Female Manipulation

Of course I have not even discussed female power in relationships. There is a book called the “Manipulated Man” that was written decades ago in 1971 by author Esther Vilar, that debunked the myth that women are these powerless and innocent creatures. I would recommend people read it. Esther is a brave woman. Her book was the subject of considerable uproar, particularly from the feminist establishment. You see, manipulation does not work when it is out in the open and recognised. The feminist movement could not have female manipulation exposed for obvious reasons. Female power is often covert and by proxy. It is not overt because then people would be forced to acknowledge it exists and then women would have to be held accountable for their behaviour toward men. Women have been manipulating men for centuries and it is not like men have not been aware of it. But in the last 50 or so years, it has become taboo to discuss it and call women out on it. Of course if I discuss female manipulation of men, I am a misogynist right? Isn’t it manipulation to label and shame others to get them to be quiet about someone’s bad behaviour lol? Facepalm.

It is time to call things as they are and that is exactly what men are now doing. Men have a psychological defence against female manipulation, which we at least in part evolved to ensure maximum reproductive success and payoff from investment in courtship and mating activities. Doormats don’t pass on their genes as frequently as men whom assess reproductive return and make efficient mating choices. Those prehistoric men that reproduced the most often, did so with the least cost to themselves, lived longer, were healthier and more attractive to female mates, did not get locked into parasitic relationships, had more mating opportunities and produced more progeny. I could discuss this in further detail, but rest assured reproductive efficiency is a key component to evolutionary success not only for men but also for the species in general.

So what is this psychological defence men have against female manipulation? Men can maintain control of their own emotions in emotionally laden scenarios and look at things through a purely objective lens, to a far greater degree than women can. If men are prodded enough by female manipulation, the male subconscious mind recognises the inconsistency between the claimed intentions and the actual behaviours and men's analytical objectivity comes to the surface and cuts right through the emotional manipulative fog. Emotional manipulation ceases to work at that point and men either hold women accountable, or they walk away from women that refuse to be held accountable. That pretty much describes the social phenomenon of men going their own way or MGTOW and the men’s rights movement to a tee. Look at the YouTube video content from Barbarossaaa, Spetsnaz and Star Dusk and you can see the analytical male brains of the MGTOW community working away. Or check out the analytical and insightful work of Tom Golden and Dr. Warren Farrell from the men's rights movement. For more information on MGTOW, see this link and this video for an introduction to the social phenomenon. For more information on the men's rights movement, see these two sites linked here and here for an introduction.

Men have been poked and prodded by feminism, rampant gynocentrism and female manipulation over the last 50 years, one too many times and they are now waking up. In matrix terminology they are taking the red pill. The same male analytical objectivity that got humanity to the Moon, is being focused on examining women’s behaviour. Men are starting to call women out on their double standards, hypocrisy and sense of entitlement. Men don’t care about the shaming tactics, the guilt trips or the social approval of women anymore. They see it for what it is, manipulation. Men want the truth and are forming their own identities and directing their own lives independently of female approval. Men’s lives have never been women’s to control and men are reminding women of that. The rise of the social phenomenon of MGTOW or men going their own way and the growth of the men’s rights movement, is a response to the female power grab spearheaded by feminism over the last 50 years. The publication Breitbart called it the Sexodus.

Feminism is a movement for female supremacy disguised as a trojan horse of gender equality. It is time women cleaned up their own mess. This is your movement, this is your mess. Take responsibility and be accountable. Feminism will bring about the social and economic decline and eventual collapse of Western society. It is just a matter of time. Watch these videos linked here and here if you doubt that. It is going to be very interesting to see whether women will step up and claim responsibility. It often seems to be the case, that the moment women have sons they start to stand up against feminism and begin taking men’s issues seriously. Interesting how that changes their perspective. The longer the hatred, hypocrisy, bigotry and double standards of feminist inspired misandry continues, the further and further the male half of the population will be marginalised and the greater and greater the social and economic consequences will be when all of this comes to a head. Future generations will not forgive older generations of women for remaining silent and letting feminism ruin society.

Now I know that some people will be saying, “not all women are like that” (NAWALT). I know, I put these women’s video content in my articles and link to their written material on a regular basis to show people. The reality is though, that women like Karen Straughan, Alison Tieman, Erin Pizzey, Prof. Christina Hoff Sommers and Dr. Tara Palmatier etc are just a drop in the ocean. Where are all the other women behind them? When I see women rising up in mass to support men, like men have done for women for centuries, then you can talk to me about not all women being like that. Most women are silent on men’s issues, most women are passively doing nothing while feminism margnalises men and boys and significant numbers of women are actually supportive of the beast feminism has become. The NAWALT accuse just does not cut it. The name of Karen Straughan's blog says it all. Women need to own their own sh#t. Clean your own mess up, because men are checking out and won’t be doing it for you.

A Question For Women

On a positive note, the longer feminists and misandric bigots in politics and the media spew their hateful rhetoric, the more and more men are waking up and opting out of our gynocentric societal paradigm altogether and are going their own way. In the long run, men will be the ones benefiting as they opt out and women will be left with all of the consequences from the feminist social engineering that they have either actively supported, or enabled with their ongoing silence. Women can either use the power they have in society to do something now, or they can face a really long and hard look in the mirror when the feminist house of cards eventually collapses under its own weight. The ball is in your court ladies, because men are walking away and detaching themselves from this parasitic system that thrives off exploiting men for women’s benefit.

MGTOW In A Nutshell


Female Manipulation, MGTOW And The Men's Rights Movement

I wanted to end this article with a key message to men. Most of the female manipulation that occurs in society relies on herd or sheep mentality. Remember that women are social creatures. The moment men subscribe to a social identity and put the approval of the group above their own sense of self, personal interests, principles and well-being, they are ripe for female manipulation and manipulation in general. Forming your own identity based on your own values, interests and well-being is crucial. That is why MGTOW is the core means through which gynocentrism, feminism and female manipulation will be overcome. The moment men in mass break away from the social narrative of gynocentrism and the conformative social norms associated with it, its days are numbered. That process has already begun all over the world and the MGTOW social phenomenon is only going to keep on growing as more men wake up and wake up other men around them.

Having said that, men also need to consider themselves as men and not just as individuals, because society and women treat men as a group and what affects men as a group will affect individual men. Bias in the legal system, the media, politics and so forth against men, does not discriminate based on individuality. That is why a men’s movement is needed, because men need to work as a group to advocate for their own rights, whilst retaining their individuality. There is no MGTOW vs MRM, the two complement one another.

All of this recent “infighting” between some individuals of the website A Voice For Men (AVFM) and some members of the online YouTube MGTOW community, is actually a good thing. This proven capacity to strongly disagree with one another, is why the men’s movement, online MGTOW community and wider manosphere are not like feminism. There is no groupthink, these are communities of individuals that voice differing perspectives on the same issues. Sometimes there is lively disagreement. That is healthy. For men to work effectively in a group there has to be room for individuality and for disagreement, but without the personal attacks. Attack the idea not the person. I am not always right about things and that is fine with me because I value the natural selection of ideas. Disagreement is good as long as their respect. Any talk about men not being able to work in teams, is easily disproven just by picking up a newspaper or a history book. When men base teamwork on merit, respect and individuality, then those teams can accomplish amazing things. In any case, the health of the men’s movement and the MGTOW community is as cohesive now, as I have ever seen it.

Final Thoughts To Reflect On

Now I want people to reflect on these final thoughts. With respect to women I would rather understand them as a group and reserve my love and respect for the ones that are respectful, trustworthy and lovable. Having a vagina does not give a person the automatic right to be treated like a special snowflake. Holding women accountable for poor behaviour is not misogyny and a vagina does not exempt a person from criticism. I am sure people with pitchforks are outside my door right now, because holding women to the same standard of accountability as society holds men to, is actually revolutionary in this dyfunctional culture. I am also sure the moment I brought up female power, some people automatically changed the subject to male power in their minds, particularly feminists. Female power and male vulnerability are socially taboo to even talk about and that needs to change if society is serious about gender equality. There are no two ways about it. Both men and women have power over each other and both men and women can be vulnerable to each other. It is about time society moved beyond a narrow paradigm of saying men have all the power and women are default vulnerable victims. Both genders have a responsibility to each other. Men must be responsible toward women, but women must also be responsible toward men.

Female Power Is Taboo: The Billboard That Shocked Canada


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