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The Lover and the Loser

Updated on August 18, 2017
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Freelance Writer and blogger "This is no art, we all can taste life as it is, once we stop judging and start accepting."

Few tips for girls to differentiate between a genuine lover and a jerk-

Sign 1: Appearance

A jerk will not show interest in you till the time you are all dressed up and looking your best in those new pair of shoes and that steamy hot blouse with matching eye liner. However, you can definitely sense the honesty in a boy’s intentions when he shows interest in you even when he has only seen you after your hectic schedules with messed up hair. The latter is worth giving a shot…why…duh!! He respects what you are and not your looks.

A girl needs to understand that she is more than a doll. She is capable of doing miracles and she needs to be respected and admired for her personality also, not only for her looks.

Sign 2: Importance

A jerk will always make a weekend plan or outing when he has nothing to do with his calendar and will ask you to see if it’s possible. A genuine lover will make time for you and will respect your work and appointments. He will make plans after coordinating with you.

The point is to note whether or not the person you are involved with is thinking about you or not. He might have already made all the plans and you were just invited last minute.

When we are with someone, at some point or other, we like to get a little consideration.

Sign 3: Pampering

You will have to baby sit a jerk all the time to pamper him. Trust me…girls like to get pampered by their boyfriends/partners, not the opposite. A genuine lover will try to make you feel special every time you meet him even if he is not the very romantic one. He will have his own sweet ways.

You just have to read between the lines here, Girls!! He is trying hard to impress you…but at least he is trying for you.

Sign 4: Being there...

You can never depend on a jerk for anything. Be it a help at work or help for a friend…anything.

But if you got someone who actually wants your happiness he will make time for you.

He will even help you with your college presentation who is about to start in 25 min. He will prep you the details on the phone if he is stuck in the office or he will just come to save your world if he is around the corner. Helping you will be his life’s mission. You got to do the same for such a nice guy.


Sign 5: The "Sign"

You won’t feel a thing when this jerk will gift you a rose in front of your friends. But you sure are going to get goose bumps just walking down the road from McDonald's, holding hands on a normal evening with coke.

Sign 6: Possesive

A jerk will only show his possessive side when he feels the threat from a competition (the nice guy!!). He will become extra romantic to sway you away and to divert your focus from the nice guy for whom you have recently started to have feelings.

A nice guy will try his best to express his love for you but will never try something that he feels is not appropriate to win your heart. He will give you space to decide for yourself.

Sign 7: Back to normal

A jerk will start ignoring you once he has accomplished his mission of removing his competition. A nice guy will never interfere in your life again assuming you are happy with your choice.

A nice guy will only wait for you till the time you are not in a relationship with someone.

He believes in competition but a fair game.

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Sign 8: Support

You can tell he is never listening to a word you say. Jerks are self-centered. He can never be as supportive as a real man.

A real man will make you feel like you’re wanted and will pay attention to you.He will help you grow in every aspect of life without changing the real you.

Sign 9: Being a man!!

A jerk will leave you at the time of difficulty just to save his own pants from the fire.

A nice guy will never leave your side even when it means getting the dirt for you.

Good luck girls…Make the right choice!! Happy flirting…


Do your part right...Girls

Never play with the feelings of nice guys as they have pure hearts just like you. They also have feelings and you will not like to be the reason for their sadness. If you are willing to go with someone you think is right for respect for this guy and tell him before it's too late and make him aware that he deserves the best in life. Move on without hurting anyone...

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© 2014 Sonal


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    • Esenbee profile image

      Esenbee 3 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida

      :-) thank you! And you're welcome, have a good day as well :-)

    • sonallpandey profile image

      Sonal 3 years ago

      I agree with your comment that it is rare but trust me not impossible...and I think that is the beauty of it. Every valuable thing (in this case a true heart) is hard to find but in the end, its real and worth the wait!!

      Have a nice day...and thanks for reading my hub.

    • Esenbee profile image

      Esenbee 3 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida

      Very interesting and thanks for the tips. It seems as time goes on its getting more difficult to meet a decent man to date or even a decent person to converse with for that matter. I like when you said that nice guys have a pure heart....meeting someone like this has

      Become like searching for a needle in a haystack.