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Feminism.. A rational point of view

Updated on November 24, 2014

Women in the past

Women before the World Wars were not allowed to do much apart from staying home to take care of the kids. She was the Housewife (a.k.a the stay-at-home mom) that cleaned, cooked, smoked her cigarettes, made babies and drank her alcohol, since it was all she was allowed to do. During the World Wars, the men were all gone fighting for their country so the women had to go work in the factories.

Women loved the freedom and loved that they were able to earn their own money. They socialized with other women and did not live only in their small house. They didn't have much people to report to.

Women now - Careers

Women now have the right to go to university or college, work, not get married and not have kids. Women are now seen as someone who can be independent and go chase the career that she wants.

Now that last phrase isn't 100% correct! Why? Careers are still gender based. Not many women go into engineering because they are told "it's too tough for you" or simply, "it's not for women". Being a police officer is much more demanding yet we are seeing more women go into that field because they believe in a greater good and believe that they can protect their city.

Politics are also very much ran by men. It took Canada all the way until 1993 to get a female Prime Minister YET she was only in from June 25th to November 4th 1993. THAT'S ONLY 4 months AND 10 days! It is the only Female leader that Canada has had. In the United States, they have NEVER had a female President. Hillary Clinton has fought to be President but every time she runs, they bring out rumors of her and say that she is bossy. They also say that she should let the men lead a country.

There is a list of about 40 people that were appointed as Leaders and were female but not all were recognized as valid votes. Also, most names are not names people have ever heard of because it was women.

Rosie the Riveter - Famous Icon

Women now - At home

Women are supposed to know how to clean, cook and take care of kids.

Cleaning - WOMEN DO NOT LIKE CLEANING! Some men like cleaning and some women don't like to clean. When you live TOGETHER, you must clean TOGETHER. One person will not and cannot spend all her time cleaning after everyone in her house certainly if she has multiple young children. Women will recognize when a man cleans and will thank him.

Cooking - WOMEN DO NOT ALWAYS WANT TO COOK! Women will appreciate it if she comes home and supper is already made. Not all women can cook and some men can cook! Living together also means cooking together! It is not about making a schedule to decide who cooks when. It's about working together, cooking TOGETHER. One can prepare the veggies while the other one cooks the meat/fish/other veggies.

Taking care of kids - Stay-at-Home dads do exist! There has been shows, Modern Dad on A&E, and songs about stay-at-home dads, Stay at home dad by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis or even Mr. Mom by Lonestar. Some women do not have a motherly bone in their system and will never be able to take care of their kids the way some women can because it's just not them.

What about men?

There is a belief that men should be teachers.

Men make amazing teachers! I was lucky to have many male teachers while I was growing up. Men care as much as women do and can communicate as well as women.

Men shouldn't be afraid of being alone with a female. Not all men rape. It is a very select few that do and society must understand that. Why should a man have a lost life because a woman decided to give a fake accusation up?

Teaching isn't all about passing a message about a certain subject but it's about spending time with kids, getting to know them, being there when they have problems and just be the extra support system.

Teaching is about passing a message of life and help kids learn how to grow up to be an amazing person. Kids will not remember what you said when they were 7 but they will remember if you were there for them!

Emma Watson - UN He for She

Do you believe in feminism?

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    • Ashley CathcartM profile imageAUTHOR

      Ashley Cathcart-McKinnon 

      3 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario

      ^Obviously you didn't get that women are shut down from doing anything.. Women are wrongfully seen if they run for President or Prime Minister. Society doesn't recognize women in power. A woman is turned down from being an engineer

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      3 years ago

      Hilary has only run for the Democratic nomination to be a candidate for U.S. president once. She has yet to announce if she will attempt to run again. As it stands she is in good company with men who have had more than one attempt to become president.

      After unsuccessfully seeking the presidential nomination in 1968 and 1976, Ronald Reagan finally got it in 1980.

      There are some people who'd rather see Elizabeth Warren run for president than Hillary Clinton. People dislike Hilary for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with her gender.

      One of the big issues with feminism is some women don't want to see other women (choose) to hold onto tradition. Not every woman is interested in breaking through the glass ceiling, becoming a police cadet, join the military, the fire department, or running for political office.

      Equality just means a person has the option to pursue their dreams.

      It shouldn't mean that a woman who prefers tradition or doesn't view chivalry as sexism should somehow be valued less by women and society.


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