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How to Find Love Abroad

Updated on April 21, 2013
The Wonderful Women of Colombia
The Wonderful Women of Colombia | Source

Everyone would like to have a loving relationship with someone else. For most people this has been a difficult task. Some lucky people just meet and begin a long and enduring relationship. Others can't seem to find that special someone. With the development of the internet, the possibility of finding that special someone has increased. Some feel that finding and meeting someone over the internet is a dangerous thing to pursue. But like all things a person just needs to be prudent and use some caution.

I have had no experience with the matching and dating sites in the USA. Although I do have some experience with a site called Years ago I started to travel to Latin American Countries, so to help me learn Spanish , I signed up for I knew that I would have the opportunity to speak Spanish with many Latin women. I did this for a few years, and I met many wonderful women all over the world. I learned something about Latin Women that helped me understand why they were so prolific on this website. After talking to Latin Women in several Latin American countries, I found that all of these women had one thing in common. They were all fed-up with the Latin guys. Latin men are very macho and they treat their women poorly. The majority of them have at least two to three women that they are romancing at one time while they are married to someone else. And they don't try to hide it. Therefore many of the Latin women have become disgusted with that kind of treatment, and they are now looking beyond their borders for a man.

Enjoying Colombia with my wife and friends
Enjoying Colombia with my wife and friends | Source

Because of their disgust and the bad treatment that they had received over the years, these Latin women have sought Americans and Europeans. They consider Americans and Europeans to be far more faithful and honest in relationships. I am sure that they like the prospects of finding a man with a steadier financial situation too. You can hardly blame them for that.

I had been enjoying meeting and talking with Latin Women from 2006 until 2009. In 2009 I happened to meet a woman from Buenaventura, Colombia. I had met other Colombian women online, but they were living abroad. I immediately thought that this was going to be a short relationship, because I had, like most people, some negative thoughts about Colombia. I began to look forward to talking to her every day. I soon decided that it was time to learn more about her hometown of Buenaventura. I learned that it was the most dangerous town in South America. In spite of all of that, I began to develop a great relationship with her.

My wife when I met her
My wife when I met her | Source

In the middle of our online relationship I ended up in the hospital with a bad heart. My heart had been bad for many years but it finally gave out. I was rushed to the Cleveland Clinic where I later received a heart transplant. During all of this activity I continued to talk to my friend 2 to 3 hours a day. She was the only person in my life that stood by me every second of my awful ordeal. By the time I had recovered enough to travel, I had been talking to her every day online for one year. Six months after my heart transplant, and against my Doctors advice, I travelled to Colombia to meet this wonderful women. We have now been together for three years.

Now I am not trying to say that all Colombian men are like the stereotype, because I have many Colombian friends that are great family men. But I do realize that an American man has a far better chance of meeting that special women in Colombia or some other Latin American country. I have learned from others that the Colombian women are the greatest women in the world. I guess that I am a little bias, but I have 3 other American friends here who met their loves on, and we all feel the same.

Out with my friends and their Colombian wives
Out with my friends and their Colombian wives | Source

There are other factors about Latin Women that make them excellent wives. They are faithful, hard working and very loving. When a Latin woman finds a man that they can trust, they bend over backwards to please their spouse. Generally most of the Latin women that I have met are very warm and happy people.

There are four of us American guys here in Cali Colombia where I live, that have found their wives here in Colombia. When we get together we make the same remarks about how fortunate we all are.

Celebrating Dia de Las Velas
Celebrating Dia de Las Velas | Source

I wrote another article about Colombian Women that all should read.

Colombian women are less concerned about the age and color of the skin of their spouse. They are just looking for a love that they can trust. So as far as I am concerned, a person who is seriously looking for that illusive love, should consider Colombia. Oh, thats right, maybe you do not speak Spanish. I have a friend that has been here in Colombia for 6 years, married to a Colombian woman, and he speaks very little Spanish and she speaks very little English. Another thought, one could learn Spanish. I started when I was well into my 50's.

Just Married
Just Married | Source

I am not promoting on line dating sites, but the particular one that I used is a great one. What I am promoting is that one should broaden his network when looking for love. I feel that Latin American countries have a wealth of wonderful women. Colombia, as I have subsequently learned, has the most beautiful women in the world. If you are skeptical, then come on down and see for yourself. That is true for the women looking for a man also. There are some wonderful Colombian men that would make excellent husbands, but you have to look a little harder to find them. A real plus for the Colombian people, men and women, is that they are a very happy people and they enjoy life to the fullest. There was a study done that showed that the Colombians were the happiest people in the world. If nothing else, both the women and the men that migrate here to Colombia will find it very difficult to return home.

How could you leave this
How could you leave this | Source


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