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Find the perfect man. Is it easy to make the right choice?

Updated on July 30, 2010

If you ask anybody "Who is a perfect man?", most women probably reply: "Perfect - a rich, confident and in the future, caring, reliable!".

In fact, in our time population of these men decrease rapidly. Why is that? Most of them are already married. Certainly, who will miss the chance to marry such a man? Such personals are grabed quickly , and we are "so poor and miserable", but so pretty, had to live with sluggish losers.

Thus, a high percentage of ideal male is found to be "tightly captured" or married. Another percentage - men who are afraid of to be "caught up", even the most pretty and even beautiful!

The fear of losing his status overpowers the faith in the sincerity of feelings.

She wants to be with me:

a) she wants to own my wealth, ie desire to come for everything ready;

b) an opportunity to become famous and successful - profitable communications device for a prestigious, highly paid job, opening her business, shooting commercials, film ... depending on the size of the potential husband's wallet, that again to own my wealth;

c) holidays abroad, expensive gifts, and again all the same material wealth;

and, finally ...

d) just loves me.

The majority of the wealthy / business men fear of losing the acquired property, money, notice greed in each candidate. This is already becoming an obsession. What's next? Loneliness. Constant fear, regular change of partners.

"I often meet with women / girls. This does not mean that I change them like gloves, and it pleases me. No, I'm just seeking affair with that unique, which I can truly believe."

Every second wealthy man says so, a member of NY privileged society, the society of bachelors, to the question of impermanence in his personal life.

Very often such search proccess drags on for years, until the man in the prime of life, finally begins to understand how lonely he was. And it becomes even more difficult to choose, even harder to believe.

This obsession, fear led to the fact that woman have notsuch a value ingeneral! Today one, tomorrow another. So different, at first glance, and yet these are the same. It is easy to get confused and take all "under one line". Difficult to know which one is real and what is not.

It is true, a lot of the female dreams of living in NY, there is a good idea to settle. A search for "the rich Daddy" with the NY residence permit - this is not only a chance to settle in the big city, but also provide a relatively good conditions of life.

"So many good girls ...ยป, and where to find the good, the most beautiful and most disinterested? Let's talk about the meaning of marriage and family.

Family - a unit of society. By creating a family, a man wants to rid yourself of loneliness and wants to feel the care and attention from loved ones.

Marriage - a conscious and very important step. To choose the partner in life, so near and dear to man, with whom you can safely go through life. Reliability. That's the keyword for family life. Exactly, woman choose a reliable companion for the life. Reliable - means for him, like a stone wall. This implies the stability not only in moral, but also in material terms.

"This man can make me and my future children happy."

"Life of my future children" - that is what was originally important for all of us. We see a potential husband and father in man. That is why qualities like reliability and stability in the foreground.

"All my friends are already married and gave birth to children. And I'm still one".

If you are still one, there is no reason to be someone to copy someone's life. Your main task is to resist the pressure, not to give up and decide what is needed specifically for you. It is generally accepted and well-defined belief that "woman century is short", is no longer relevant. Nowadays, women are more concerned that she has not started to build a career ontime, became involved in the wrong area of activity ...

The question of staying old maiden is not important anymore.

And the European model has done its job. A modern woman thinks so: "Until 30 years I will build a career, earn money, doing things you love, to deliver. After 30 am organizing personal life. Get married, have babies. And perhaps, entirely devoted to her family. "

Hurry up - this is not meant to succeed, to catch up with someone. Anyway, it's not a competition and not a race. The first who starts the race - wins. Think about how many marriages brake? According to statistics, every second! The point's not about who quickly jumped out to marry, it is important to something else! Make the right choice. Do not make the mistakes. Live happily.


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    • kellydove profile image

      kellydove 7 years ago

      great hub nice info follow me


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