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Find a Girlfriend Easily

Updated on June 26, 2015

The right girls for the Good Guys

Finding the right girl is really difficult these days as most are ambitious, carefree and love their freedom.

They also enjoy spending time with girlfriends and they have a new found taste for very expensive things.

For many boys it is difficult to find the right girl because you are looking in all the wrong places and you will not meet a girl that you can take home to your parents, by picking her up in a bar late at night.

Some of them are not even impressed by a gentleman with manners and respect.

It is about the "chaching,"the bling and popularity.

For many guys there comes a time where they feel the need to grow up a little by having a nice girl on their side and not one that is the hot girl next door that you have been eyeing out with the old binoculars or the one you have been speaking to on a social network of sorts!

It is the girl you would like to take home and someone to be proud of and one that is proud of you too.

So how do you find a girlfriend easily?

Find a girlfriend easily
Find a girlfriend easily

Looking for Girls in the right places

Yep, you won't find a decent girl in a bar or night club and if you do she will probably not remember you in the morning but that is fun for a guy that wants to play for a short period of time. Be sure to understand that this girl probably has many other guys in her pocket too.

Chat lines,social networks and the Internet are also not the right place to meet a girl because you might end up meeting "the man of your dreams" instead of the girl that posted a hot picture on her profile page.

Unless she is a friend of a friend then avoid the social network dating because it will not end well for you.

Meeting girls that are good for you are ones that have self respect and these girls will not be the last ones to leave a bar stumbling and slurring what they think is your name.

Girls that are a good catch will be the ones that are hanging out at the malls, coffee shops and the gym.

If you can't find a girl your own age then you are sure to find one at the gym. Don't hit on them while they are in the middle of a sweat session or whilst they are doing leg exercises that keep you distracted from their face! Wait until they are done or appear to be more relaxed because then you will get their attention. There is nothing wrong with making some eye contact while you work out but do not stare....or you will blow it.

Girls in the mall are also suspicious of strangers and you have to be careful of how you approach them too. Stalking them and following them to each store might freak them out enough for them to call the security and have you removed.

If you do like a girl at the mall go up to her and compliment her about something and then just come out and ask her if she would like to meet you for a coffee sometime.

A great place to meet girls is on the beach, sports clubs (these ones are usually with their parents) so be careful when you approach.

Girls that are not in clubs, bars or anywhere really late at night are girls that have ground rules and self respect. Sure we all like to party but the good ones will be out early and semi sober.

A girlfriend worth having is one that you won't pick up when the bar closes
A girlfriend worth having is one that you won't pick up when the bar closes

How to Find a Girlfriend Easily

Looking for love in the wrong places can not lead to a happy relationship and finding a girlfriend that you could take home to meet the parents, can be a little difficult but it can be done.

You need to build up your confidence and learn to make eye contact.

Girls love conversation so it is important for you to learn how to communicate too.

To get a girl interested in you, learn something about women. Take a look at magazines to give you an idea of what women are interested in and then learn about one topic that will surprise a girl when you know something about the female species. It shows that you have interest and that you are in touch with your sensitive side.

You also need to avoid looking to needy, although girls love a guy that's in touch with his emotions and expresses his needs, they do not want to be pressured into a serious commitment before you have even gone on a first date.

Avoid being too easy as this can also make you unattractive. You will not be valued if there is no work involved.

Girls want attention! If she is saying no to a date but looks interested than fighting for her love is a good idea as it shows that you are a provider. Your dedication and strength will show her that you are a man that can be committed to her and that is a turn on.

When looking for a girlfriend you will need to go on a few dates before you find the right one. Meet many girls and go out on many dates instead of thinking that you will meet one and date her until she says yes to a relationship.

Sometimes you might have a good date but it might not be a good fit for a relationship. By going on many dates you will find which girl is right for you as well as building your confidence and getting used to the dating idea.

Where do you go to meet girls?

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Commit only when she is ready to do the same

After a couple of dates and once you have decided that it feels right for the both of you then you need to talk about taking your friendship to the next level. If she says that she wants to hang with friends or she can't commit because her friends and family don't seem happy, then this is a sign that she is not wanting to be in a serious relationship with you.

A girl that wants you to meet her friends and family is a girl that is proud of you and would like it to be more than just a little fling.

Girls in love will want to spend every minute of every day with you and if she is making excuses then she is not really into you.

From the very beginning you will know if she likes you or not because she will be willing to go absolutely anywhere with you and she will also slowly stop seeing other guys or if she has guy friends than she will be moving away from those relationships in order to make space for you.

For you to commit, it means that you also need to back away from other girlfriends and dedicate time to her so that she knows you are serious and that you want her to be the "number one" in your world. The girlfriend that will be willing to commit is the girl that can see you are going to be dedicated and committed from the time you decide to get serious.

If there are excuses on her part and she enjoys spending more time with friends than she does with you, this is a sign that she does not want to or is not ready to commit to a serious relationship.

Relationships are fun if you are with the right person
Relationships are fun if you are with the right person

Give her freedom to make choices

In any relationship you need freedom to make up your own mind and you also need time for yourself.

Don't be pushy, needy or jealous as this will push her away before you have even had a chance to get to know each other.

Giving her time and space to appreciate you or miss you when you are not there will give a girl the time to feel if she likes you or not.

Texting and calling her at weird hours is only allowed if you are dating because if you are in the process of dating her, drunk dialling will turn her off as she will assume you are out somewhere and did not get lucky.

Should she be the girl that does not go to clubs or bars then she is a safe bet and you will know if she can be trusted or's a gut feel that everyone has.

Allow her to decide where to go on a date and give her freedom to express herself without getting angry about it as this will show her that you are a great communicator and someone that she can depend on.

Get a girlfriend

Be confident

Make eye contact

Avoid bars, clubs and girls that are the last to leave a venue....drunk especially.

Learn something about girls so that you can communicate or impress them with knowing a little about them.... it shows your sensitive side.

Take control and show that you are truly interested by proving how much you would like to have her on your side.

Don't be pushy or needy and avoid stalking

Give her freedom to decide whether she would like to date you or not

How to find a girlfriend easily

The most important thing that you have to remember is that you need to feel good about yourself.

Don't feel as though you have to rush into finding a girlfriend because there is plenty of time and many girls out there.

When you do go out and look for a girlfriend, go with the mindset of finding friends first and the rest will follow.

Love is something that you have to give with all your heart and to find a girlfriend that you want to have a serious relationship with, means that you need to grow up a little and show her that you will be dedicated, loyal and trustworthy.

Show a little of your sensitive side but don't be a pushover.

Go out confidently and ensure that you look good. Make eye contact and show the girls that you can take charge of a situation.

Try not to be a player if you are not naturally one as this could just make you look crazy instead of cool. (Most girls don't think the player is cool anyway.)

When you do meet a girl avoid talking about your playstation games, your phone, money, bike or anything that has nothing to do with girls. Learn something about girls before you talk to one and this is easily done by buying a girl magazine to see what their interests are.


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    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      4 years ago from South Africa

      Great advice, thank you!

      It is difficult as a teen to meet girls purely because of the lack of confidence which is important to gain in order to get what you want. The right girl is always available and when the time is right you will definitely find one. Not sure about the dating sites for teens so I would advise not to go that route just yet but adults who are finding it difficult to find a girlfriend might meet someone nice there. It is not important where you meet someone but who it is that you meet.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      4 years ago

      I believe relationships are a real challenge for young people mainly because of immaturity and having unrealistic expectations.

      In our teen years our hormones are raging, we want validation from our peers, and we con ourselves into thinking we're already adults. Therefore we have a parallel world that is different from our parents. Truth be told we have not figured out who we are let alone what we need in a mate. We allow "happenstance" and "impulsive connections" to dictate our relationship choices. Oftentimes we place (good people) in our "friend zone".

      In high school "nice guys" have a difficult time finding girlfriends usually because these guys are not all that confident, they're not the star athlete, not in the "in crowd", and they sure are not the "bad boy".

      Another issue is some guys insist on aiming for girls out of their league. The reality is most women who look like Sofía Vergara are not likely to date a guy who looks like Steve Buscemi. The two exceptions is if you she is a "gold digger" looking to be taken care of my a rich man or She has been through the ringer with so many "bad boys" that she has now chosen to settle down with a "nice guy". Either way it requires time on the part of the guy to either earn wealth or wait for them to come around to a change of thinking. Thus the saying: "Nice guys finish last".

      Thankfully today in addiction to all the traditional ways of meeting someone through friends, family, at school, church, work, bars/nightclubs... there are online dating sites,, Speed dating, and countless other fun options where one can be "proactive". I never say one route is better than another. If you're a good person and you are "there" it would be kind of arrogant to believe you're the (only) "good person" there.

      Whom you meet is always more important than where you meet.

      Know yourself, Love yourself, and Trust yourself!


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