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Kate Spade vs. Anthony Bourdain: Confused Feminists Sabotage Feminism and Hurt Women

Updated on June 12, 2018
Suffragette.  When feminism still fought to achieve important goals.
Suffragette. When feminism still fought to achieve important goals.

From a post on Reddit:

"Maybe I'm too pessimistic ... but "feminism" is nothing but a joke these days, thanks to [the] media and popularity. Modern "feminism" is about "woke" pop stars, cool girls who watch porn with their [boyfriend] and do anal, hookup culture, pressuring young girls into self destructive behavior, hating lesbians, hating actual feminists who [get things] done, makeup, shaving your cooch because "it's your choice," male fantasies (from BDSM to autogynephilia), "hoe tips," "sex work is work," [live sex] camming is so empowering, [denial of] male violence ...

"Seriously, it's all because of popularity. If feminism had stayed "in the closet," unpopular, hated, it would still be feminism. I don't want feminism to be hated, of course, but it's still better than this crap they're selling. I feel really sad. For young women, especially, because porn and hookup culture will harm them, inevitably. "Feminism" will harm them."


Feminists supporting the actions - even heinous actions - of all women is making feminism look like a joke.

Few American feminists - and, sadly, few self-proclaimed radical feminists (radfems) - support the sweeping economic changes that are necessary to truly liberate women. Economic changes that are, by the way, fundamental to identifying as a true radfem. If you can't bring yourself to support, for example, universal healthcare, you probably aren't a radfem.

Look at the feminists' reaction to Kate Spade's suicide. Kate Spade was a Capitalist; Kate Spade didn't just benefit from the patriarchy, she assisted in its operation and maintenance. She helped to "trick out" the patriarchy in vintage designs, bright colors and polka dots.

Dresses with sneakers? REVOLUTIONARY!!

Rape, domestic violence and poverty? SCARY!! {click ignore}

Kate Spade, the Capitalist Exploiter all women are supposed to care about.
Kate Spade, the Capitalist Exploiter all women are supposed to care about. | Source

Feminists were ordered to "BE SAD!!" that Kate Spade, a total stranger who enjoyed the kind of economic privilege most women can only dream about, was dead. And why were women supposed to care? Because she is a woman. No other reason.

That is called "identity politics," and it has no place in radical feminism.

True radfems would never exalt Kate Spade's ability - and willingness - to exploit working women in third world countries for the purpose of fattening her own wallet.

Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain committed suicide in the same week. Some feminists demanded that all feminists recognize that Kate Spade's suicide was treated as "less important" than Anthony Bourdain's suicide by the media. They said, "Of course her suicide was less important because she is a woman." Those same feminists ordered women to care so, So, SO much about Kate Spade's handbags and shoes. Because impractical handbags and shoes that play to gender stereotypes are more important than someone ping-ponging all over the globe (to mostly third-world nations) to tear down the walls of xenophobia.

Anthony Bourdain was boots on the ground, working to make the world less intimidating to xenophobic Americans; Kate Spade designed shoes and handbags for upper class ladies who lunch.

Feminists attempted to draw a comparison between Anthony Bourdain's and Kate Spade's lives, and fell pitifully short. They ignored that there are interesting, relatable women in the spotlight whose deaths would garner far more tears; women whose deaths would have reduced the news of Anthony Bourdain's suicide to a viral Facebook post and a few tweets.

Feminists decreed that Kate Spade be more because "SHE'S A WOMAN!!!" Well, that's ... fantastic. But this is attitude drives women away from the movement; this attitude makes us look like a big joke. Should feminists support the new CIA Director, just because she's a woman? After all, she ordered prisoners to be waterboarded. Should women support the questionable role models feminists push on us, like Donna Hylton? Ms. Hylton and her friends kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered a gay man for money, yet feminists place her on a pedestal. It is a sin above all sins to so much as question her past actions. Why? Because "SHE'S A WOMAN!!!"

Wanting to be popular is destroying feminism? No. A hesitancy to condemn despicable women is hurting feminism. Forcing groupthink on women is hurting feminism. Condemning objectivity is hurting feminism.

Yes, Anthony Bourdain in Gaza was more important that Kate Spade's designer handbags or shoes.
Yes, Anthony Bourdain in Gaza was more important that Kate Spade's designer handbags or shoes. | Source

And: Destroying the patriarchy doesn't mean "kill all men." There are feminists who - after the patriarchy has been destroyed and the entire planet morphed into a utopian women-first world in which women were wholly liberated and never have to have so much as a phone conversation with a man ever again - those feminists would still whine about men. Feminists who would gleefully shun watching perfect sunsets on women-only beaches in paradise so they could sit in a dark room angrily tapping out responses - IN ALL CAPS! - to the guy who, decades ago, once thought that Aziz Ansari "wasn't a mind reader" and "didn't really do anything wrong."

This attitude is: So. Not. Helping. Feminism.

The things you mentioned are hurting women, but it is feminist extremists who are are hurting feminism. Extremists who legitimately want a world without men; extremists who excuse even the worst women's abhorrent behavior.


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