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Feminism, Gender Quotas And Our Western Kleptocracies That Exploit Men

Updated on May 1, 2017

The Kleptocracy Examined

What You Won't Hear About Gender Quotas From Feminists

The Kleptocracy

I wanted to continue discussing mandatory feminist gender quotas in politics and on corporate boards further (please see my previous article on the subject here) and also the related idea pushed by feminists, that if we somehow have more vaginas in government or on boards, then all of the world’s problems will be magically solved. The first thing that needs to be acknowledged is that we don’t live in a patriarchy in the West (see my article debunking that here). We live in a kleptocracy. A kleptocracy is a society run by thieves and corrupt leaders. You don’t really have to look too far to prove its existence. We could talk about the nexus between Wall Street and Washington DC. We could talk about the numerous political and financial scandals that have taken place over the last twenty years. Feminism would have us believe that masculinity is the causal factor at play here. I have an alternative hypothesis. The causal factor is psychopathy. We have psychopaths running our society. But let me debunk the feminist bogeyman blame game further. Just because some physical characteristic is abundant at the highest levels of power, does not mean it is responsible for all of the bad or evil in the world. Yes most of our leaders are men, but I also notice most of our leaders have brown hair and are old. If I just use the simplistic feminist logic of correlation equals causation, I can also flippantly conclude like feminists do that like a persons reproductive organs, the colour of their hair or their old age makes them inherently bad people and unfit to lead. Feminists share this common logic with Nazism and the KKK. Feminists love going full retard, they just can’t help themselves.

Debunking The Women Are Wonderful Phenomenon

Hillary Clinton And Her Failure Of Leadership In Benghazi

Speaker Bronwyn Bishop Wasting Taxpayers Money

The Positive Things Men Do For Society Which Feminists Forget

The Fallacy We Can Blame Everything On Masculinity

I think most people will agree that we can make a much more solid argument, that psychopathy is a much greater cause for the corruption and poor leadership in our governments and financial systems than masculinity. We can see this further demonstrated by the fact that female politicians like Hillary Clinton in the US or Bronwyn Bishop in Australia for instance, show the same negative qualities we see so often in our male leaders (see adjacent videos)(note Hillary Clinton is also currently being investigated by the FBI). It would be worth noting in both instances these women only resigned because they had to, due to the public outrage and not being able to cover up their own actions. In most cases just like their corrupt male counterparts, corrupt female politicians and CEOs get a free pass. I could go through a number of other examples of poor female leaders. Bad, corrupt or poor leadership is not the exclusive domain of male leaders. Also, simply citing a greater number of cases of corrupt or poor male leadership does not prove anything. Most leaders in politics and business are men, so you would expect there would be more examples of corrupt or poor male leadership. We don't have equal numbers of male and female leaders to draw a fair comparison and even if we did it would still not prove anything conclusively. Furthermore, it is also worth mentioning that our leaders currently do not represent the conduct or behaviour of the majority of the male or female population. Feminists love generalising the poor conduct of a minority of psychopathic men at the top, as being representative of men as a whole. There is never any consideration given to the good qualities that men provide in abundance to society. What about our mostly male firefighters for instance? What about our mostly male rescue and emergency workers? What about our male scientists? What about our male inventors? What about all of the examples of our great male leaders, like the Kennedys and Martin Luther King etc? These fallacies that all men are the same and that masculinity itself is directly responsible for all of the ills of society, has no empirical basis to it at all. It is all feminist emotional dogma. Correlation is not causation and men like Charles Manson or Adolf Hitler do not represent all men.

There are plenty of female psychopaths I could cite, like this woman for example who burned her children alive to seek revenge on her husband, or the case of these twisted girls who sexually and physically abused an autistic boy. I can keep going through a list but you get my point. Psychopathy is not exclusive to men, women have their own fair share of psychopaths and in many instances psychopathy remains undiagnosed in women because of our cultural prejudices that all women walk on water (see the adjacent video above debunking the scientifically observed women are wonderful phenomenon) and our refusal to acknowledge the responsbility of psychopathic woman for their evil acts. Male and female psychopaths run our society and it is psychopathy which is the culprit to our poor leadership, not masculinity or femininity.

Unaccountable Leadership And The Decline Of The US Economy

The Psychopaths In Charge

It is a fact that psychopaths gravitate to occupations where they can hold power and authority over others. CEOs, politicians/civil servants, lawyers, journalists and so on have more psychopaths than other occupations. If we look at the behaviour of corporations and governments as if they were people, it does indeed mirror that of a psychopath in many instances (this documentary may be of interest on this point). As the saying goes, “fish rots from the head”. The problem is not the gender of our leaders. It is instead the structure of our decaying political and economic systems, which are failing to hold our leaders accountable for their actions. Psychopaths exploit that. When Wall Street donates large sums of money to politicians in the US Congress, is it any wonder that “too big too fail” becomes the norm when these financial criminals gamble with people’s money? The result of our kleptocracies, is that the public ends up subsidising the activities of the criminals that run our corrupt political and banking systems.

An Entire Paradigm Shift Will Be Needed To Reform The System

Only Fundamental Reform Will Be Sufficient

Reform Is What We Need Not Feminist Gender Quotas

What annoys me to no end, is that feminists are stupid enough to believe that simply changing the genders of our leaders will make all of our problems go away. No it will not. What we need is fundamental reform of our governments and financial systems to increase the accountability of our leaders. I am not talking about lip service or incremental changes, I am talking about real change. The first step we need to take, is to substantially reduce the influence of lobby groups (whether they be lobbyists from Wall Street or feminist lobby groups) from government that consistently usurp the interests of the electorate. Of course that is just the beginning of what needs to be done to restore accountability to our political and financial systems. The feminist logic of quotas, is no different from saying we can save a termite infested house by painting it pink. Moving witches hats around and putting more vaginas in charge will accomplish nothing. The whole rotten system needs to be knocked down and rebuilt.

It is worth noting that feminism has gone to great lengths over the last 50 years to shield women from accountability, by either excusing their behaviour in the media or by remaining silent in reporting about the poor conduct of women in the news (such as female murderers). Forcing women into positions of authority with quotas is one way to exempt women from the same level of scrutiny during recruitment, that holds male leadership candidates accountable for their past behaviour. The net result is that there is less accountability for female leaders. As I said earlier, it is the systemic failure of our political and banking systems to hold our leaders accountable for their actions that is the real problem. Mandatory gender quotas will simply amplify that problem, not solve it.

It is also worth mentioning that if we put people in leadership positions on the basis of gender over merit, it does not take an Einstein to predict that the result will be poorer leadership. Let me demonstrate this with a simple example. If we were to insist on mandatory racial quotas in the running events of the Olympics and insist we had the same number of white sprinters as black sprinters, what do you think would happen to the results? Do you think we would get faster times than we would if selection in such events was instead based on merit like it is today? I think we all know what the result would be. Now imagine the broad and far-reaching political and economic consequences of putting people into elected office or on boards on the basis of sex, over more talented and driven candidates. I have not even mentioned the impact quotas would have on individual freedom. Everyone is worse off with quotas. It does not matter whether the quotas favour men or women. Do you want quotas to decide who rules over you? Do you want to get a job based on your private parts? I certainly don’t want either.

Feminism Is Part Of The Establishment

Feminism's Dirty Little Secret

Feminism’s dirty little secret is that they are supported and funded by the very “patriarchal” establishments that they claim to be fighting against. They are deeply connected with the government, the corporate media, academia and get a substantial amount of private support from major corporations, banks and the numerous foundations of the ultra-rich. Feminism is a part of the establishment. Feminism is there to keep men and women fighting with each other, so that the people in charge can keep ripping us off and taking away more of our wealth, opportunities and rights. That is the bottom line. Feminists play right into the hands of the people they claim to despise. The kleptocrats and the psychopaths in charge, have successfully used feminist propaganda to shift the blame for their incompetence and their corruption, onto masculinity as a whole. All men must pay for the misdeeds of the psychopathic men and women in charge. Never mind the homeless male war veterans, the other unemployed men living on the streets, the boys struggling in education with poor future prospects, the male suicide epidemic and so on. These men don’t count. Only bad men with power can represent masculinity as a whole in the feminist mind. Feminists need a male bogeyman to fight and we all must follow their narrative or we will be labelled misogynists. It is all very kafkaesque.

A Society Of Sheep That Will Accept Anything, No Matter How Evil It Might Be

In A Thinking Society Myths Like The Gender Pay Gap Don't Gain Traction

In A Thinking Society The Feminist "Rape Culture" Myth And Hysteria Doesn't Gain Traction

The Owners Don't Want You To Think Too Much

A Message To The Media: The Truth Shall Set You Free

The Herd Mentality Has Got To Go

Aside from fundamental reform of our political and financial systems, there will have to be cultural change and this will have to come from people themselves. It cannot and should not be socially engineered. One of the biggest contributors to the decay of our governments and financial systems, has been the apathetic sheep mentality of large chunks of the population. This is my pet hate. People that rely on other people to think for them, people that blow with the social wind and won't think for themselves or develop and get in touch with their internal moral compass. People that put social approval and popularity above basic moral principles of right and wrong, are one of the reasons why Western society has declined to the point that it has. Yes we all need to conform to some degree to certain social norms to have a functional society, but not to the point where we live in delusion and adopt an amoral attitude to people's behaviour. Men and women are equally guilty of this and the psychopaths in charge exploit the unthinking, ignorant masses of sheeple to further exploit our countries for their benefit. They know that the sheeple will believe anything they are told and that they don't care. That is why feminists can keep selling the idea of a gender wage gap that does not exist and that is why many people will just accept banks being bailed out because they were "too big to fail". Only when the consequences reach their front door do the sheeple suddenly wake up, but by then it is too late. In a society where people think for themselves and critically evaluate what they are told, feminism and our corrupt financial system and military-industrial complex would not stand a chance. People would clinically cut right through their BS. Instead we have feminist social justice mobs for instance, that compete with each other to see who can be more politically correct and outraged, so that they can be more popular. Being politically correct and outraged over frivolous nonsense is trendy! I have probably "triggered" the poor darlings now. These feminists and the feminist mobs that are like them which propagate the "rape culture" myth and hysteria on US college campuses, are symptomatic of a society on the decline. In a functional and sane society, these idiots would not be given the time of day. Herd mentality is a key factor that allows gynocentrism to manifest itself (please see my article on gynocentrism here). Why should we be concerned about this widespread sheep mentality? It was sheep mentality that gave rise to Nazi Germany and that leads me onto my next point in the following section below. People scoff at the possibility that a similar totalitarian environment could arise in the West today. Oh yes it can! We have plenty of recent and historic examples of what happens when most people remain silent and do nothing like sheep, whilst bigots demonise a group of people and use the media to spread their bigotry.

Prof. Janice Fiamengo Discussing What Feminism Has Become In The West

The Hateful Feminist View Of Men

Feminist Calls For Eugenics Targeted At Men And Male Extermination

Top Feminist Says Put Men In Concentration Camps

How Feminism Dehumanises Men

The Feminist West Vs Nazi Germany

We are entering a dangerous period of human history that in many respects is similar to the start of the 20th century. I want to share a comparison with people which I want them to reflect on. In 2008 we had a global financial crisis that crippled many economies and a number of them have remained stagnant or declined further since then. Similarly after World War One, Germany essentially entered a long period of economic decline thanks to the economic costs of the war and war reparations. It is now looking like the global economy is going to go through another crisis in the near-term that could plunge us into a depression. In a similar fashion, Germany underwent a depression after years of economic decline following WW1. Then of course events led to World War Two. Just like back then, we also have rising geopolitical tensions with Russia, China, the Middle East and the United States and the rest of the West. When there is economic and geopolitical strife, people are easy to manipulate. Playing on people’s fears and prejudices, is the routine tactic power structures use to maintain control when times get tough. Feminism is very similar in fundamental aspects to Nazism. It is not hyperbolic to draw a comparison when both movements have a demonstrable track record of demonising and dehumanising a group of people. See the adjacent videos for examples and also consult this article for further discussion on this topic.

What allowed the Nazi’s to gain power, was the ability to use their propaganda to blame all of the economic hardship of Germany on the Jew. Feminism has shown a similar calculating strategy to sway the public with their propaganda in the media, to blame all of the turmoil and misery in the world on men. I will predict feminism will use the future economic and geopolitical turmoil coming our way, to blame men, push for gender quotas and other feminist initiatives that discriminate against men and acquire more power for itself. People need to be conscious of their emotions during this period of history. Don’t take what you are told at face value and don’t become reactive to what you are being told by feminists, politicians or the media. Think for yourself and don't be a sheep! It is about getting you to buy into their agenda. It is not about your interests, even if they go to great lengths to make it seem that way. Problem, reaction, solution, the Hegelian dialectic. Mass social manipulation is that simple. Feminism in the media and academia brands men as the problem and stirs the emotions of the public, especially in women. Feminism then presents their agenda as the solution, whether it is gender quotas in government or kangaroo courts and mob justice for any rape allegation levelled against men on US college campuses.

How Feminism Will Contribute To Socioeconomic Collapse

How Preferential Treatment For Women And Female Quotas Will Destroy The Government

The Death Spiral Of Debt

Feminism Has Contributed To The Decline Of The West

The reality is that feminism has been a part of the economic decline of the West and has created many of the problems we face. As a whole the feminist movement currently produces a large economic cost to society. This cost has for the most part been paid over the decades by government and private debt, ensuring future generations will have to pay for the cost of the damage feminism has reaped and continues to reap on society and the economy. Soon this reliance on debt into infinity will have to draw to close and the damage bill will have to be paid. So what economic cost am I referring to? Feminism has helped break up the family unit and produced an epidemic of fatherless households that spit out future adults that have substantially lower education outcomes, poorer employment prospects, greater criminal behaviour and lower life outcomes in general. Feminism has also led to an explosion in divorce, which has in turn increased the cost of living by ensuring every divorced couple now needs to finance two mortgages, pay two electricity and gas bills and so on. All of this means less discretionary income, less consumption and less personal wealth, further squeezing the middle class and their standard of living. Billions of dollars have been wasted on divorce and family courts, which could have been used to increase people’s personal wealth and add jobs that actually create value to the economy. Instead this money has gone to financing divorce lawyers, family court systems and parasitic government services, that make money off destroying real value in the economy. Any profit gained from these destructive enterprises is short term, with their main impact being a much greater loss of wealth to the wider economy over the long term, which lasts for decades.

Then we get to the boy crisis in education. We now have two generations of young men that are actually becoming less educated than their fathers. The labour participation rate in the United States is at the lowest it has been for 40 years. This has been largely driven by the rapidly rising level of male unemployment. The rise in male unemployment has in turn been driven by the boy crisis in education, the marked fall in male participation rates at university and the decline in manufacturing and blue collar work, which is now done in China and India etc. At a time when education has become crucial to gaining employment, there has been a concerted effort by feminism to ensure educational initiatives, programs, policies and funding, remains focused on women and girls. This is despite feminists being fully aware that men and boys have been falling substantially behind women and girls at every level of education, from kindergarten to postgraduate education, for well over two decades. Feminists demand that women still be treated like they are a minority on college campuses, when in fact they are the majority and outnumber men on many campuses by almost 2 to 1.

The social reality is that more women than men will take time off work, pursue part-time employment, not work long hours, not choose to work in high powered occupations and will place other life priorities above focusing on a career. Pregnancy, a preference for a healthier life balance, interests outside of work like wanting to stay at home and raise children and a whole host of other factors are responsible for women’s different choices. The research does not back up the claim it is all discrimination, it really doesn’t and it is a disservice to women for feminists to propagate such false claims. The reality is that men as a group are the primary economic drivers of society and so by neglecting men’s education for decades, this has predictably led to an economic decline. Hanna Rosin and her feminist counterparts celebrate it as, “The mancession”, decreeing that men are obsolete, as if it was something to be proud of and happy about. What Hanna fails to mention, is that this “mancession” will affect everyone, both men and women alike and will contribute to a depression. Unlike her, I don’t think it is something to gloat over and neither do I think men’s struggles in education and employment is a victory for women. How empowered will women be in a depressed economy? How empowered will women be paying off a mortgage and bills on their own, while their husband or boyfriend remains unable to find work? How empowered will mothers of sons feel, finding out that their sons have poor future prospects? A mancession makes life harder for everyone and this is a victory for no one. Rosin is just another example of how out of touch feminism is with the real world.

One of the reasons I chose to write about men’s issues, is because feminism is destroying the social bond between men and women. This social bond is the basis of the family and the family is the first line of defence we have against unaccountable governments, banks, movements and financial powerbrokers. The strength of a community is measured by the strength of the family. The social bond between men and women and by extension the family, cannot be restored until society takes men's issues seriously and starts showing more empathy and respect for men and boys. Feminism has been used as a weapon to rob the population of the family and weaken our resolve to fight the corruption and misuse of state power and the corrupt monetary and financial system. Feminism has also been very effective in keeping us all distracted from the people really pulling the strings, which fund and support feminism and other groups like it. They are dividing the population against itself to rule it, whilst pulling the strings of feminism behind the curtain. This is divide and conquer.

The Seeds Of Economic Collapse

Examining The Parallels Between Today And The Fall Of Rome

John Pilger: The Coming War On China

A Storm Is Coming

I have said this once before and I will say it again. Men need to start putting themselves first. Forget about what society wants you to be and instead choose your own path in life. Being a man does not involve serving women’s interests, or the interests of this kleptocracy and what feminists want, at your own expense. Now I am going to finish this article with a message. An economic and geopolitical storm is gathering on the horizon and men need to be ready to protect themselves. No one can predict the exact date the storm will arrive, other than to say it is coming sooner rather than later. The drums are beating for war, so that the kleptocrats and related special interests groups like feminism, can cover up their economic mismanagement and social and political irresponsibility. These corrupt officials and their feminist counterparts, will want men fighting the war for them of course. I don’t know about you, but I am opposed to war. Let the Bushes, the Obama’s, the Clinton's, the Rumsfeld’s, the Rosin’s, the Dowd’s, the Marcotte's, the Valenti’s, the Greer's and so on, go and fight the war along with all of their other political and feminist colleagues.

On that final note I would strongly advise people to join Occupy Peace, particularly if you are a man. You can view a video on Occupy Peace at the very bottom of this article. It will be mostly men that will be asked to fight this war, not women. It will be men that will be conscripted if a draft is called. It won’t be women, or feminists or the psychopaths running our countries that will be drafted. Feminism does not care about men, so why should men protect a society that gives the feminist movement free reign to exploit men for women’s benefit, demonises men and decrees men as obsolete and unnecessary? Let the feminists and the kleptocrats fight ISIS! I am sure those gender studies courses will come in real handy.

Update 29.04.17-I wrote this article in late 2015, I have added a more recent video on the rising tensions between the US and China to this article. Geopolitical tensions with the US, China, Russia, North Korea and Syria continue to escalate. The economy continues to remain at substantial risk over the long term, reform is stagnant and slow and overall debt (private and public combined) continues to grow. It will take far more than the election of Trump (or any Presidential incumbent from any party for that matter) to steer society away from decline, war and collapse. There will have to be a complete and major evolution of Western civilisation on many levels and in many areas, to avert collapse and prevent a major war. Major components of this evolution will have to include:

1. Valuing men, boys and masculinity and addressing the rampant misandry in our culture.

2. Achieving true gender equality (not equality of outcome), whilst removing the influence of gynocentrism from our culture (you can access my Hub article on gynocentrism from my Hub Profile main page).

3. Implementing major efforts to address the serious issues facing men and boys.

Until we realise the importance of masculinity to civilisation and start looking after men and boys as we do women and girls, civilisation will continue it's decline and inevitable path toward collapse.

Once again I would encourage people to check out Occupy Peace and the video on it below. Our men and boys are too valuable to society to send off to an avoidable war.

Occupy Peace: More Nation Building And Peace. Less War!


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